2019 Week 12

Packers vs Santa Clara 

It’s a great opportunity…you don’t want it to go down the gutter” - S Adrian Amos on the team’s position going into SF
“The way we look at it, were going to have to win there one time…It’d be nice to get it done this week” - QB Aaron Rodgers on the likely playoff picture
“Remember, I hold the power to take you at any time from the Packer Bits to the Obit's”-Leaked from an internal Packer ‘Bits memorandum purported to be from “The Editor” men-acingly threatening unknown staff writer(s)

I heard the loud oaken “BANG” at about the same time I heard an anguished “Mister PRIN-GLE!?!” I looked up from working a preliminary draft of this very article at a very agitated (translate: Pissed Off) Circuit Court Judge. Amid the subtle smirks of my colleagues, I promptly stood, adjusted my tie, and said “My apologies, Your Honor. I have nothing further…”
This is but one example of the perils of trying to hold down an everyday “real” job while satisfying the ever-starving two-headed beast known as “The Editor” and the Packer ‘Bits machine, which continues to churn out delicacies to be dined upon by an understandably hungry Readership who are blissfully clueless to the mental and physical anguish being perpetrated behind the scenes. They just want their all-so-tasty bratwursts, they don’t want to know how they were made
Again, thanks to you all for not outing me as The Whistle-blower. I knew I could count on you all, even those who would love to see me go down. It’s just too damn important that I continue my work. The Editor and his minions have tried so many times to drum me out of The Program. I remember thinking more than once that “this must be what it’s like in Aviator Candidate School.” They put me through it all, but in casting me into their obscene abyss, I found an unknown inner strength. I knew then and there, I would never “D.O.R…”
This just in: If you come to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. I love the idea. Can I get a giant sunflower to cover the helo-pad-sized bald spot that keeps growing on the top of my head? Warning (And I actually told my wife this): If it gets bad enough, I won’t go with a Costanza. I’ll shave it ALL off, stay tan, get a big gold loop earring and go as Mr. Clean every day for the rest of my life…
I loved our family trip to San Francisco four years ago. We hit all the must-go-to spots, saw the crucial must-see sites, and chalked it up to an all-timer for all of us. History, beauty, culture, landmarks. A definite Bucket-lister…
There were problems which mostly escaped the scope and spots of our trip. I knew at the time, and certainly know now, that for all its greatness, San Francisco is also a cesspool. The days of flower children in Volkswagen buses have given way to designer drug-vaped techies in Priuses and electrics, soon to be driverless. Free Love has given way to Free Needles and Free Gender Alteration Surgery (you can even pick from over 100 “Genders”). Politically Correct insanity has created a homeless presence that draws members from across the country. It’s true irony to see gangs of techies and Antifa battling brigades of homeless in the streets. I guess PC and hyper-liberal sentiment ends at approximately one’s front yard…
Good thing the 49ers don’t play there. They are down the Interstate a bit in Santa Clara. We had an Uber driver who lived there after he was forced out of his San Francisco apartment when his rent went from roughly $900/mo to $4700/mo, yet contrarily and ironically told us “no one lives in San Francisco anymore…”
Whether SF or SC, neither has ever been a “Sanctuary City” for the Packers. I tend to think of the other NFL teams through a “Packer Prism,” ie in terms of their history and interplay vis a vis the Packers. It starts with the Packers. It ends with the Packers. It is always about the Packers. And names like T.O. and Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers have forever stained my memory…
Let’s talk the here and now of this game. It is by far the biggest game of the year for both teams. We are at the point where every game moving forward will be the “biggest game of the season.” It’s apparently a huge game for everyone, as arguably the two top teams in the NFC have been flexed to Sunday evening. I have said before that bye weeks suck. However, in this instance, for the team and from a football stance, it was fantastic timing. We are apparently at as full strength as can be expected at any time in an NFL campaign. That includes guys like Bakhtiari, Davante, and Savage. Conversely, the 49ers are possibly missing several key players on both sides of the ball.

