2018 Week 15

Packers 17 Duh Bears 24 

I must apologize to everyone in the club.  In a small way I feel like I’m responsible for the Packers loss last Sunday.  Not because I let Ken play MC, no, I think he did a great job.  One I hope will be shared with him and others in the year to come. 
It’s not because I was throwing the yellow flag at the screen breaking one of Hall of Fame’s sacred rules (noise makers is the other) which prompted a discussion between Kraig and a non-Packer fan.  The real “mea culpa” was I forgot to bring our hanging teddy bear.  He has been with us every time we’ve played duh bears for the past 5 to 6 years.  Things just weren’t the same without him hanging on the Christmas tree.  But his absence goes deeper than that.  You could just somehow sense that Air-ron felt Teddy was not hanging on the Christmas tree and went into a kind of melancholy.  You could see it in his play that something was amiss, something not quite right.  Is it his Knee?  Or now his Groin?  Maybe he’s miffed his agent is getting more attention in their commercials.  Maybe Danica is mad at him.  Could it be he knows more than Joe?  Is he missing Jordy that much?  Could it have been he couldn’t wear his headphones so he could get “in the zone”?  Maybe it was our missing Teddy, maybe not, but whatever the reason, we saw an Air-ron we have never seen before.
Jimmy touched on other reasons Air-ron sucked so I won’t steal his thunder.  There are plenty of other reasons duh bears won.  Aaron Jones injury.  This was just enough to make duh bears (and Joe) forget about the Packers running game.  After Jones’ 4th carry, Williams ran only 12 times for the balance of the game whereas Air-ron had 42 passes, 3 scrambles and was sacked 5 times; a ratio of 16 to 50 which almost makes Mike look run happy.  Play calling was suspect again this week, not only noted by the media but by Joe himself; pointing out how he would have liked to have a couple back.  Like many weeks before, rhythm was still missing on offense, there was no flow, no hurry up offense, keeping duh bears on their heels.  Duh bears did try to give the game away.  They tried a fake punt that even I called from my bar stool; which we did turn into 8 points but then the rally ended.  Duh bears followed up with a fumble on a trick play and we went 3 and out, giving up a long return on the punt and duh bears had the ball almost where they left off.  They turned that into 7 points, we followed with another 3 and out, then they posted another 3 points.  One last drive and Air-ron threw his 2nd INT of the season and you knew then the “Dagger” was not coming out that day.

Our loss and the viqueens win takes us out of the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row.  Now all the questions and debates will start, staring with how the Packers play for the last two games.  Joe has said he will put healthy players on the field but didn’t specify if Air-ron is “healthy” or not. 
Even without the hope of the playoffs, these last two games mean, or should mean something to the Packers.  This week is our last chance this season to win a road game.  This should have been a given but if they come into this game with the same mindset we had with Arizona, we could go 0-8 on the road this year.  Something that hasn’t happened since “Scooter” McLean coached in 1958.  The following week it’s the Lyins at Lambeau which could be named the Basement Bowl.  Loser may well hold last place in the NFC North and could be looking at a top 10 draft pick.  To some fans, tank the season and get a top 10 pick looks like a good deal for the Pack, but they are not true Packer fans. For us that lived through the years of Bengtson, Devine, Starr, Gregg and Infante, we don’t want to see that again.  If you are hoping for that top 10 pick, get off the bandwagon now and leave more room on the wagon for true Packer fans to Bleed Green My Friends!

