2018 Week 03

Packers 29 Viqueens 29

Where to start with last week’s game?  A wouldda, couldda shouldda sister kisser game.  The biggest thing was the Clay call at the end of regulation negating a game winning interception.  After the game Clay, admitting last week’s call was his fault, was at a loss for words to what he could have done different. 

2018 Week 02

Packers 24 Duh Bears 23

Packers Mount an Historic Comeback

How many times has it happened?  Not just for us, but league-wide, I mean?  A great player gets a monster contract, finally being paid what he’s worth and he goes down for a season or the rest of the season and the team is left with scraps again!  For the Packers, I remember Robert Brooks, Dorsey Levens, and now add Aaron R…NOT SO FAST!!

2018 Week 01

Packers Season 100 Starts NOW

 Well folks, we’re back.  This has been a season of many changes for us and the Packers.  Gone are the excuses to hate Capers and blame Ted, the fullback is now a thing of the past, the Jeff Janis experiment is over and gone is our beloved Jordy.

Are you Ready for Football!?


The season is finally here!  This Sunday night we kickoff the 100th season of Packer football with an 8:30 game against duh bears.  We will also be kicking off our new home, the HALL OF FAME SPORTS GRILL located at 531 Wade Hampton Blvd. (Greenville end of Wade Hampton next to the U-Haul place. Additional parking on west side of bar).  I know it’s a night game and many of us have early morning obligations but please consider coming for at least for the first half, to see the place, win some special prizes and show your support for our new host.

Please rsvp to greenvillepackerbackers@gmail.com if you will join us for the game so we can give HoF Grill a heads up on what to expect on game day.

The newsletter will be sent out later this week.  To help you out, here is week 1’s trivia question: During the Great Depression, George Halas had to borrow money from the Packers to meet his Bears payroll. How much did he borrow?