2020 Week 17

Packers 35 Duh Bears 16

Author’s Note:  This may have a “Just Sayin’” flavor to it, sorry Jimmy. 

I so want to be a fan of MVS.  I mean that seriously.  I like his speed, his size, he can run routes well.  But THOSE HANDS!!  When he’s in a high-light on Good Morning Football, the hosts do a sing-song on his voice “MarQUEZ ValDEZ Scant-ling!”  I think it’s kinda catchy!  When he is on the highlight reel, it’s a treat to watch.  It’s a lot like watching Jermichael Finley though.  You never knew what you were going to get with him though.  The ball would hit him in the hands and drop to the turf.  Roberto Duran the boxer used to be known as Manos de Piedra, Hands of Stone. 

I co-opted the term and applied it to the Big Fin.  I hope I don’t have to apply it to MVS.  I would NEVER send death threats to the guy!  Like Jimmy said a few weeks ago, those people need help.

MVS’ drop on a sure touchdown early in the 3rd quarter that made what should have been a laugher, into a heck of a lot more exciting that it probably should have been game.  It should have been Chicago watching the scoreboard of the Rams/Cardinals game, not playing for the win.  Instead, Green Bay’s coaching staff once again, didn’t add any adjustments, wrinkles or anything during halftime.  Packer John is of the opinion, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  I’m of the opinion, “Let’s put another wheel on this axle and we’ve got a wagon!” instead.  Turns out, the Packers didn’t need another wheel, Aaron Rodgers found another gear!

The Packers weren’t ever in danger of losing this game.  Chicago scored on their first possession, and the Packers answered.  After a Field Goal by Chicago, the Packers led all the way through the rest of the game after answering that with a 72-yard bomb to MVS.  What led Chicago to keep up hope (and for me to worry) was they kept on converting on 4th down.  Of course, the 50+ yard pass to Darnell Mooney didn’t help, but they just kept on with the 4th down bit, daring the Packers to stop them and then finally in the early 4th quarter, we stopped them.  It was a 4th and short, Trebisky passed and Chandon Sullivan was able to step in front of it. 

Aaron Rodgers stepped up to the mike and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Mambo No. 5!”  2 straight touchdown drives, after an Adrian Amos interception stopped the Bears.  Poor clock management by the Bears stopped them from making it look closer than it really was. 

This wasn’t a perfect game by the Packers, Aaron Rodgers threw 2 very catchable balls…to the Bears.  But like it’s been said, there’s a reason why Defensive Backs don’t play Wide Receiver.  Our own Kevin King proved that just before halftime. 

Aaron Jones showed why he is a dual threat all day, 42 on the ground and 43 in the air.  MVS led the offense with his 2 catches, the 72 yards score and a crucial 1st down for 15 yards earlier.  Davante Adams hit his records setting numbers with 46 yards receiving and a TD.  Aaron Rodgers spread the ball around hitting 8 different receivers with a new one.  TE Dominique Dafney snuck past a Tampa 2 in the red zone and caught his only catch of the day for a TD.  He then went out and made the stop on Special Teams on the ensuing kickoff.  Jamaal Williams was effective situationally with 5 carries for 26 yards.  It’s possible he is on a very small snap count as he tries to work back from injury.  A.J. Dillon only had one carry for 3 yards.  I think Coach Matt may be keeping him in his back pocket to unleash in the playoffs a la James Starks against Philly 10 years ago.       

Aaron had 14 completions for 240 yards and a passer rating of 147.9 and 4 TDs.  The soon-to-be MVP (my opinion), and the team had more TDs than punts.  DaVante Adams had the greatest season of any Packer receiver in history…and he did it in 13 and a half games! 

I’m looking forward to the Playoffs, wish I was with you guys, but I gotta make these donuts.  Dunkin is HUGE up here in NJ.  Of course that makes it easy to spell
Go Pack Go!  
(Ken Hill)

 Just Sayin'

 Like the Packers, Jimmy has earned a bye week.  And like Bill Swerski last week trying to take over Ken’s article, Ken is trying to muscle his way into Jimmy space.  I have no doubt Jimmy will make some bye week adjustments, shut Ken down and take his space back...  Just Sayin’   
(Packer John)


 A great day was shared by the 74+ Packer Backers who were cheering and carrying on at Spare Time Sunday afternoon.  Please join me in welcoming our two newest members:

610 Gretchen Wise

611 Cat Resendez

We look forward to getting to know you as we celebrate our team.