QB Jimmy Garappolo is the epitome of inconsistent, but expect him to play out of his mind ala “Kissin’” Cousins in the Claymaker Controversy game last year. He has had five games with a QBR over 100, and five games under 100. On the other side, I keep hearing that Rodgers will be working against “the best secondary in the NFL,” but they got torched by Arizona last week and when healthy, I like our secondary better.
There are three (3) additional factors to consider that few have mentioned, if at all.  First, the bye week got us healthy, but it also allowed the defense an extra week of “Heavy Pettine” as “foreplay” preparing for the 49ers offense. Additionally, this is a home-coming of sorts for Rodgers, who grew up in the area, went to junior college there, and ultimately graduated to and from California. The year he was drafted, San Francisco used the first pick in the draft on Alex Smith of Utah, passing Rodgers into history and his ultimate destiny in Green Bay. He was embarrassed and humiliated; it was his dream to play for the 49ers. He famously holds a grudge, and even though it’s been a number of years and a lot of water under the bridge, I believe he still has a special gear and place that is still there, and hopefully we’ll see that this weekend.
Finally, ‘Niners DE Joey Bosa was on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Won’t the “SI Cover Jinx” turn the 49ers gold rush into Fool’s Gold? A win for the Packers means a 99% chance at the playoffs, and 70% chance at a first-round bye…
Check out the list at the end of the newsletter of all-time Packers for each jersey number over the history of the NFL’s greatest franchise. I’m going to hit that in greater depth next week…
Finally, to quote just one of the Oscar-awarded films found in this article, by the immortal Skinny Black: “Everybody’s gotta have a dream.” Not like the mini-movies that play in our heads every night. More like Martin Luther King Had a Dream. We all have a dream: Childhood dreams, teenage dreams, impossible dreams, and broken dreams. Dreams of all sizes, short, tall, big and small. We might dream of riches, true love, fame, or that the Packers will find a consistent punt and kickoff returner. And for someone out there, this might be your dream:
You are a “Puget Sound Deb,” a young, next-door pretty blue-collar factory worker who has always dreamed of snagging a handsome Naval Officer from the local base, escaping your drab life, and living happily ever after. While halfway through your shift punch-pressing widgets, you look up in total shock as a tall, handsome Officer who looks like, say, a young Jerry Kramer’s identical twin in flawlessly clean and crisp dress whites smiles at you, scoops you up like you’re crossing the threshold, and carries you out of the factory and into your fabulous new life, with all your friends and coworkers giving you a standing ovation…What a crazy dream! But someone’s gotta have it, and it resonates with someone out there, and as such, they know who they are…
A win at Santa Clara will put the Packers Up Where They Belong. Like, where the eagles cry on a mountain high… 
Go, Pack, GO!!!
(Kraig Pringle)

Just Sayin’

 Unlike Ken, Kraig and myself, who write two weeks on and two weeks off (a perk that seems to be lost by Mr. Pringle and his sweetshop version of the Bit’s), Biker Jimmy faithfully writes every week.  So this week, I gave him a week of “Vet Rest” so he can recover from a case of “keyboard cramps’.
Jimmy will be back next week, until then, maybe this open space will give somebody pause on joining our staff of twisted, demented writers… 
Just Sayin’
(Packer John)


Since there was no game last Sunday and so nothing to report, I’m giving Marge the week off, but don’t worry, she’ll be back next week.
So let me take this time to catch you up on where we are as a club.  As I mentioned last week, membership is way up from the previous years.  We have had an increase  of 44 members, including 24 new members and 6 members that haven’t renewed from as far back as 2011.  A large part of this is our new home, Spare-Time.  With the elbow room we now have and a family friendly (not to mention Packer Friendly) atmosphere, the joy of  coming down to the game has returned.  Steve (the one wearing the cheese-n-Brat necklace) is willing to do whatever it take to create a Packer game day experience, including the return of  noise makers and or own drinking mugs.
There was an increase in the beginning of the season with club participation from our members, however, this participation has slowly decreased as the season progresses.  I mentioned at the end of last year I wanted to decrease my direct involvement with the club but as I look today, it is not much different than it was a year ago.  To those that have stepped up to help, THANK YOU and please continue.
Here are ways you can help during the week as well as game day: 
Books and office updates.  This involves updating our Access program with new and renewing members, printing new roster sheets and nametags.  Also depositing the money into an account so it can be transferred into our PayPal account. 
Search for and buy prizes.  This involves looking for dally deals from 5-6 websites and buying at the most advan-tageous time, paying for it through our PayPal account.  It also means storing the prizes and packing up the prize bags for gameday.  It goes without saying the books and prizes need to be someone we can trust with the clubs money.
Be MC on the mic for game day.  Several of you have stepped in to help and I believe you have all done a great job.  To those that haven’t tried it, it’s not that hard and for the most part, I will be there to make sure you don’t die.
Help with the Office.  This is what we call the table where you sign up for prizes and pools.  Marge 328 and Linda are anchors in this spot and will be there for most games, but, there will be times that one or both have other obligations.  The biggest times help is needed is the beginning of the season (Linda signed up 37 people in week 2) and the end of the season when we start the renewals and the new member specials for next year.  Helping now gives you a chance to learn without trial by fire.
Set up. This  includes arriving an hour prior to the game to display both the door and new member prizes and hang our flags and banners.  Although showing up unexpected is appreciated, we would much rather you tell us in advance.  That way we will be sure to make it worth your while. 
Pack up.  This takes less than 5 minutes of your time immed-iately after the game re-packing the prizes, flags and banners.  You’re there already and it would mean a great deal to me.  Please let us know during the game and we can tell you right then what you can do after the game to help.
We are the Greenville Packer Backers, not Packer John & Friends.  I truly believe we are THE best Packer Fan Club in the country, BUT, it needs more than a handful of folks to stay that way.  The more the help, the smaller the load.
Above is the Gameday schedule.  If you have and interest with the mid-week activities, contact or talk to me directly.  Please carefully consider helping where you can.  We are all part of the Packer Family and as such we all 
Bleed Breen My Friends!
(Packer John 106)


Please help me in giving a great big Welcome Back to Milwaukee resident and long distance club member 542 Kathie Mervyn. She will be joining us for the game Sunday. Stop by her sister 221 Barbara Gambrell’s table and Welcome her back! 
For all of those who haven’t sent in your birthdays, anniversaries, or other shout outs please email them to: