2020 Week 15

Packers 24 Panthers 16

A few observations:  Jersey Mike’s subs is stilled called Jersey Mike’s, not just Mike’s.  I think the Jersey is just redundant; we’re already in Jersey, shouldn’t it just be called Mike’s?  There isn’t a way to sync XM homegame feed with the games on TV.  For some reason, Buffalo Wild Wing decided to close at 10 on Saturday, so I had to leave and drive back to my hotel.

2020 Week 14

Packers 31 Lyins 24

That was fun!  Packer fans at Spare Time and around the world had a ton of things to cheer about during Sunday’s victory against the hapless Lions.  But then there were quite a few groans and curses as well. Too many for a team (and fan base) intent on winning a 14th NFL Championship and 5th Lombardi Trophy this year.  Let’s go through all the groaners before we get to the good stuff about the Packers’ win which conquered the NFC North.

2020 Week 13

Packers 30 Egulls 16

The Green Bay Packers are getting cocky.  There.  I said it.  They think they’re so good, they’re spotting teams a quarter of football, and then deciding to play. 

2020 Week 12

Packers 41 Duh Bears 25

One thing I have to admit, duh bears have style.  If you are going to loose to the Packers for the 100th time in the series history, do it in style.  This makes the Packers THE only team in the NFL to win 100 games against an opponent and has now done it twice (the Lyins being the other).