2017 Week 12

Packers 00 Ravens 23

I trust everyone had a good Thanksgiving; ours was quite one with only our youngest and his girl friend making the drive up the mountain for a turkey dinner.  Good news is we were able to sit on our deck, yea!

After last week’s game, I mentioned to several people this was the worst Packer game I ever saw, which got me to thinking, what was I comparing it to?
Dateline: 12th, December, 1982, Lambeau Field;  the year of the player strike.  I went to the game against the Lyins with my Brother-In-Law Dave; mainly because nobody else wanted to go with him.  It was a typical cold Lambeau game, starting with of course the tailgating; consisting of Harvey Wallbanger’s with pickles and string cheese followed by beer & brats.  When we had our insides all warmed up, we headed into the stadium dressed in our parkas, ski-mask, moon boots & snow-mobile glove, looking a lot like Randy from Christmas Story, ready to brave the cold of December game. 
The game itself was colder than the aluminum benches we were sitting on.  Neither team played well.  Lyins QB Gary Danielson had a QBR of 34.6 while Lynn Dickey’s QBR was 5.7 and David Whiteherst top them all with 44.5.  It was a game where we gave up 9 sacks, 5 INT’s, punted 8 times and was 23-0 at halftime. 

Dashed was any hope of a “comeback” when the second half kick-off was returned by Alvin Hall for a TD.  This in turn caused the guy behind me to spill his beer on me, removing any heat I may have carried over from our tailgating session.  Packers later scored a field-goal and seeing that a shutout was averted, headed out to the confines of a warm bar to drown our sorrows.
Then the raven’s come into Lambeau.  A game where we gave up 6 sacks for 49 yards, 3 INT’s and 2 fumbles; a game where Hundley’s QBR was 43.6.  So why was this worst then the Lyins game?  After all, there was no cold weather, no aluminum benches, no spilled beer and no reason to drive to a bar to drown our sorrows, we were already there at Chief’s.
Are we spoiled?  Are we expecting too much from the other Brett?  Here are a few fun facts.  As starters in their first four games, Brett the first was 1 & 3 while Air-ron went 2 & 2.  Brett the 2nd is 1 & 3.  The difference comes in games before a shutout.  There Favre made it 238 games, Air-ron is clean through 142 games while Hundley made it to 4.  Most disturbing is McCarthy’s staunch belief in him.  I see a QB that is slow in his reads and hesitant in his decisions; he’s playing like the game is too fast for him.  Maybe it’s the hamstring but with his name off the injury list this week, Sunday will answer that question.  In his defense, he did have one 10 play drive.  It netted 3 first downs and 14 total yards.

This was a game, no matter how much you want to blame Capers for the loss, can not be put on the defense.  They forced them to punt 7 times, had one INT, held the raven’s to 3 of 14 on third down and 1 of 3 in the red zone and held them to 13 pts on 5 turnovers, the only TD coming on turnover #5, 1 play, 3 yards with 2 minutes left in the game.
I guess I still haven't answered the question, what made this one the worst?  The answer is in the end of the game.  What I didn’t tell you and what I didn’t see from the warm dry bar back in 1982 was that the final score of that game was 30-10.  Late in the 4th quarter, the Pack did score a TD, fighting until the end.  Last Sunday, I watched a team facing a shut out and 2 minutes left in the game try to run the clock out (and even failed at that).  Old #4 would have thrown it to the end, even if it meant 3 more INT’s.  Air-ron had enough time to score twice.  We didn’t try or even bring in Joe Callahan.  Would Joe have made a difference?  Would Colon, RGIII, Romo make a difference?  Cutler? (who has completed more passes to Packer receivers then Brett II) We will never know.  All I know is, right now, Hundley is not an NFL quarterback and Master Mind Mike is content with that... and that my fellow Packer fans, is what is making me 
Bleed Green My Friends. 
(Packer John)

Just Sayin’

Do not mistake pessimism for aggravation or frustration. This is beyond pessimism. Remember when I mentioned 2 or 3 weeks ago the statement that McCarthy said last year when he was under fire, “I’m a highly successful NFL coach”? Well, Mike McCarthy, how successful are you without Aaron Rodgers? The Ravens loss, in my opinion, goes about 80% on Mr. Wizard and about 20% on Brett Hundley. How do I explain that? McCarthy didn’t throw the stupid interceptions. He didn’t fumble. Hundley himself was responsible for 4 of the 5 turnovers. I am blaming Mr. Wizard for the “ingenious” play calling he is known for. The talking heads on TV always talk about what a great play caller he is. The same talking heads are doing crack, or something else. I’m sorry; I just don’t see what they are talking about. Where are the screen passes that Green Bay used to run as well as any team in the league? Where are the quick slants or quick passes that could get first downs? They got canned. It seems like most every pass play called by the genius is a play that takes a long, long time to develop. And I am sure most everyone reading this, has at some point read articles about how predictable the Packers offense is. And I am now beginning to wonder if any team in the NFL could win consistently with such plays. Certainly not the Packers.
If there were a CWC (Cringe Worthy Coaching) award given out weekly, Mike McCarthy would certainly be in contention most every week lately. He would have won it hands down for the Ravens game. And while some fans will be clamoring for Joe Callahan to start this week, unless the offensive schemes were altered, I don’t see any QB in the football world being able to overcome the ineptness of the Green Bay coaching staff. (And for what it’s worth, I would like to see Callahan start this week as well.) The offense is so predictable, and has been since we won the Super Bowl in 2010, it would make NO difference who was at QB, the offense would struggle.
Now, while the offense was out on the field going through the motions, you know, the same old motions that they go through every week, the defense played pretty decent. They gave up 23 points. But the last TD they gave up was when Hundley gave the Ravens the ball in the red zone and the Ravens scored with 5 seconds left. They held the Ravens to FGs on most of the drives. They did get some pressure on Flacco a few times, and made some stops when they needed to.
For what it’s worth, I have actually written Mark Murphy a letter and mailed it. I’ll let you know if he takes my opinion to heart. LOL !!! Just Sayin 
(Jimmy Smith)

