2020 Week 12

Packers 41 Duh Bears 25

One thing I have to admit, duh bears have style.  If you are going to loose to the Packers for the 100th time in the series history, do it in style.  This makes the Packers THE only team in the NFL to win 100 games against an opponent and has now done it twice (the Lyins being the other). 

Funny, looking back to 2007, Farve’s last season as a Packer, we had a record of 13-3 and two of our losses were against duh bears. Everything looked good for duh bears. They were only 10 games away from making the Pack a 100 game looser plus they had a 11 game edge in the series. 

This was also part of the Lovie Smith era, who’s first statement as duh bears head coach was ‘We will beat the Packers’.  He had early success against Favre (6-2) but… Then came the Rodgers era where Lovie was only 2-9.

In 2010, it was duh bears we beat in week 16 to clinch the wild card spot and again in the NFC Championship game, going on to win the superbowl.

2016 ended with the Packers erasing the 11 game series deficit and  seven games later, it is the Packers that reach the 100 win mark, all because of duh bears style which we all knows STILL SUCKS. 

It was a tough night for our friend Teddy (pictured here) but to his credit, he hung around to the very end of the game (a true bears fan).  The return of Trubisky (aka Tubby) made it seem like they had “Cutler 2.0” on the field.  Tubby gave us a “Fumble 6” (courtesy of the Smith Brothers) and a pair of picks (courtesy of Darnell Savage).  Tubby didn’t give us a pick 6 but one of his picks was in the endzone, which could be considered a “Minus Pick 6”.

From a Packer Fan point of view, this is the type of game we expect from our team; over early with no drama.  My only regret was there were was only 24 Packer Fans at Spare-Time watching the game; a far cry from the 180+ crowds we use to have.  I blame the night time slot and covid.

Both are going against us for the rest of the season with two 4:15 games, a pair of night games  and if it means anything for the playoffs, the possibility of duh bears game changing.

What can we say about the offense except wow!  The overall numbers were not that great but what was impressive was the efficiency.  Tubby actually had more passing yards but needed to throw 17 more passes to do it.  Lazard is back and it showed.  Adding one more weapon for Air-ron helped not only Davante but the tight ends as well.  The addition this week of Travon Austin should help us in both the return game and passing game.

A couple of interesting things to note. We had more running plays (35) to passing plays (29).  Even with the injury to Linsley, 

Air-ron was not sacked at all. Matter of fact, there were no credited QB hits on Air-ron by duh bears, including Khalil Mack, who was only credited with 3 assists.  Air-ron’s jersey was so clean after the game it needed no washing, in fact, he may wear it again this week.

The defense was a mixed bag again.  The fumble 6 and the two picks was great to see, but…  they did allow Montgomery to get a long run of 57 yards AND duh bears had 3 drives over 10 plays which resulted in 22 of their 25 points.  In the 4th quarter, they were on the field for 28 plays.  Even though these drives could be called garbage time, they are both concerns for me when we start to play the better caliber teams, starting with the Tiitan’s game and Derrick Henry.  On Monday, we picked up a defensive lineman, Anthony Rush from duh bears of all teams.  With his 6’-4 361 lbs frame, he will take up a lot of space in the middle, even if he doesn’t move.

I am grateful that Patterson was kept quiet all game (2 rushes for 8 yards) and that duh bears didn’t have a chance for any trick plays on special teams.

This week the E-gulls come to town who sadly, at 3-7-1 have a shot at the playoffs.  With “Football Team” playing the Stealers and the Jersey Giants playing the Seahags, a win would put them back in first place in the NFC Least.  They can dream all they want to but reality will be a different story.  We can’t take them for granted.  It will still be 11 against 11 on the field but right now, the Packers are too balanced between the run and the pass.  Even with his Packers con-nection, this will be too much for Doug Pederson to overcome.  The true Green Color will prevail on Sunday and we will once again 
Bleed Green My Friends!
(Packer John)

 Just Sayin'

 Now THAT was a game ! ! The offense could do anything they wanted to do . . . for the entire game, not just for the first half. The defense was pretty solid all night. They did give up that long run early but did a good overall job against the run. 122 yards for the Bears. For the Packers rushing defense, that is not bad at all. Darnell Savage had 2 picks, one in the endzone. The Smith brothers came to play. Za’Darius had a sack and a forced fumble. He has 9 sacks for the year and ranks 4th in the league (I had no idea) and has 3 forced fumbles. He is playing better than I have been giving him credit for, my bad. Preston had a sack and returned a fumble for a TD. If there was a time for the defense to start playing better, we are there, or getting close.

Now the offense, they did pretty much everything they had in the game plan, at least it seemed that way. I know it is hard hearing the TV announcers in Spare Time, but when TE Lewis scored that TD, the whole offense was barking at him since he is the Big Dog. It sure would be nice to get him a Super Bowl ring before he retires.

As far as the Packers not drafting a WR back in April, I was one of the fans that were complaining. After the draft was finished, I got to thinking that the folks in charge probably know better than me what kind of talent they already had on the roster in reference to catching passes with the offense that would be taking the field. And then when the trade deadline came and went with no trades for a WR, more criticism reared its ugly head. The name that 

was most associated with the Packers was Will Fuller of the Titans. The trade never happened. Now, Mr. Fuller has been suspended for 6 games (substance banned by NFL). So once again, as mad as we get at Brian Gutekunst for not doing what WE  want, things are working out. Tonyan is still contributing at a high level. Sternberger is contributing, not as much as Big Dog or Tonyan, but he has his moments. Lazard is back and will be coming back into form. And now, St. Brown has decided he wants in on the action as well. And while MVS was a no show in the passing game, I have a feeling that Rodgers has not lost faith in him. He will be back in on the action soon. Adams was his usual reliable self. I think the pass catching group is in fine condition.

AR12 had a great game. Much of his success comes from the excellent play of the offensive line. That is the offensive line that is undergoing constant change and are STILL getting the job done. I don’t know if everyone caught it, but Elgton Jenkins has played every position on the offensive line this year. Kudos to the OL coach. I guess most saw that there has been 2 signings over the last week or so. DL Anthony Rush could help Kenny Clark, if Mike Pettine knows what to do with a 6’-4”, 361# DL. Also signed was WR Tavon Austin. I am guessing he is going to be the next Tyler Ervin. Crosby missed an XP for the first time this season. That was a bummer at the time but had no real effect on the game. This was the best overall game the Packers have played in a while. And Chicago style Deep-Dish pizza is overrated!!! 
Just Sayin’ 
(Jimmy Smith)


23 loud and rowdy Packer Backers joined me at Spare Time to cheer on the Pack and agree wholeheartedly that “the bears still suck.”  I know the time and the cold and the rain may have kept some of you at home, but we did have a great time together.  Missed you!

Eight great doorprizes made their way home with lucky members.  117 Nick Papala has a warm stocking cap and 149 Travis Wieloch will be sporting his new Santa hat.  Also preparing for the season are 506 Sebastian Sharpe and 127 Kent Sargent who picked Christmas ornaments.  Kent gave his ornament to 436 Amberly Peschel who joined us for the evening.  567 Steven Clancey is wrapped up In his new scarf and 101 Jamie Ware is continuing to look after her feet with 3 pairs of socks.  505 Heather Sharp (and kiddos) will bundle up with their new “Mickey” blankie.  221 Barb Gambrell will start tucking away goodies in her new backpack. We filled a $1 football pool.  Winners were 101 Jamie Ware, 140 (OhI) Eric Peschel, 117 Nick Papala, and 328 Marge Bramlett.

The winner of the Trivia contest was 242 Christina Harrison.  She received the $25 gift card from our friends and sponsors at Spare Time.  Our club appreciates all you do, ST. 

Please join me and all the other Packer backers next Sunday at Spare Time to cheer on the Green and Gold.  We will take on the E-gulls at 4:25 or there about.  It is so much fun as we get into the “thick” of things.  Remember, we love our Pack through thick and thin—but thick is better!  
Marge 328

 Packers vs E-gulls

So! What have we learned?  We’ve learned that since 1919 Upon Further Review…Duh Bears Still Suck!  I (and now you) have learned that Aaron Rodgers leads the NFL in 12 categories and is in the top 5 in other categories.  But aside from one little voice from the AP, he’s not getting any love from anybody else for MVP.  We hear about Mahomes and Wilson because they’re young, they’re “sexy.”  Football in Green Bay is not sexy, it’s hard-nosed, it’s played with passion, it’s the Black and Blue Division! 

More fans will be at Lambeau this Sunday.  CEO Mark Murphy earlier this season said there wouldn’t be any number of fans as the Covid pandemic raged across WI, but last weekend there were 500.  Roll out the Barrel played once more.  A faint cry of “Go Pack! GO!” was heard.  Virtually every cluster of fans had a sign.  It made me laugh to see the smattering of fans and a sign saying, “Get Loud Lambeau!” 

We play the Iggles this Sunday.  They are 3-7-1 and 3rd in the NFC Least.  The Packers lead them in almost every category.  We are 8 point favorites.  Should we be worried?  YES!  They still have Jim Schwartz as DC and we know he watches film and our NFC Central foe the Viqueens showed how to beat the Packers; pound the ball and be physical.  Fletcher Cox we know can be physical, but pounding the ball?  Well the Iggles have Mike Sanders he has 600 yards, 5.6 average, and 3 TDs on 108 carries.  However, we have Aaron Jones, 624 yards, 4.8 yards average, 6 TDs, and 130 carries.  Now you may think, “Ken that’s pretty impressive.  Yeah, I’m worried!”  But fear not.  Spotlight please:  Linus Van Pelt enters: “Fear Not! For Behold I brings tidings of great joy! For on this night in the city of Green Bay there is a Quarterback, his name is Aaron Rodgers who is the Lord of the North!”

Aaron Rodgers throws to Aaron Jones a lot!  He throws to everyone a lot.  He doubles Carson Wentz in TDs, has ¼ of the INTs that Wentz does, and 500 yards more.  Now, he has a new target.  Former 8th pick in the 2013 draft.  He also claims he has the same blazing 4.3 speed.  We’ll find out when Aaron gives him a GO route. 

The Eagles are a hot mess.  They seem to play hard, but they have major problems at QB. Wentz is seriously backsliding, and he has a HUGE contract.  He’s the flip side of Case Keenum.  Keenum took the Viqueens to the cusp of NFC supremacy, barely losing to Philadelphia in the NFC Championship.  The Iggles had Nick Foles who is now a Bear (and sucking!)  They did the opposite of what the Viqueens did, they kept the “good”  QB and let the other go.  Keenum just seemed to click in Minnesota and they signed Kirk Cousins instead.  I think they made the wrong choice.  I think that Wentz is salvageable, but he needs a great QB coach, he doesn’t have one now though. 

I think the Packers will win this and here are the keys to the game, get in the backfield, the Smash brothers have to get in and harass Wentz, hurry him and make him throw a couple of picks.  Give Aaron a short field and see if Austin has that blazing speed still.  I’m actually an hour east of Philly, but you can bet that at 4:25, I’ll still be shouting
Go Pack!! GO!!! 
(Ken Hill)