2018 Week 11

Packers 24 Seahags 27

There are a few words in Packer lore that evoke immediate sick feelings in our stomach.  Forgive me but, “4th and 26.”  Sorry.  If you don’t know that, ask a friend, they will.  This season’s will be “4th and 2.”  That’s what was facing us when we inexplicably punted the ball on last Thursday with a little over 4 minutes left in the game.

2018 Week 10

Packers 31 Dull-fins 12

For me, this is kind of a strange review.  Linda & I spent the day with some friends we haven’t seen for a while.  Our plans were to hang out together at their place and watch the Packer game.  When we found out the game would not be on local TV, we still hung out, just had to go to a local restaurant/bar near them to watch the game. 

2018 Week 09

Packers 17 Patriots 31

Mike McCarthy stood in front of his team this last Sunday in the Visitor’s Locker Room at Gillette Stadium and gave a blunt assessment of their per-formance: “We beat ourselves.” 

2018 Week 08

Packers 27 Rams 29

Before we get to the sorry deep (shit) state of the Packers, some necessary musings about football in the NFL in 2018. With all the political mess that has pervaded the league, the players, and the game on and off the field, people have steadily tuned out in startling numbers.