2017 Week 05

Packers 35 Duh Bears 14

The Green Bay Packers coaching staff has a plan.  I know sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, but they do have a plan.  It’s simple:  The first offensive series has to result in a touchdown and it must be a resounding success. 

What this means is that we surprisingly pound the ball and demonstrate Aaron Rodger’s brilliance in the passing game.  What this does is it breaks the other team’s spirits.  Now you might think, “Ken, these are professionals.”  True, but they play a game, they get paid to play, emphasis on the word PLAY.  Making your opponent think they’re beat early makes playing more fun.  Considering it’s the hapless Bears, it’s easy, because Upon Further Review…The Bears Still Suck and for the first time in 84 years are losing the oldest rivalry in the NFL!!

The Packers beat the Bears last Thursday, and I mean beat them.  There was never any doubt, the Packers took the ball on 10 plays 75 yards down the field and dared the Bears to beat them.  It went pretty much the way I said it would, but the Packers defense showcased the inside linebackers can stuff the run.  Clay Matthews became the Packers all-time Sack leader surpassing the incredible KGB!!  It came on the Bears first series a strip sack that Jake Ryan recovered on the 3 yard line.  Randall Cobb caught the short touchdown pass after missing last week’s game with a chest injury.  Then came the Bears…they were driving!  Almost in the red zone, Glennon was feeling good.  His center was feeling good.  So good in fact he thought, “I bet Mike could play quarterback with his legs alone, I’m gonna hike it…NOW!”  Mike Glennon cannot play quarterback with his legs, when you get hit in the legs with the ball, it’s called a fumble, not a forward pass.  Blake Marinez fell on that one to stymie the Bears.  All in all Glennon was pretty ineffective, the strip sack, the knee fumble, and picked twice he went 21 of 33 for 218 yards and did toss 1 touchdown.  I can’t give you a passer rating because Yahoo! can’t hire a decent code writer.  Aaron went 18 of 26 for 178 yards and 4 TD’s, no he was not picked 6 or otherwise. 
Davante caught the first TD.  Since we’re on the subject of Davante, He was hit in the 4th quarter helmet to face mask by Danny Trevathan.  Adams was wrapped up and it was a blatant cheap shot.  Even Aaron was pissed about it and made no bones about it.  Letting anyone in a Chicago uniform know that he was going to make them pay.  Trevathan wasn’t thrown out of the game, the ref said he didn’t see the hit so couldn’t tell the egregiousness of the foul.  He was suspended for 2 games, appealed and will only have to sit for one.  Back to the game analysis.

Randall Cobb caught the short one after the strip sack, and Aaron Jones came off the bench to replace Ty Montgomery who had broken ribs after the first snap of the game but thought he could tough it out.  Then the last snap he had, he heard clicking, so knew it might be a little more serious.  Jamaal Williams came on in relief and wrenched a knee on his 4th carry.  Aaron came on and did an admirable job; 13 carries for 49 yards including a short plunge into the endzone.  After that it was the Jordy Nelson show.  Once again, he balled out!  Or as much as you can when your QB only throws for 178 yards.  Jordy caught 4 passes for 75 yards to lead the receiving corps.  He caught the last 2 touchdowns of the game for the Packers, even though we didn’t need them, but like I said, this was about beating the Bears, not just winning the game. 
In the end, which was actually Friday morning our time, the Bears were beaten on every level.  They were outclassed on Offense, outplayed on defense, and outcoached on game plan level.  The Packers finally played a complete game. Now it’s time to as Coach McCarthy says, stack success.  Remember what you did.  Watch film to see what you can use against the Cryboys, add some new wrinkles.  That’s the plan.
The Packers are FINALLY up on the Bears by one game at 95-94-6, and that hasn’t happened since 1932.  That’s right folks.  It’s taken us 84 years to FINALLY prove that Upon Further Review…The Bears STILL SUCK!!! GO PACK! GO!!!        
(Ken Hill)

Just Sayin’

OK, cue the X-Files music. And let’s all make a trip to Nevada. We are going to Area 51.Let’s look at a few things and you will see my point. The Packers, after week 3, have sustained a season’s worth of injuries. We went into the Chicago game with only one of our starting Offensive Lineman available. Among the available linemen able to play, there were NO actual Tackles. So the starting OL, against the Bears, were the starting Center and 4 Guards. They gave up 2 sacks. Not bad. Not bad at all. Now, there was pressure and Rodgers took some hits and was sacked 2 times. But that was not bad for a patched up Offensive Line. The defense was creating turnovers. There was some good defense all around. Now, let’s go to Area 51 and see if the Packers have been abducted and some sort of alien life forms put in their place; and maybe the coaches as well. How else can one explain the Packers’ play on Thursday night? Oh wait, it was the Bears . . . nevermind.  I had already turned the game off, by the time Adams took the big hit. So as I am looking at highlights of the game on Friday, I saw the hit. I also saw Trevathan apologizing for the hit. He said he had no intention of hurting Adams and that he would reach out to Adams. You know, I don’t think the guy was lying when he said that. However, watching the play, in my opinion, there was no doubt that he came flying in there, lowering his head, targeting Adams. The NFL should do like college football, make a play like that subject to a targeting hit and immediate ejection of the player. Here’s another scenario. The NFL could have a “penalty box”. After a flagrant hit, the player making the flagrant hit goes to the penalty box. He must be willing play. But having multiple broken ribs, I would be surprised to see him dressed out. How a running back can play with broken ribs is beyond me. I had one cracked rib after a bike crash. A couple of days later, I sneezed. I have never been shot, but I can imagine that was what it felt like. So, being an RB in the NFL, and taking a pounding while having broken, or cracked, ribs, would have to be concerning. And if he can’t play, let’s hope that Aaron Jones is the next man up. As much as I liked MM & Capers making adjustments against Cincinnati, McCarthy is to the point of stubborn when the rushing attack is not working. He will stick with the same guy until the game is over unless injury forces his hand. Jones looked to be a better runner than Williams was against Chicago after Montgomery went out. And if Ty can’t go, Jones should get the call. And if Rodgers has decent protection, it appears that the passing game is going pretty good right now. Hopefully, we are close to getting some key guys back, like the OTs and Mike Daniels.
There are certain things I don’t keep up with other than when I hear the announcers talking about it. They were calling the Bears’ OL an underrated line and that the rushing attack was pretty good. If that is the case, our defense played pretty darn good. Dallas is playing below what they did last year, but they will be motivated since we knocked them out of the playoffs last year. But I think we can go down there and let loose with a stampede! ! !

