2017 Week 14

Packers 26 Buc-an-ears 20

Well I did say this was a winnable game without Air-ron, I just didn’t think it would be in overtime.  One would have to go way back to find a game where the QB on the winning side had 13 completions for 84 yards with a QBR of 48.3.
  The only thing making this a respectable outing at all for Hundley was the 66 yards  running the ball, 25 of which came in the OT period.
Another good game from our #3 running back, Jamaal Williams, who ran for 113 yards and when he needed a break in the OT, we slipped in our #2 RB Aaron Jones, who in his only play, ran 20 yards to FINIALLY give the Pack the victory.
In between all this, I got to say I had my doubts.  After a 14 play drive to start the game that resulted in a field goal, the next 4 possessions netted 11 plays, 5 of that was the TD drive started by Kyle Frackell’s blocked punt.  Mr. Lawry’s 62 yard fumble rumble was the only other glimmer of hope we in the first half and then the wheels started to fall off the bus.

Tampa rebounded from the fumble to score a field goal on a 14 play, 5 first downs drive.  Second half we see the Pack going 3 & out, followed by a TB 10 play drive netting only 28 yards (thanks to a 14 yd sack by our boy Dean Lowry).  We responded with our second 3 & out which lead to their 13 play field goal drive.  We took the kickoff and went 3 & out for the third time in a row and they came back with another 12 play, 6 first down TD drive to take the lead.
Then a glimmer of hope arose when we somehow put together a 10 play drive, ending with a field goal on 4th & 1 at the five yard line.  Another glimmer of hope came when Tampa went 3 & out for the only time in the second half and we ended regulation with our fourth 3 & out in the second half.  During the second and third quarters, we had a total of 3 first downs to their 11 and had our offense on the field for 7:33 to their 22:27.
The biggest play of the game?  Was it Frackell’s blocked punt?  Dean Lowry’s fumble rumble?  No, although they were both game changers, they were not the biggest play of the game.  That goes to the coin toss in overtime.  In all likelihood, the winner of the coin toss was going to be the 26-20 winner of the game.  Somehow the Packer not only got lucky there, but with only 77 total yards in the second half, managed to put together a 72 yard drive in OT to change our doubts and frustrations onto cheering.

Good news is Air-ron started practice last Friday as the “scout team” QB.  He will be throwing passes and running that offense without taking any hits.  This doesn’t mean he’s cleared to play.  That decision will come next week from the medical staff.  It is however a good sign.  This week it’s the Browns, who have become a QB killer.  Currently their #1 guy is DeShone Kizer, a rookie from Notre Dame drafted in the second round.  A 50% passer who has 15 INT to his 6 TD.  Beside him in the backfield is Isaiah Crowell who is averaging 50 yards a game.  Along with their unblemished 0-12 record, this week, although tempting, should not be overlooked.  We see this game as a stepping stone for Air-rons return and a playoff run, they see us as their best chance to get to 1-12.  Given the way we played this week, I can see their optimism and as much as I would like to see the Brown beat somebody, just not this week, just not us.  As always, I’m filling up my IV bottle for the game with GB+ blood and have a nurse by my side so I will safely be able to 
Bleed Green My Friends
(Packer John)

Just Sayin’

 I will take a bad looking win over a moral victory loss anytime. The Packers played well against Pittsburgh, but ultimately losing the game. They played crappy against the Buccaneers, but won. I’ll take it. The difference in Brett Hundley in those 2 games is something akin to Jekyll & Hyde. Brett Jekyll played pretty darn good against the Steelers and then Brett Hyde was, at times, hideous, against the Buccaneers. But Brett Hyde came out with a victory whereas Brett Jekyll did not win his game. Seems like one thing Brett Hyde DID do was bring an “earth” potion with him that enabled the Packers to have the really good ground game against Tampa Bay. That would include he himself running the read option.
The defense apparently had their moments They did give up 127 yards rushing and as usual, made the opposing QB look better than he actually is. However, we saw a good pass rush that we haven’t seen in a while. Knocking down Winston 7 times gives one hope that they can keep it going. No one wants to be the first team to lose to Cleveland. So let’s hope that we get the version of Brett Jekyll this week. And he needs to bring his “earth” potion with him as well.
If we win this game, then we are still in the playoff hunt and Rodgers could potentially be back in the lineup against the Panthers. I myself have mixed emotions about that. I would prefer that Rodgers not risk his long term health for the playoffs this year if it is destined to be a “one and done”, or worst yet, “none & done”
... Just Sayin
(Jimmy Smith)