(Packer John)

Just Sayin’

 Just 2 weeks left folks. After 2 more weeks, we can be put out of our misery. I have said this to many people this season, but this has been one of the hardest seasons in a long, long time to be a Packers fan. The Bears game was just another example. A tough loss to take, but in reality, a loss to a better team. A lot of factors went into the Bears loss. The first thing that comes to mind is #12. I am already reading comments like “he is past his prime.” I personally don’t think that is the case. As I was listening to the local sports guy on the radio on Monday, he was saying that he wouldn’t even rate #12 in the top 10 QBs in the NFL right now. One of his arguments was that he thinks #12 avoids the quick passes and moving the chains, for the big play downfield to get ESPN highlights. And as I was listening to that, I could not come up with an argument to defend Aaron. Even Leroy Butler was calling out Rodgers on Monday, saying I mean really if you can’t out play Mitch Trubisky, how good are you? Aaron’s only job is to OUT play the other QB! Agree? You will never win scoring 17 pts.” I know a lot of Packer fans once considered it blasphemy to criticize Brett Favre. Many of those same fans would say the same thing about Aaron Rodgers. I also know I have criticized Rodgers, on more than one occasion, during the season. As I have stated before, I think a couple of factors concerning his play would be the knee injury suffered in the first game. And then the disconnect with McCarthy compounded the situation. It’s my opinion that the injury in the Chicago game opening the season has had the most ill-effects on Rodgers’ play this year. For weeks, he did not practice, but went through rehab during the week. It was this missed practice time with all the new receivers that has been the most detrimental. One can’t realistically expect the rookie WRs to practice with the backup QB all week in practice, and then go out on Sunday and be on the same page with the starting QB. It ain’t gonna happen. Add in the fact that two of his familiar targets, Geronimo Allison and Randall Cobb, got hurt, it only got worse.  And then, against the Bears, on top of Rodgers being off most all game long, there was the game plan. I saw a couple of quick slants, but for the most part, it was like Mike McCarthy was sitting at home, on his cell phone, calling the plays. Virtually nothing new, just the same old plays that take from 14 to 18 seconds to develop. And Jimmy Graham was still out there playing with his hand all bandaged up. True, there were a couple of Lance Kendricks sightings, but why not put Lewis or Tonyan in as TE vs. someone with a disadvantage as soon as he steps on the field? And now, we also have probably lost our starting RB for the last 2 games.
As far as the defense goes, they played relatively well for the most part. Don’t just look at the score, but the stats. The Bears RBs only had 81 yards rushing. And that is against a defense that is down to their 4th and 5th string players, if there were such a thing. Players that have been claimed off waivers, after the season started, some just in December, are playing better that some of Ted Thompson’s drafted players. From top to bottom, the Packers roster, as a whole, needs an influx of talent. The game was like the starters for the Bears on offense playing against our defense from the 4th preseason game, a few starters and the rest are rookies and Free Agents trying to make the team. Then the Bears starting defense was playing our offense from the 2nd preseason game offense. I know the Bears feel good about beating Aaron Rodgers and winning the division, but in my eyes, it is a Tainted Title.
I’ve got nothing against Joe Philbin personally, but from what I have seen with his coaching for the last 2 games, I hope he is not hired on full time. The offense looks pretty much the same without McCarthy as it did when he was there… 
Just Sayin’  
(Jimmy Smith)

GPB Hall Of Fame Report

 Well, Sunday saw 76 Packer backers meeting up at Hall of Fame Sports Grill to cheer on our favorite team.  We cheered and high fived whenever we could to support our guys.
16 door prizes were awarded in a wide variety of categories.  123 Kraig Pringle chose a Packer totem and 520 Angela Blaser will be playing Packer Jenga.  324 Larry Schilz and 263 Patricia Zubach will have warm heads with the hats they chose while 423 Melody Cox will keep her hands warm with the camo gloves.  Feet were on the minds of 504 Michael Cox who chose fuzzy socks, 386 Jeffrey Mann who also took socks, and 328 Marge Bramlett who is wearing warm slippers.  524 Seth Ray chose an umbrella, 415 Chris Schultz has a watch, and 262 Tom Zumbach chose a backpack.  458 Susan Sabin chose a pillow and 510 Michele Morgan has ornaments for the tree.  525 Leslie Fleming has a koozie, 387 Kathy Mann sips from her new mug, and 185 Ken Hill is serving from his new tray with cups.
Hall of Fame Sports Grill awarded $15 gift certificates for both this game’s trivia contest and the trivia contest that was snowed out.  415 Chris Schultz won “duh bears” question, and 127 Kent Sargent correctly answered the question regarding the Falcons.
We were able to run both a $1 and a 50₵ pool.  Winners of the $1 pool were 474 Jim Comensoli, 386 Jeffrey Mann, 519 Wink Courchaine, and 221 Barbara Gambrell.  50₵ pool winners were 127 Kent Sargent, 463 Wayne Hansen, 221 Barbara Gambrell, and 106 Packer John Wieloch.
Even though our playoff lights have been extinguish, we are Packer fans through thick and thin.  With that said, I hope to see many of you at Hall of Fame Sport Grill this Sunday at 1 cheering on our team against the Jets.  Plenty of prizes and plenty of fun.  We will always stick with our team—courageously!  
Marge 328

