2018 Week 07

Packers 33 Santa Clara 30

A lot has happened since the time our heroic friends pulled another one out the hat.  The Badgers won 1 & lost 1; the Brewers won 3 but lost 4 and the Boilermakers took it to “THE” Ohio State University!  The viqueens have won 2, duh bears have lost 2 and the Lyins can’t win unless they’re playing the Packers. 
Both Jimmy & Ken did a great job this week of highlighting the good parts of the game, most of which I agree with.  This leaves me with only one comment to make, it was a win that should have been decided by halftime.
That being said, I want to use the rest of this space to talk about the future of our club.  For those of you that were looking forward to our bye week edition, you didn’t miss it... because there was none.  For the first time since this newsletter started 10 years ago, no one, I mean no one  sent in an article sharing their vacation experiences or voiced their opinion of the direction the Packers are headed.  This saddens me that with a club our size and not a single response... perhaps a sign of things to come.

I have made several attempts this year asking for help with the club.  To date, I have had several people help with the set up and pack up of the prizes, set up the sound system and help in the office.  For them we should all be grateful, but truthfully, this is not enough.  The many little things I do during the week add up to a big chore over time.  I am willing to break this up and make it work anyway we can.  Here is a list of what I do during the week:
¨ Make sure the membership and pool money is correct, update our speadsheet and make sure proper change is back in each bag for the next game.
¨ Make a bank run if necessary to cash checks or get change.
¨ Update our data base, make name badges, print pools and trivia question.
¨ Scan website for prizes looking for the best deals possible.
¨ Empty the prize bags and reload for the new week.
¨ Edit and sometimes write articles for the  newsletter each week.
¨ Set up 90 minutes before game time and pack up after the game.
¨ Then of course there’s playing MC; handing out prizes and leading cheers.
Some of you have mentioned you’d like to help but can’t commit on a weekly basis, but some of these things are not weekly things; most can be done in your free time and some don’t even require you to be at the game, just ask Erich Peschel (facebook) or Justin Curtis (website).  By the end of the season, I hope to play a much small role in the club.  I’m not asking for 1 person to step up and take over,  getting 6 or 7 to each do a small part would be ideal. Anyone wanting to help, let me know. 

This club started 12 years ago and the format we have now is the one Tim used from the start;  maybe it’s time to change the way we do things.  Without your help, I guess they will.
Don’t get me wrong here, I love this club and the Packer Fans (family really) I see every week; what we have is unique and special.  I don’t want to see it change, but I don’t want to be the clubs everything.  What I do mandates me to be not only be at every game but requires my time during the week. 
In the clubs 12 years, I have only missed 2 games.  Linda & I have the opportunity to take a several weekend trips this fall and we would like to take advantage of them.  The games we would miss are the Dolphins on 11/11, the Cardinals on 12/9 & the Jersey Jets on 12/23.  I can get most of the items ready and to you so all you need to do is set up, run the office, MC and pack up.  There are two games before the Dolphins game so there is time to get anyone up to speed.
I didn’t intend this to be a doom and gloom article and I don’t intend to leave this club.  As I said before, I love this club and my Packer family and will be part of it until the good LORD stops me from 
Bleeding Green My Friends  
(Packer John)

Just Sayin’

 Looks like our rookie WRs are starting to come around; 2 of ‘em anyway. J’Mon is still struggling with the dropsies, but MVS and EQ (that’s what Rodgers calls them) are starting to contribute. This could really help as the season rolls along. EQ had the great back shoulder grab against the ‘Niners. Meanwhile, Davante Adams has really upped his game this year. So the receiving corps is actually looking about as good as it has in a while. And while I did criticize Rodgers in the last newsletter for holding the ball too long at times, I also know that some of the reason for that is because of the design of the plays. However, I am still going to criticize McCarthy again, at least a little. Once again, we have a running back averaging over 5 yards a carry. And MM decides that 8 carries is enough. I will admit that McCarthy has said, on more than one occasion, that pass blocking is Jones’ biggest weakness. So the coaching staff needs to get him coached up. Otherwise, they run Jones, take him off the field for Williams, and the defense has a better idea if a pass is coming. And although this actually doesn’t apply to the current season, did anyone notice how good the backup QB for the 49ers was as compared to the backup QB play we had last year after the BARR incident?