Just Sayin’
(Jimmy Smith)

The Chief’s / GPB Report

 Thanks to the 40 plus Packer fans, including 489 Kelly Wolff’s friend Cory from Green Bay and 431 Jan Zlebek’s token bears fan for hanging with me on what turned out to be a two day event. It started on Thursday ended on Friday with 3 other rabid Packer fans remaining until the very end.
13 door prizes were awarded. I emptied the bucket and aside from the few who left before there name was called, everyone won a prize, here are some of the winners:  488 Peggy Peschel shirt & packer buttons, 455 Brenda Dav-enport a bottle koozie, 481 Jeff Peschel, 221 Barbara Gambrell & 491 Deb York took caps,  438 Karmell Smith socks & a bears frig magnet, 431 Jan Zlebek beer glasses and the other bears frig magnet, 372 Sara Warpinski wanted car mag-nets and 282 Lynn Coleman liked the Packer plaque.
The eventual winner of this weeks Trivia Contest and $25 from our friends at Chief’s was: 438 Karmell Smith.
Once again, only a $1 pool this week. The winners were 369 Don Dandelske (twice), 140 Erich Peschel & 372 .
Cryboy’s next on our schedule in a 4:30 game.  This should be before our bedtimes so I expect  a lot of Packer fans at Chief’s this week to, you know... BLEED GREEN MY FRIENDS! (P J)

Packer’s    vs.    Cryboy’s

 It has been a couple of weeks for the Packers of bad news, good news.  Bad news, you played two games in four days, good news; you won them both, bad news; Jay Cutler’s gone, good news; Mike Glennon isn’t, bad news; half your starters got hurt, good news; we had 10 days to recover.  Most of the injured players, Davante Adams included are practicing to some degree this week.  All in all, this “mini bye-week” has been the medicine the ailing Pack needed.  Ahead of them is two tough road trips against two teams that just don’t like us, but them again neither do we.

First up this week is the self proclaimed  “America’s Team”  the dalass cryboy’s.  When you think of it, maybe they are an encapsulation of the USA with their star running back Ezekiel Elliott, battling it out in federal court over a NFL six game suspension on an alleged abuse charge.  Maybe he should have just hit her helmet to helmet and it would be reduced to only one game, Just sayin’ (sorry Jimmy).
Legal issues aside, the cryboy’s have other problems to address. With a 2-2 record, they looked good against the 2-2 Cardinals, managed to get by at home against the winless 0-4 Giants while losing bad to 3-1 Bronco’s and the 3-1 Rams.  While they have a good offensive line, it did not look good against the Bronco’s and Prescott struggled in both of their loses. Despite all the hype about the tandem of Prescott & Elliott, they are just a middle of the road offense when it come to the NFL ranking.
Where they a hurting the most is on the defensive side.  There they are currently ranked 15th against the run and 18th against the pass.  Good thing we are a passing team.  What make matters worse for the “boy’s” is they have 3 cornerbacks and a safety on the IR list along with starting LB Sean Lee.  Even if Adams doesn’t play, Air-ron should have no problem carving up the defense. Add 2 linemen and another linebacker and we might even get a running game going.

All that said, like most teams (except maybe the Browns & duh bears), they are tough at home.  They also have the bad taste in their mouth of last years playoff loss on the oft played and ESPY play of the year finalist Rodger to Cook completion.  I’m sure the coaching staff (lawyers included) will make a big point of it this week.
The thing the cryboy’s need to guard against is looking forward to their bye-week after the Packer game while the Pack can’t be concerned with the viqueens… yet.
A couple of odd fact to look at for this game; while the cryboy’s are 2-0 at home this year, neither game was against a team with a winning record.  Although the Pack is 0-1 on the road this season, the loss came against a top rated offense, dalass is not one of them.  The cryboy’s have not won a game against a team with a winning record and the Pack has not lost a game to a .500 or worse team.
This will not be an easy game for the Pack and some even calling a Green Bay victory an “upset”, but to be a Superbowl contender, you need to win on the road, over the years, we have proven we can do this.  Having Martinez & Ryan in the middle with perhaps a little Mike Daniels and some “One Hand Perry” on the outside will help to contain Elliott (if he plays) while our offense will force Dax to play catch up, something they are not built to do.  In the end it will be a 30-20 win for the Pack and I can say this with confidence because I support the real “America’s Team” and will always BLEED GREEN MY FRIENDS!
( Packer John)