The Chief’s / GPB Report

 The huggin’ and high fivin’ continues!  Sunday saw 54 Packer Backers at Chief’s cheering on our team.  Excitement ran high as we scored…and scored again!  Door prizes went to 110 Bill Bunke and 398 Bill Demuth who chose stocking caps to keep their heads warm and 431 Jan Ziebek who picked socks to keep her feet warm.  Staying warm all over was 415 Chris Shultz who chose a blanket. Salt and pepper shakers went to 445 Sharon Dandelske and the pepper grinder went to 372 Sara Warpinski.  242 Christina Harrison and 369 Don Dandelske chose Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree.  127 Kent Sargent chose some earrings, 186 Karn Bender took home a koozie, 342 Chris Gossett has a decal, and 131 Gerald Schulz has a license plate.  113 Russ Larson and 502 Jeff Durocher each chose new wallets to protect the “green”.
The winner of this week’s trivia contest and $30 in gift cards from our friends at Chief’s was 372 Sara Warpinski.
We ran both a $.50 and a $1 pool this week.  Winners of the $.50 pool were 373 Candace Curran, 431 Jan Ziebek (twice), and 127 Kent Sargent.  Winners of the dollar pool were 369 Don Dandelske, 242 Christina Harrison (twice), and 341 Kathie Gossett.
Let’s keep this huggin’ and high fivin’ trend going at Chief’s for our 1:00 game against the Browns.  I hope we see many more fans joining us as we cheer and encourage our team on to another victory!  Be courageous! 
(Marge 328)

 Packers      vs.     Brown’s

As I write this I’m listening to the melodious voices of the ‘90’s trio Wilson Phillips’ power ballad, “Hold On”.  That’s the theme for this week’s game.  Just Hold On for one more day and things’ll go your way.  Hold On for one more day!!
If we win this Sunday, the guy we have leading the scout team will become our starting QB!  Normally, when you say that, you’ve clearly been smoking something that’s currently legal in 5 states, and medically speaking about 15 more, but you still can’t do it and play for the Denver Broncos.   But when the guy leading the scout team is named Aaron Charles Rodgers, then you can see my point.  If we win, we go to 7 and 6, if we win, we still have a chance to get to the playoffs.  If we win, we have something to play for and Aaron comes back.  Even if we win, I still think Dom Capers better work on his resume!
Winning can cover up a lot of flaws on your team.  Obviously, it’s a game of points and if you have the best quarterback in the NFL playing for your team, normally you will score more points than your opponent and that doesn’t expose your weak defense. 
What followed was a three paragraph rant about how Dom Capers is a mess and how Kevin Greene should have been offered the DC coordinator job instead of let him go back in 2014, but this is supposed to be about the Browns vs. Packers. 
Overreaction Monday said it’s an overreaction that the Packers can get into the playoffs.  Granted, they’ll need help.  They asked will the Packers beat the Browns.  One of the guys said, “Of course!”  The other guy was, “Not so fast…”
He said DeShone Kizer is playing better than before.  He’s definitely playing better than our current guy.  He went 15 of 32 for 215 yards, rushed 5 times for 46 yards, and 1 TD throw.  Unfortunately he had a pick, was sacked 3 times and lost a fumble.  He finished with a passer rating of 66.5  Our guy went 13 of 22 for 84 yards, 1 int, 2 sacks, no TD passes,  rushed 7 times for 66 yards.  His final passer rating was 48.3.  

I don’t blame Hundley for this.  I blame McCarthy.  Let this guy run some bootlegs to get out of the pocket so Jordy and DaVante can get down the field!  It worked pretty good for the other guy named Brett!  We have a mobile quarterback, possibly more mobile than Aaron, give him a few option plays to pull the safety down, have Jordy do a double move, and 7 points go up on the board!
Clevelands Defense held the Chargers to 4 field goals and a touchdown.  Melvin Gordon did ok rushing (19 for 77 yards).  It was the prolific attack of Phillip Rivers that let San Diego win despite only 1 TD for the game.  He had 344 yards through the air.   Despite Hundley shooting out the lights against Pittsburgh, he clearly regressed versus Tampa. 
What it comes down to is, will McCarthy take the lid off the offense and let Brett take some shots?  Can our offensive line hold up so Brett has time to find the open receiver?  Will Jamaal Williams have another 100+ (he had 116) yard game?  Can we please let Aaron…JONES!! rush more than once a game? 
In short this it going to be trench warfare.  We have 2 skittish QBs that no one really has a handle on.  One is winless, the other seems to forget how to win.  Who you got??  I’m betting on the guys with the big “G”s on their helmets.  It’s not going to be all on Hundley, but if Mike wanted to prove he’s a “reasonably successful coach in the NFL” he better let the Titans of the Tundra RISE!! 
(Ken Hill)

Updates from the Game

Larry Schliz #324 with his son Jeff in the background, Wayne Hanson #463 photographer and his wife, Sara (in the forefront) enjoying  the  Battle  of  the Bays last Sunday at Lambeau.
Mean Gene's Machine... Eat your heart out Victor!

What we miss because the networks don’t televise the opening of the games any more.  This is my sister’s father-in-law Mean Gene giving the game-ball to the head umpire.  (Packer John)