2017 Week 11

Packers 23 duh Bears 16

What a difference a win makes! It’s been doom and gloom for weeks, and that very well may continue, at least for a while. But beating Shitcago to hiccup this slide was a great feeling. Like a drowning man thrown a life preserver, just a bit out of reach. But it seems at least we have a shot to swim toward it and maybe even grab it!

False hope? Foolish dreams coming from desperate Miserables? Or just evidence of the eternal faith of the Bleedgreeners, and even the Greenbleeders? Against Chi-cago, Brett Hundley looked like at least the second-best Brett to QB the franchise. He was NFL-solid, no INTs, made some big throws to Devante Adams late in the game, although he’s still late on too many attempts. Aaron is practicing and can start throwing soon. Can we hold on long enough?
The defense obviously looked better. How could it get much worse? This just in: Run lotsa screens against the Packers! On Sunday, Nick Perry looked like he was trying to earn that huge contract, with three sacks and three tackles for loss. Blake Martinez just keeps racking up tackles, and he was instrumental in shutting down the electric Jordan Howard (Indiana University) with just 54 yards. Mike Daniels is being Mike Daniels. Kenny Clark looks like an unblockable mutant out there, and Dean Lowry is coming on. Maybe just enough to somewhat offset the sorry joke that is our current secondary. Or, it may have been as simple as playing against a rookie QB in Trubisky, and the Bears just being duh Bears…

The special teams was, once again, doing everything they could to destroy our chances. Davis fields a punt in the end zone…Two returns killed by penalty, including a 44-yard scamper by Davis…botched FG attempt. Is it me, or has the field goal unit been shaky all season? Certainly a silly way to kill yourself. A bullet to the head would be much quicker, and a lot less painful.
A bright spot was the running game. Despite losing Aaron Jones for the next several weeks as well as Ty Montgomery, the team rushed for 160 yards on 37 carries, a solid 4.3 ypc. Not Badger numbers, but solid and moving the chains, and obviously helping Hundley and keeping the defense off the field. The Pack ran on first down eight of ten times, and ran 17 times to eight passes in the last 25 plays of the game. So maybe the idea of cutting Hundley loose a little, yet obviously pounding the ball more than with Rodgers, is the “Ancient Chinese Secret” that will not only enable a playoff shot, but also explains how my shirts come back so clean and white!

Post Script #1: Did anyone notice Randall Cobb getting caught from behind by a linebacker on a slant that could’ve gone to the house? Interesting, in a bad way…
Post Script #2: The reaction by John Fox when he realized he should’ve tucked his little red flag before giving us the ball at the twenty yard line on that monumental play which went from a seemingly sure Bears TD to touchback for the Packers…Priceless.

Post Script#3: Happy Trails to two former Packers who got cut this week: Jared Abbrederis, a sentimental favorite cut by Detroit, and Jerel Worthy, the second-round pick who totally busted, by Buffalo. Maybe Buffalo could also release some of their fans so we can pick them up and outnumber them at Chiefs once again…
Post Script #4: I get the “Lombardi Avenue” blog every day. These guys are all over the place with their insights and predictions. They recently released their Top Ten All-Time Packer QBS, as follows:  (10) Scott Hunter (15-11-3 as starter, took Packers to 1972 Division title during some dark days for the franchise); (9) Zeke Bratkowski (Starr’s longtime backup and himself a huge winner); (8) Cecil Isbell (1939 NFL Championship), 1930’s All-Decade Team, led the league in both yards and TDs in 1941, 1942); (7) Arnie Herber (Green Bay West HS, was the Packers’ handyman until Curly Lambeau recruited him to play for the team, won four Champion-ships); (6) Tobin Rote (led the team in rushing and passing three times); (5) Don “Majik Man” Majkowski (1989 MVP candidate with 4318 yards and 27 TD, monster numbers for that time); (4) Lynn Dickey. This is where it got interesting…any Packers fan could identify the top three. But in what order? L.A. says (3) Bart Starr (without question the greatest winner); (2) Aaron Rodgers; and (1) Brett Favre.
I personally would say (1) Starr, given the winning, consistency, and character. I would love to eventually say Aaron Rodgers, and maybe one day we’ll be able to call him The Greatest. But a lot of good things need to happen… Go, Pack, GO!!!
(Kraig Pringle)

