2018 Week 16

Packers 44 Jersey Jets 38 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas like I did! It was just about perfect; saw lots of family and old friends, had great times and fellowship, great food, better drinks. Nobody got hurt, no one got pissed off about anything or even argued. Even the political discussions stayed PG-13 at the worst.
Just like you hope it would be…how it’s supposed to be…

2018 Week 15

Packers 17 Duh Bears 24 

I must apologize to everyone in the club.  In a small way I feel like I’m responsible for the Packers loss last Sunday.  Not because I let Ken play MC, no, I think he did a great job.  One I hope will be shared with him and others in the year to come. 

2018 Week 14

Packers 34 Fail-cons 20

This time of year, we look back over the years, we wax nostalgic.  I’d like to do that now.  It was a Thanksgiving game and the corner pocket wasn’t open.  My kids were staying with me that weekend and I got a call Sunday morning, on my son’s phone.  “Ken?  Is that you?”

Snow Day


Due to the snow, the Hall of Fame is closed on Sunday Dec 9, 2018. Unfortunately, the local game is Carolina vs Cleveland so we will have to settle for ESPN, NFL Sunday Ticket, and other means to watch the Packers play. Stay warm and GO PACK!

2018 Week 13

Packers 17 Cardinals 20

Another strange review for me.  Because of the rain on Saturday, our tree hunting day was rescheduled for Sunday.  No problem I thought, we have SirrusXM… but not our plan.  The game was on CH 229, our radio when to CH 223. 

2018 Week 12

Packers 17 Viqueens 24 

Before this latest, greatest loss of the season, I said Minnesota was simply “in the way.” Just the first of six obstacles on the way to a playoff salvage. I was right, they were in the way. Unfortunately (yet having absolutely nothing to do with “fortune”), after Sunday night, they still are. Just like almost all of the NFC in this Chinese water torture of a season.

2018 Week 11

Packers 24 Seahags 27

There are a few words in Packer lore that evoke immediate sick feelings in our stomach.  Forgive me but, “4th and 26.”  Sorry.  If you don’t know that, ask a friend, they will.  This season’s will be “4th and 2.”  That’s what was facing us when we inexplicably punted the ball on last Thursday with a little over 4 minutes left in the game.

2018 Week 10

Packers 31 Dull-fins 12

For me, this is kind of a strange review.  Linda & I spent the day with some friends we haven’t seen for a while.  Our plans were to hang out together at their place and watch the Packer game.  When we found out the game would not be on local TV, we still hung out, just had to go to a local restaurant/bar near them to watch the game. 

2018 Week 09

Packers 17 Patriots 31

Mike McCarthy stood in front of his team this last Sunday in the Visitor’s Locker Room at Gillette Stadium and gave a blunt assessment of their per-formance: “We beat ourselves.” 

2018 Week 08

Packers 27 Rams 29

Before we get to the sorry deep (shit) state of the Packers, some necessary musings about football in the NFL in 2018. With all the political mess that has pervaded the league, the players, and the game on and off the field, people have steadily tuned out in startling numbers.

2018 Week 07

Packers 33 Santa Clara 30

A lot has happened since the time our heroic friends pulled another one out the hat.  The Badgers won 1 & lost 1; the Brewers won 3 but lost 4 and the Boilermakers took it to “THE” Ohio State University!  The viqueens have won 2, duh bears have lost 2 and the Lyins can’t win unless they’re playing the Packers. 

2018 Week 06

Packers 23 Lyins 31

The Week 5 debacle in Motown left this team truly Upside Down. There was Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide from the onslaught of mistakes which Signed, Sealed, Delivered the victory to a Lions team that really didn’t deserve it. Now, the question for us and the Packers becomes, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

2018 Week 05

Packers 22 Bills 00

22 ZIP 😳👍
IT!!!! GO PACK GO!!!
This was an email I got from one of our founding members Loren Wolf, now living in Michigan and I couldn’t have said it better myself. The last time the Packers did this to an opponent was the NJ Jets on October 31, 2010.

2018 Week 03

Packers 29 Viqueens 29

Where to start with last week’s game?  A wouldda, couldda shouldda sister kisser game.  The biggest thing was the Clay call at the end of regulation negating a game winning interception.  After the game Clay, admitting last week’s call was his fault, was at a loss for words to what he could have done different. 

2018 Week 02

Packers 24 Duh Bears 23

Packers Mount an Historic Comeback

How many times has it happened?  Not just for us, but league-wide, I mean?  A great player gets a monster contract, finally being paid what he’s worth and he goes down for a season or the rest of the season and the team is left with scraps again!  For the Packers, I remember Robert Brooks, Dorsey Levens, and now add Aaron R…NOT SO FAST!!

2018 Week 01

Packers Season 100 Starts NOW

 Well folks, we’re back.  This has been a season of many changes for us and the Packers.  Gone are the excuses to hate Capers and blame Ted, the fullback is now a thing of the past, the Jeff Janis experiment is over and gone is our beloved Jordy.

Are you Ready for Football!?


The season is finally here!  This Sunday night we kickoff the 100th season of Packer football with an 8:30 game against duh bears.  We will also be kicking off our new home, the HALL OF FAME SPORTS GRILL located at 531 Wade Hampton Blvd. (Greenville end of Wade Hampton next to the U-Haul place. Additional parking on west side of bar).  I know it’s a night game and many of us have early morning obligations but please consider coming for at least for the first half, to see the place, win some special prizes and show your support for our new host.

Please rsvp to greenvillepackerbackers@gmail.com if you will join us for the game so we can give HoF Grill a heads up on what to expect on game day.

The newsletter will be sent out later this week.  To help you out, here is week 1’s trivia question: During the Great Depression, George Halas had to borrow money from the Packers to meet his Bears payroll. How much did he borrow?

New Location 2018

New Location!

We have found a new home for the 2018 season. We will be meeting at Hall of Fame Sports Bar and Grill on Wade Hapton Blvd starting Sept 9 opener against the bears. Look to the side bar for links and map to HoF. Go Pack!

Packer Picnic 2018

Packer Picnic!

Greetings Greenville Packer Backers,

Only one week to get this party started.  On Saturday, July 28th at 1:00 we will have our annual Packer Picnic.  Once again, we will be at the grounds of the Lynn Coleman estate in Travelers Rest, 1707 Geer Hwy to be exact.  All Packer (and football) fans are welcome.  For current club members, $5.00 and a dish to pass is all you need. Non-current members the cost is $8.00 plus the dish to pass.  For that cost, the club will provide the meat, buns & fixins, plus water, lemonade and tea.  Feel free to bring your own libations of your choice.  Want to save the $3.00, you can re-up at the picnic for the same cost as last year ($35 for new members, $30 for renewing members). 

This is an event all should try to attend as we will be reviewing where we will meet this year now that it looks like Chief’s is closed plus discussing how we, as a club, should move forward with prizes, pools, other game day activities and who will help make game day possible.  

Please RSVP to greenvillepackerbackers@gmail.com so I can get an accurate count for the meat.

Always Bleeding Green My Friends,
Packer John

2017 Week 18 YEE

Packers 11 Lyins 35

If you’re (really?) looking for a review of the final game at Detroit, look elsewhere because I won’t waste any breath or space on that joke that deserves to be forgotten. Much like the disaster that was the 2017 season.