Packers        vs.     Jersey Jets

 I think it’s about leadership. If I want to be listened to and followed and looked up to, how could I stand here and say that these games that don’t matter…I’m going to cash it in? That’s just not the way I lead.”-Aaron Rodgers going into the last two games
To the possibly even double-digit readers still tuned in to my latest episode: I will do my best, but please recognize that even if it’s a Pulitzer-wannabe level offering, it will still, by definition, suck. Not because I suck, or that it’s rarely been fun and like a part-time job to write this season. It’s because it’s obvious to anyone sans lobotomy that the Packers at Jets this week is a lame-duck, dead draw. It’s an uncast vote in a fixed election. Totally meaningless, despite Aaron’s insistence of its importance...
Do you really want a preview of this Big Crapple? All right, I understand, duty calls. Preview: We suck and have nothing to play for, the Jets are (4-10) as usual, and nobody really knows what players will play and/or when or for how long. For additional information, please click to our totally-equal colleagues on the Internet…
Since I’m not Buddha and can’t find The Meaning of Life, let’s try and find meaning in this game. I love Aaron’s quote and attitude, and I don’t believe it’s totally genuine. I know. He is an Alpha competitor all the way, all the time. But even a lesser franchise player would say the same thing, just maybe not as articulate. With all due respect to Aaron and all the real players who want to compete, in this instance, and under these unfortunate circumstances, the analysis must be a balance between next season and the future versus “other considerations.”
“Other considerations” include the base and instinctual competitiveness and desire to win which is instilled in the players, the organization, and the fans, certainly in Titletown. It runs contrary to everything that we are to give up, to mail it in. We are the greatest winners in every way in the history of professional football, yet those of us that have a little oxidation in the bucket know that we have also endured long periods of loss in our distinguished history. This combination, along with our inherent superiority as Packer Nation, makes us value winning more than any other organization and fan base (that isn’t willing to sell its soul and/or rack up a litany of “-gates”)…
“Other considerations” also unfortunately means that thousands of loyal Packers fans will get screwed out of a meaningful game next week against Detroit. Of course, they can still soak in the incredible experience of a home game at Lambeau…

My take: In balance, the cold-blooded and calculated analysis is that next season and the future dictate that anyone with anything other than superficial injur(ies) that is even potentially coming back next season is now a spectator. This obviously includes, and to me, specifies Aaron Rodgers and any other true contributor. Put them in street clothes if necessary to keep them viable for games that matter. We are possibly the most snake-bitten team in the league since the last Super Bowl, and I think if I personally see someone important go down at this point, I will attempt to lead a Mecca-like pilgrimage of the natives to Green Bay and burn it all down like Frankenstein was hiding inside…
The future also dictates that we need to seriously evaluate a number of guys who may or may not fit in our plans. Another reason to play younger and lesser-accomplished players to help figure it out. Play to win with the “Rest of the Roster.” This makes it a no-lose proposition. If they win, great additional experience and playing time. If they lose, more great experience and playing time, but with a better draft pick going to The Guteslinger… 
Go, Pack, GO!!!  
(Kraig Pringle)