2017 Week 04

Packers 27 Bungles 24

At the end of the game at Chief’s I said there was no such thing as an ugly win, but I may have been mistaken (I don’t know how to spell wrrong).  The Packer win was certainly not pretty, but the failcons win I got to say was ugly.  Not that I wanted the Lyins to win mind you, I just like to see the failcons win less. 

2017 Week 03

Packers 23 Failcons 34

“This just in:” The Packers got their asses kicked in Atlanta. Smacked up. What a difference a week makes, but honestly, not a huge surprise, given the loss of both starting offensive tackles, our most disruptive defensive lineman, our (arguably) two best receivers, etc etc etc.

2017 Week 02

Packers 17 Seahack's 9

If you watched NFL Pregame on Fox, all of the talking heads had Seattle beating Green Bay in an “upset”.  Well, it’s nice to be thought of as the favorite when one of the taglines of the sport is, “Any Given Sunday”. 

2017 Week 01

Chapter 98 ~ It was quite the offseason.  Biggest change for us has to be the loss of Jay Cutler, who was let go by duh bears, went into retirement, signed as a TV broadcaster, pulled a Favre and came out of retirement and is now a Miami Dolphin. Someone told me the Packers should give the Dolphins a 1st round pick if they trade Jay back to duh bears.  As much as I would like to see it, I don’t think it’s really necessary. First play of duh bears preseason, Mike Glennon threw a pick six… proving that with or without Jay, duh bears still suck.
Another oddity this year is Ted’s new found love of free agency. Added was not one (Martellus Bennett), not two (Lance Kendrick), not three (Davon House ~ again) free agents, but just this week, a fourth (Ahmad Brooks. Will this be the missing piece that gets the Pack back to the big dance?  We will just have to wait and see.
One big surprise was letting go Eddie Lacy, no more “Roll Tide” from Ken Hill.  He may be gone but he hasn’t left quite yet. Listed as their #2 back, we will get one more look at Eddie this week when we face the seahacks.