Just Sayin’

 It seems as though my piece last week was rather negative. I won’t apologize for that because the negative feeling has not completely gone away. Yes, I am glad Brett Hundley got his first victory as a starter. And the defense sure upped their play against the Bears. I don’t suppose Mike McCarthy reads anything that any fan says about him. I imagine he goes about his job to the best of his abilities. And while I did not get to see the game, the highlights looked as though there was a good gameplan laid out for Hundley. I also have got to believe that Hundley is getting more comfortable with running the offense and the additional practice during the week with the starters is contributing to his better play. But that sneaky pessimism is still there with the conditioning staff being kind of below average. Hundley is now among the Packers with hamstring issues.
I wonder what Vince Lombardi would say with all these hamstring issues, maybe “what the heck is going on out there?. And again, we lose a running back. Jamaal Williams was the NEXT MAN UP and was up to the task this time. It appears that the staff is getting Devante Mays ready to play as well. Looks like the defense finally showed up for the first time in several weeks. We will find out Sunday if this was an anomaly, or a turnaround for the defense and Dom Capers. Maybe Dom is thinking his job is in jeopardy and that he needs to start coaching, for real. You know, I have no illusions for a Super Bowl title. And after Rodgers went down, this team was exposed as a pretender, not a contender. I still think that is primarily due to the coaching staff since I think the roster has some talented players. Maybe not a lot of Pro Bowl type players, but some good ones. I do have to give the man-agement some kudos on one thing. A team is allowed to put players on IR. Of all the players placed on IR, only 2 can be brought back to the active roster during the season. We have already brought Jason Spriggs back, which leaves only 1 left to return. When the Packers placed Brett Goode on IR in September, they then reached an injury settlement with him and released him. He was signed this week to return as the long snapper. So we have our trusted LS back without bringing him back off IR.OK, time for some plucking to get to on Sunday… 
Just Sayin” 
(Jimmy Smith)

The Chief’s / GPB Report

The 1:00 game finally drew some Packer Fans out of their house (70) and down to Chief’s to see the Pack take a 2 game series lead again duh bears.  It was good to see some Packer fans I haven’t seen for awhile.  I hope the trend continues.Mid-season means one thing… prizes, prizes and still more prizes.  First there was the usual 15 door prizes with some of those winners being: 263 Pat Zumbach & 131 Gerald Schultz new stocking caps, 173 Chris McCarragher winter gloves. Both 120 Neil Petersen & 288 Edward Bressman liked the license plates while 221 Barb Gambrell preferred the license plates frame.  290 Don Jordan took the new welcome plaque and 445 Sharon Dandelske & 287 Perri Bressman grabbed the new Christmas ornaments.Then there was the special mid-season prizes, 7 in all.  From our friends at Chief’s was a cooler won by 502 Jeff Durocher, and $10 gift cards won by:  474 Jim Comensoli 369 Don Dan-delske, 110 Bill Bunke &  341 Kathie Gossett.  On the Club side the men’s watch won by 123 Kraig Pringle, 221 Barb Gambrell won the women’s watch and the toaster went to 288 Edward Bressman. Winner of the this weeks Trivia contest and a $25 gift card from our friends at Chief’s was: 502 Jeff Durocher Two pools to report this week.  On the Dollar board, the winners were: 120 Neil Petersen, 127 Kent Sargent & 369 Don Dandelske (twice).   On the 50¢ pool the winner were: 221 Barb Gambrell, 127 Kent Sargent & 328 Marge Bramlett (twice).One new (and happy) member to report.  Let’s welcome502  Jeff Durocher.Ravens are in town this weekend to play a 1:00 game and Chief’s is the place for Packer fans to watch the game.  Hope to see all y’all there where like all true Packer fans we will Bleed Green My Friends.  (Packer John)