As far as the defense goes, they played pretty good in the second half. They only gave up one FG in the 3rd quarter and one FG in the 4th quarter. There was not a lot of pressure on the QB in the first half. I really hope the bye week helped as far as the health of the team. We have 10 games to go. And it is really hard for a team to start the season off hot and stay that way all the way through the season. So maybe after the bye week, we can come out and get on a roll.
Looks like Lance Kendricks might be in some trouble with the law. Maybe it’s about time we heard the announcers say “and that was Marcedes Lewis with the grab from Rodgers.” Or maybe “and that was Robert Tonyan with the grab from Rodgers.”
I keep seeing on forums and other places about players that the Packers could trade for, like maybe an edge rusher, or a veteran safety. Folks, we have about $3.5M in cap space available. I really don’t think there is a trade on the horizon… 
Just Sayin’  
(Jimmy Smith)

 GPB Hall Of Fame Report

Marge 328 spent some time in St. Louie so you are stuck with me this week.
A decent size crowd (35) for a Monday night, almost everyone stayed until the end, except Ken Hill.
12 prizes in all were handed out, some of the newer prizes went to 221 Barb Gambrel and her new umbrella, 445 Sharon Dandelski liked the door mat, 321 Sheila Chase a tote bag, 123 Kraig Pringle liked the Jenja, car flags went to 132 Gerald Schulz while 131 Sharon Schulz took earrings and necklace.  475 Jennifer Comensoli took a USB wall charger and 523 Teal Johnson needed a new wallet.  Mugs went to 527 Justin Peterson & 120 Neil Peterson who both gave them to our newest member 528 Tina Russell.
This weeks Trivia prizes was first won by 131 Sharon Schultz but it was determined she won last week so the second chance winner was our own 120 Neil Petersen who will be spending the $15 gift card from our friends at Hall of Fame Sports grill.
Only one pool this week. Winners on the $1 board were: 120 Neil Petersen, 123 Kraig Pringle (so much for prize-gate) and twice by 221 Barb Gambrell.
As mentioned before, we have one new member: 528 Tina Russell, a visitor from Janesville WI, who ironically, owns a bar where none other than Neil Petersen has frequented. 
Still plenty of new prizes to be had, some include wall clocks and wrist watches; back packs floor mats and door mats; Lombardi mugs and new shades; tongs, spatulas and oven mitts; bag chairs, duffle bags and backpacks and even a casserole warming carrier.
All this and a chance to spend time with the best Packer Fans in the south.  Hope to see you at thr Hall of Fame Sports Grill this Sunday @ 4:25 to 
Bleed Green My Friends  
(Packer John)

Packers     vs.    LA Rams

 Coming off the bye, the schedule takes a turn for the murderous over the next several weeks. Next up, the unbeaten Rams, who return home after three straight on the road.
The Packers are the biggest underdogs of any game since Rodgers, at anywhere from (-8) to (-9). This Rams team is perfectly suited for LA, with a lot of flash and a cast of dynamic and talented players. They have a hot young coach. They have an MVP candidate at QB and the great Todd Gurley, maybe the best back in football, as well as a loaded talent set on both sides of the ball. They have All-World defensive lineman Aaron Donald, who is often mentioned in the argument with Khalil Mack as the best defensive player in the game. He had four sacks last week alone.
They are rolling up everyone they play, and you know how the always frontrunning Los Angelenos love a winner. Their fans also have the attention spans of fifth graders, and will no doubt spend the vast majority of their time “bored” and on their handheld devices. And for you Cheeseheads, by “handheld” I don’t mean slipping your hands under your wife’s hunting jacket to get some spillover muffin-top or, to be fair to both sides, your husband’s beer gut or, God forbid, man-boobs…
With the pundits, the predictions have pretty consistently been something like “high-scoring, with a hot Aaron Rodgers keeping it close, but the Rams are too deep…” blah, blah, blah. Anyone who has watched football in the age of parity and has an IQ in excess of a touchdown knows that this league is wide open, the proverbial “Any Given Sunday.” Besides, as a true Packer Fan, I never really believe we’re going to actually lose. Like, ever. Well, except when “Brett 2.zero” was our starter…
The Packers are rarely such an underdog, and I’m not used to the mentality here. A few things to hang your hopeful helmets on: First, our John Wayne-like quarterback will be the first to tell you that he hasn’t played well thus far, despite the heroics. He can play better, because he is better. He has played through the pain. He has soldiered on. He has shown more determination than Mexicans parting the Mar de Rojo and escorting a “caravan” of Central Americans all the way to the US border…
The bye week helped Aaron and the rest of the team get in much better shape to play this game. His targets should be richer and more explosive, and the defense had a number of key upgrades in status in this down time. One may even fantasize that McCarthy has used the bonus time to possibly jazz-up the approach a bit?
In the end, it’s the 2018 Los Angeles Rams. I’m respectful, but not shaken. I mean, we’re not talking about the old Soviet Ice Hockey team, or for that matter, even their great (mythical) heavyweight countryman, Ivan Drago. We’re not talking about the (again mythical) 1951 South Bend Central basketball team…
Because everyone knows the 1980 US Men’s Hockey team beat the Soviets, and Rocky Balboa knocked out Ivan Drago in Russia in front of Mikhail Gorbachev, the Central Committee, evidently the entire Politburo, and approximately ten thousand screaming officers chanting his name. And, never, ever forget that long-ago snowy Indiana night at Hinkle Fieldhouse when David Hickory beat Goliath South Bend on Jimmy Chitwood’s buzzer-beater after cold-bloodedly guaranteeing Coach Norman Dale, “I’ll make it…”
But nothing was given to any of those improbable yet legendary victors. They had to earn it, to take it, from their opponents. First, they had to believe that “improbable” was a word used by ignorant sportswriters who were like the guys they stuffed in lockers and liberally dispensed swirlies to in high school. Guys that never played or worse, did play but still didn’t get it. It’s no accident that real players don’t seem to be too shocked when they win a game that everyone else said they couldn’t or wouldn’t…
Next, they have to beat their opponent(s). Herb Brooks found the scheme and pushed the buttons, but the Mike Eruziones and obviously Jim Craig between the pipes had to bring their big boy skates to beat The Red Army. Rocky had to first literally survive, then superhumanly willed himself through the punishment until The Cut, when Apollo’s old corner man screamed “He’s just a man!!!” and everyone knew the juiced-up “Superhuman” Russkie was already beaten. His dream was deader than fried chicken. And the Hickory Hoosiers, with “73 boys in the whole school,” had to go on the run of their lives, and flawlessly execute the Picket Fence, all without watching the paint dry…
This is one of those times where you have to believe in the guys that go with you into battle. Like iconic Coach Dale’s last words before the moment of truth, with everything on the line: “I love you guys…”
Go, Pack, GO!!! 
(Kraig Pringle)

