2020 Week 13

Packers 30 Egulls 16

The Green Bay Packers are getting cocky.  There.  I said it.  They think they’re so good, they’re spotting teams a quarter of football, and then deciding to play.  At least that’s what it looked like when the Packers came out for their first series on Sunday.  I was alone and socially distanced at Buffalo Wild Wing in Toms River, NJ.  I have never felt more alone folks.  I can’t mention the announcing of Nance and Romo, the bar had the Small-ants announcing.  But with Aaron Rodgers, football is a feast for the eyes in the age of Covid. 

Speaking of #12, he burnished his legend even more.  Last Sunday, Mr. Rodgers passed a significant mark; on a 39-yard TD pass to Robert Tonyan, Aaron went over 50,000 yards.  This past Sunday, he threw his 400th TD, quicker than any other QB in the league. He also notched his 5th season of 35 or more TD passes, a mark no other QB has achieved, though Tom Brady may be joining him later this season.

The Packer defense continues to give me fits.  They basically went into prevent after being up by 20 points.  I know that seems like a lot but after Jalen Hurts came out to replace a benched Carson Wentz, he threw a strike to Greg Ward for a TD, and after a stalled Packer series, punt returner Jalen Reagor scampered 73 yards after a JK Scott punt.  Scott still proves that no, he can’t tackle anyone.  He reminds me of the scene in We are Marshall.  “What’d you do son?”  Matthew McConaughey asks his kicker.  “I kicked the ball coach!”  he replies.  McConaughey looks at the kid and says, “But you’re still a football player son!”  The special teams coach might want to show Scott that and give him some tackling drills. 

Aaron Jones is the FedEx Ground Player of the week, he had 130 yards.  Now that seems like a lot, but prior to the last play of his day, he had only 53 yards and an average of 3.7 yards.  The Packers traded punts with Philly after that and at 2:46, Aaron Jones decided he had had enough.  David Bakhtiari and MVS decided to help their teammate deliver “THE DAGGER!”  77 yards and 5 broken tackles to paydirt!  Aaron (the other one) stood and watched and smiled. 

The Iggles would not be denied yet though, their young QB tried to mount a furious comeback but Jaire Alexander put an end to that idea. 

Aaron Rodgers is finally getting some love as an MVP candidate!  He also was named NFC Offensive player of the week.  It could have easily been Davante Adams though.  He OWNED Darius Slay.  His first TD catch was with Slay draped all over him.  He smacked the ball not once, but twice, Davante still cradled the ball like a baby as he went to the ground and hung on.  The second, and 400th for Aaron was when he gave a stiff arm to Slay and they basically sidestepped into the endzone when Davante got his hand tangled in Slay’s facemask.  I don’t know if you can call a facemask on a stiff arm, but I do know Slay could not see Davante as he tried to make the tackle. 

Aaron Rodgers isn’t alone in the MVP Hunt.  He and Patrick Mahomes are both in the MVP conversation.  The main question is this:  does it matter that one team has better supporting cast members than the other.  The answer to my mind is YES!  Aaron has Davante Adams.  Despite the way he spreads it around (he hit 8 different receivers), that’s the first person he looks for.    Mahomes has a plethora of targets. 

I’m sure Aaron would trade any individual accolades for a trip to Tampa in February.  I would make that deal.  Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, get your shot when it’s your turn, and always
(Ken Hill)

 Just Sayin'

THAT was another type of game. The offense looked pretty dang good, for most of the time. AR12 was his usual self that he has been in 2020. He was making passes that no other QB in the league can make. The one pass to Adams in the 3rd quarter was an amazing throw. And I actually think it was an even more amazing catch between 2 defenders. Rodgers even said after the game, that he asked Adams “How the hell’d you catch that?” And I think it was Adams’ first TD catch where he went up for the catch, the DB actually had his own hand on the ball 2 different times trying to push it out of Davante hands, but couldn’t. The talking heads are always saying that Duane Hopkins has the strongest hands of all the WRs in the NFL. I would like to nominate Davante Adams for that top position.

After the Eagles drew the score close, there was that 77 yard run by Aaron Jones. OK, lets all be honest. How many of us noticed that David Bakhtiari was right there with him, or not too far behind, trying to help block. That’s pretty good for a 310# offensive lineman to be right there when Jones crossed the goal line. And MVS as well, down there blocking 2 different guys. Once again, MVS had a sure catch bumble right off his arms. I wonder if the Packers should have his vision checked. I am serious, maybe he has some depth perception issues or something. I know I said last week that AR12 has not lost faith in him, but if those drops continue, that may become an issue in coming games.

The defense played pretty good overall. They DID give up a couple of passes that were probably due to broken coverage. And that does happen in the NFL, to every team. The defense seems to be making progress. The run defense is playing better, although they’re not playing teams with the best run games at the moment. We will have one of the best RBs in the league in 3 weeks coming to Lambeau. So let’s hope that the improvement keeps working. Meanwhile, the pass rush is starting to show signs of life. I mean some real life. 7 sacks ! ! And Rashan Gary is starting to play some good football.

The worst part of this game was the statement Tony Romo made in the 4th quarter when he said the Eagles had scored 2 touchdowns in 82 seconds. The defense seems to be letting up when we seem to have the game in hand. And then poor J.K. Scott looks so bad when he is trying to stop a punt returner. That fella needs to learn how to tackle. And he might have to get some ankle surgery if this continues. Hopefully, that was the last time we have to see him juked out of his shoes… 
Just Sayin’
(Jimmy Smith)


Thirty six Packer Backers made lots of noise cheering on our team from the friendly confines of the restaurant at Spare Time this Sunday.  A great time was had by all.

Lots of new prizes on the table this week which made for a wide variety in the 8 great prizes that were awarded to lucky members whose numbers were drawn.  531 Sara Hansen chose a hat and 117 Nick Papala chose a warm stocking cap.  503 Steve Sabin chose the earrings package and 463 Wayne Hansen is keeping time with his new watch.  The clothing choices were rounded out when 324 Larry Schilz chose a tee shirt.  123 Kraig Pringle chose a serving tray.  242 Christina Harrison has bath towels, and 328 Marge Bramlett will be toting her stuff with her new backpack.  In addition to these great prizes, the first 6 numbers drawn (Nick, Steve, Christina, Wayne, Larry and Kraig) got a bonus tree ornament! Winners of the dollar pool were 458 Susan Sabin (2) and 542 Kathie Mervyn (2).

The trivia question was correctly answered by 537 Wayne Boyd.  He won a $25 gift card courtesy of our friends and sponsors at Spare Time.  Just a reminder, bowling at Spare Time will start about 2.  If you’re bowling, good luck and have so much fun.

This Sunday it’s time to play the Lyins for the second time at 4:20ish.  Let us continue to come together to cheer our guys as the season continues.  Remember our support of the best team in the land is through thick and thin, but we have already decided that thick is WAY more fun.  See you Sunday…
Marge 328

 Packers vs Lyins

Yeah!  We get to play the Lions this week!”  That has be a common cheer during the Packers’ practices leading up to this Sunday.  Guys strutting around in the locker room with their chests puffed out, looking forward to game day to beat up the little neighbor kids.  Who can blame them?  They are 9-3 with a 3-game lead in the division and solid wins in the last two weeks.  And look back to the game in September when the Packers pounded the Lions 42-21 at Lambeau.  Aaron Rodgers had 240 yards passing with 2 touchdowns.  Aaron Jones chewed up the turf with 168 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns along with a receiving TD.  The Packers’ defense held the Lions to 89 rushing yards, they had 4 sacks, and a Pick-6!

The Lions are in their typical last place slot in the NFC North, but their interim head coach Darren Bevell is undefeated.  His debut against the Bears last week was a memorable comeback from down 10 points in the 4th quarter.  Watching the game highlights, you can imagine some confidence slinking into the Lions’ locker room.  Matt Stafford threw for 402 yards and 3 TD’s.  Adrian Peterson had 2 rushing TD’s.  Marvin Jones Jr. had 116 yards receiving with a TD.  The Lions’ defense was porous in the first half but tightened up when it mattered.  They strip-sacked the Bears’ Trubisky with 2 minutes left to set up the game-winning score.

But now it is time for the Lion’s illegitimate confidence to drain out through the Ford Field sewers directly into the Detroit River.  They have to play a REAL football team this week, not some fellow cellar-dwelling pretenders like the bumbling Bears.  The Lions will soon remember why they have lost over 100 games to the great Green Bay Packers!  It will not take long for Stafford, Peterson, and Jones Jr. to realize they best just hand over their lunch money to Rodgers, Jones, and Adams.  And then the Lions should skip town into Windsor and join the Canadian Football League.  Everyone knows they do not below in the NFL, especially the NFC North.

In fact, here are the TOP TEN reasons the Detroit Lions will never win a Superbowl:

10) They have to play the Green Bay Packers.
9) The Lions’ offense.
8) The Lions’ defense.
7) Green Bay = Titletown.  Detroit = Loserville.
6) Karl Sweetan / Scott Mitchell / Matt Stafford does not equal Bart Starr / Brett Favre / Aaron Rodgers.
5) Re-arrange the letters in “Other Lions Teams” and you get “Another Loss Time”.
4) The team’s fans’ website site is “Lionsnowhere.com”.
3) They have to play the Green Bay Packers again!
2) Two words: Detroit sucks.
1) The Lions do not have a great fan club like the Greenville Packer Backers cheering for them!

(Bill Demuth)