Packers      vs.      Ravens

 Well last weeks win over duh bears gave us hope that the water in the boat came from a few big waves crashing over the bow and not a hole in the bottom of the boat, but then again… it was duh bears.  It was our #15 offense in points scored vs. duh bears #12 in fewest points allowed and duh bears #28 in points scored vs. our #17 in fewest points allowed.  

This week against the ravens, our competition is a little stouter with their # 19 scoring offense and the #7 in fewest points allowed.  This will be one of the last of our home games this season so we do have the Lambeau factor in our favor.  Another factor in all of this is they are coming off a bye week so it will remain to be seen if they are rested or rusty.
I have guarded optimism for our Packers.  Yes Hundley played well, but like I said before, it was duh bears and now he has a hamstring problem.  How much of a problem that is remains to be seen (warm up Joe Callahan).  Our running game has improved over the last few weeks but most of it was Arron Jones, who now has a knee injury.  Joining him on that list is Ty and his ribs.  Neither has practiced this week so their impact on Sunday is in doubt.  This leaves our rejuvenated running game in the hands of Jamaal Williams & Devante Mays.  Williams did okay in relief last Sunday but did have a knee issue in week 5 while Mays remains virtually untested. 
My biggest concern on offense is our line.  Justin McCray is up to “limited” practice this week, Luca Patrick hurt his back in Wednesday’s practice and Bryan Bulaga is “unofficially” on the IR for the season.  Taking their place are rookies Lucas Patrick and Adam Pankey and free agent Ulrick John.  Patrick & John have played some in the last two games and Pankey has yet to see the field.  Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, Evans & John have played well together but one injury away from the unknown.
Defense finally showed up last week forcing their punter out on the field several times.  In fact duh bears were 3 of 14 on third down and 0 for 1 on fourth down, including 4 3 & outs where Chicago had a grand total of minus 10 yards.  There is hope but, then again… it was duh bears.  Their biggest problem is keeping players like Perry and Burnett from killing them-selves on the field; both have been perennial players on the IR list all season.  I did see the defense play more aggressive, perhaps Capers was fitted with a new pair last week; let’s hope he wearing them this Sunday.  I would much rather see us play an in your face defense and give up a big play or two then watch them give up those 12 play drives that end in a score.  Give me their punter or give me death.
Over the last few weeks, or kicking game has been more of a folly than usual.  Most has to do with loosing our long snappers Goode and then Pepper to injuries and bringing in rookie Derek Hart, who's first pitch in the NFL was low and outside.  In a slight of hand IR magic trick, we were able to bring back Brett Goode without having to designate him from the IR list.  Let hope Goode can make it all better.
Ravens sat at home last week watching the Packer/bear game.  We will find out Sunday whether they learned anything from it.  The bye has brought their IR list down to 7 with Jimmy Smith and Ronnie Stanley the only starters on the list and also includes their main punt returner, Micheal Campanaro.  The main difference we will see this week will be at QB.  Joe Flacco may not be an “elite” QB but he definitely has more experience than Trubisky.

There is no denying we are not the same team without Air-ron but most teams can say that.  There seems to be a rash of QB injuries this year so maybe the winner of the super bowl will be the only team who still has their starting QB on the field.  When it comes down to it, the Pack and the Ravens are similar teams in similar positions.  Maybe it will come down to the Lambeau factor.  Let’s hope the fans are as loud and proud as if we were undefeated and let the words of Bart Starr (see Packer Tidbits) ring true.  The Packers and I may be on on an IV but we still 
Bleed Green My Friends! 
(Packer John)