A view from the Hill

 I’ve got to stop doing this; doubting Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, I mean.  Granted, they let Jordy Nelson go and “Rodgers to Nelson” promised thrilling football whenever those words were spoken.  Rob Demovsky even wrote about this 2 weeks ago, how in sync Aaron was with Jordy, a flick of his hand a jerk of the head or a twitch of the shoulder and Jordy knew what to do to get open and Aaron was looking for him.
But Jordy became injury-prone (no he didn’t) and he became expendable instead of Cobb.  I never saw the logic of this.  We have Jamal and Aaron as RB’s and Ty could have taken the slot receiver spot, and we would have Jordy and Davante as wide-outs with Jimmy as TE.  That made more sense to me, but what do I know, I just own the team! 
Ok, rant over.  Aaron and the Packers offense sputtered like a 67 Chevy with a serious timing problem last Monday.  There were spots of greatness, but you could tell that with Geronimo Allison and Randall Cobb out of the line-up, Aaron wasn’t comfortable. 
With Aaron being injured and practicing sporadically, it’s very hard to get in sync with receivers.  The fact that the receivers he has except for DaVante are rookies, just exacerbates the problem.  But the Packers made enough plays to keep it close, and then finally in the closing minutes, that Lambeau and Lombardi magic came alive. 
Our Defense, which Beathard had had his way with all evening, pretty much it seemed (even though, in reality it was sputtering like the aforementioned 67 Chevy also), FINALLY got that fabled ONE PLAY.  Cue the ESPN music from NFL Live with Chris Berman.  It’s an INTERCEPTION!  Kevin King was running stride for stride, saw the receivers eyes get big, heard the “aaaah” of the crowd, and turned around.  At least that’s how Kevin described the interception to Larry McCarren.  Now remember, this was after the Packers had stormed down the field as the Titans of the Tundra and tied the game.  The Packers on the ensuing kickoff had a late hit penalty, something Coach McCarthy mentioned almost specifically on his TV show.  3rd and 3:  Magic time!  Ty Montgomery for 14 yards, next play Aaron is sacked!  Unphased on the ensuing play, he stands in the pocket for 5-6 seconds.  No one’s open, but he’s got a running lane as wide open as I-385 (or I-43, since, you know, it’s Wisconsin).  He runs for 21 yards.  He hits Davante, he skips out and stops the clock.  He hits Equanimeous St. Brown, Aaron calls him “EQ”, and gets a big “Green Bay… FIRST DOWN!”  He hits Davante again for another First Down! and who should have to come in and seal the win?  Mason Crosby, who disastrously got the yips in Detroit.  Bisects the uprights like he’s got a laser scalpel.  PACKERS WIN!!
One piece of trivia:  This game saw 3 different Green Bay receivers with over 100 yards.  The last time that happened? 1980!  Larry McCarren was playing for the Green Bay O-line!
Which brings me back to Mason Crosby.  I read the newsletter and thought that Kraig and John let “Mase” off a little easy.  His misses would have made the Motown Debacle a 5 point Packer victory.  I thought for sure McCarthy was going to be auditioning kickers or having J.K. Scott practicing drop kicks (they’re a valid three point play) over the week.  Mike stuck with Mason and basically said, “This is our guy.”  He did the same a few years back as well, but I think that had something to do with the way Mason was being coached to handle kick-offs rather than a real problem.  Detroit at least to me looked different. 
But where was I while all of this drama was unfolding?  Of course, I’m at home watching the last drive, not with my friends and my club, because I’ve got to go to sleep.  I laid out and didn’t go to work Tuesday! 
Like I said, I’ve got to stop doing this.  
Go Pack!  Go!!  
(Ken Hill)