The Chief’s / GPB Report

This 1:00 game saw 35 faithful coming out to cheer on our Pack through the thin as well as the thick. 
A wide variety of door prizes were chosen this week.  220 Jimmy Smith chose a key chain, and 123 Kraig Pringle now is the proud possessor of a Packer plaque.  156 Phil Bender has a night light to brighten his path, and 473 Tiera Steliga has a teddy bear to hug.  342 Kathis Gossett chose a trailer hitch cover and 452 Diana Kopelson will keep her beverages cold with a bottle koozie.  262 Tom Zumbach chose a hat and 463 Wayne Hansen will keep his head warm with a stocking cap.  The holidays were on the minds of 445 Sharon Dandelske who chose a Christmas stocking and 186 Karn Bender who took home wrapping paper. 
The winner of this week’s trivia contest and a $25 gift card from our friends at Chief’s was: 131 Gerald Schultz.
Two pools to report this week with some very happy winners! On the Dollar board winners were 369 Don Dandelske, 341 kathie Gossett and 106 Packer John Wieloch (twice).  The Fifty cent pool went to 369 Don Dandelske, the club (who completed the squares remaining on the board), and 106 Packer John Wieloch (twice)
The Pack travels to Pittsburgh for a late game (8:30) Sunday night against the Stealers.  Here’s hoping we can “steal” this game.  We hope to see the Packer Backer faithful at Chief’s to cheer on our team, and with all Packer fans.
(Marge Bramlett)

Packers     vs.     Stealer’s

After we got Freddied in the Nightmare on Ravens’ Street, it was a dismal feeling for each and every soldier in Packer Army. At (5-5) and hitting the road this week for (used to be) Steel Town, it’s tough to find positives at the moment. Further, the postgame press conferences haven’t exactly stimulated hope or confidence going forward. I understand “Coachspeak,” but we’re not only getting the typical talking-without-actually-saying-anything. They’re also either flat-out lying to us or they are truly more bat-shit crazy than my mother in law, who’s up there with the furthest-out Kool-Aid drinkers a la Jonestown, Guyana circa 1978…
The nonsense being spewed makes all of the suffering much, much worse. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear the unvarnished truth? The Good, the Bad, and the Vikings? Then it hit me! There is one perfect place, actually not so much a place as an idea, where such injustice is never tolerated…Off we go, into the wild Packhalla yonder!
Now let’s start the press conference, where Coach McCarthy, Ted Thompson, and Aaron Rodgers are all at the podium. Also where the mere SNAP! of my finger will bring out the truth like Wonder Woman’s lasso. Observe…
Q: “Coach, how do you feel about the progress of Brett Hundley?” McCarthy: “Well, Brett’s our guy. I’ve said it all along, and I’m a very successful football coach. He has the makeup and the tools to be an elite…” (SNAP!) “…Let’s be real. He’s a good kid and everything, but he’s sucked. I thought he was maybe the worst I’ve seen against Baltimore. Made Tebow look like Johnny U. There was the Chicago game, but they suck even worse than we do. The truth is, I’ve got no clue what to do right now. I’m lost without Aaron. You guys all call me a genius, but I only call like 5 plays, and Aaron does the rest. Easy. I was wrong about Hundley, but there’s enough shade on Ted being such a tight-ass that I’m still hoping everyone will forget.”
Q: “Ted, what is the organization’s plan moving forward? What approach will you take this offseason?” Thompson: “As an organization, we are always looking forward. We have a comprehensive system in place, with quality people in every link of the chain. ‘A Thousand Points of Light,’ if you will. We will build…” (SNAP!) “…I have no damn clue! I hit the lottery when Aaron fell into our laps back in ’05! Since then, I’ve drafted more busts than a barn full of Dolly Parton clones, and I’ve basically signed no one to put us over the top since Custer was a corporal. Thank God I’ve hit some on late-round picks and we somehow get at least mediocre production out of all the castoffs we’ve brought in. I’ve been more wrong than right, but with Aaron, I don’t have to do anything. He can get us quite a way with nothing around him, so let’s keep up the good work!”
Q: “Aaron, any thoughts?” Rodgers: “RELAX…It’s a long season, and a lot can happen. Everybody’s working hard to…” (SNAP!) “…This is total and complete bullshit! The playcalling sucks, whether I’m playing or not. It’s cool that everyone knows I’m The Man and everything, but come on…I was 27 when we won it, now I’m 33 and have been beaten like a piƱata. I don’t think Ted will ever bring in the help we need. I’m running out of time. This is gonna go down as the biggest waste of QB talent in history. I love it here, but if we’re not going to get down and go for it, let me go somewhere I can wear shorts.”
I read that the “Bavarian Bierhaus” in Milwaukee has a promotion where everyone gets free beer until the Packers score. Typically, a cute little promotion with the typical Packer offense. Not against Baltimore…they gave away 300 free beers while they waited for this juggernaut to crack the scoreboard…
they’re still waiting…
Maybe the club should head there for the Pittsburgh game…we’re liable to get good and buzzy-loose, for a good while, without having to reach in our pockets… Go, Pack, GO!!!
(Kraig Pringle)