Hats and socks were the most popular door prizes of the day.  Head covers were chosen by 448 Diane Clapper, 503 Steve Sabin, 365 Clifford Stiles, and 120 Neil (Clark) Petersen who gifted his prize to 610 Gretchen Wise.  The final two chosen prizes were more unique.  607 Nancy Nelson will enjoy her football travel dice game and 219 Dan Blechl  will measure precipitation with his  Packer rain gauge. 

Two $1 pools were quickly covered by members.  Winners were 289 Kerri Ellinger (2), 365 Clifford Stiles, 407 Stein Nelson, 542 Kathie Mervyn, 220 Jimmy Smith, 117 Nick Papala, and 589 Kathy McGrew.

The final trivia question of the regular season was answered by 423 Melody Cox.  She received a $25 gift card from our friends at Spare Time.  Spare Time also gifted our club with a wonderful nacho bar at half time.  Thank you, Spare Time!  We surely appreciate how you take care of us. 

Our Packers have earned a bye this week and home field advantage throughout, so I can’t tell you exact date or time of our first playoff game.  But I can tell you that whenever it is, I will be at Spare Time so I can enjoy the game with my favorite packer backers as we take this on for several more weeks!  I always say “through thick and thin”--- but isn’t thick great? 

See you soon, Marge 328

 Packers vs ????

We will not know until late Sunday who we will host next weekend but this is what I can tell you:

Fbschedule.com notes that both Green Bay & KC will play their games on Saturday the 16th but is TBD on the times.  Of course with the NFL and their “Flex” schedule we may not know until next Friday… Just Sayin‘

What I do know for sure is we will not play the “Aints or the Hags… yet as they are the #2 & #3 seeds.  We will play anyone from the #4 seed on down.  The longshot opponent would be duh bears if they get past the “Aints.  With duh bears losing, the next longshot would be the Rams.  If both the Rams and duh bears lose as expected, our opponent will be the winner of the Football Team/Tommy Bay game.  In my opinion, Tommy Bay is the odds on favorite and one I’m sure Roger Godell and company would love to see (GOAT vs. GOAT).

Looking past that weekend, the NFC Championship game will be on Sunday the 24th at 3:05 on FOX and of course SB55 will be Sunday Feb 7th at 6:30 on CBS (which means NO Buck-n-Acheman).

One week to rest and then it will be time to tighten up the chinstrap and...

Bleed Green & GOLD My Friends!
(Packer John)

Happy New Year my fellow Packer Backers! I want to take time out from knocking out walls and getting my house ready to sell to give a few Shout Outs!

First on the roster we have Dylan Sharp (Sebastian & Hea-ther's son) who's celebrating his birthday on the 7th! May your day be as happy as all of Packer Nation this season! 

Next let's give a Happy Anniversary Shout Out to John & Stacey Stewart.  May this anniversary be as smooth as Rodgers throwing arm! 

Next up: Playoffs and then Super Bowl here we come!!

If you have a birthday, graduation, anniversary,  or other milestone Shout-out, send them  to me at:

(Heather Bailey)

 Club Updates

Last Sunday we had a meeting with the team taking over the money and prizes.  It went very well and looks like they will work together to continue the tradition that is the Greenville Packer Backers.  On this team are Marge 328 & Kathy McGrew in the office, Michael & Melody Cox on the money and Steve & Sue Sabin buying the prizes.  We could use one more person to work with the club data (Access) and print out name badges.

It was determined renewals for next year will start this playoff game for the same prices as this year, $30 renewal & $35 new members.  By renewing now, it does two things. 1) guarantee's you the lower rate in case the price change and 2) allows the club to have cash on hand to get the “Off season” prices on the better prizes.

Game Day help is staring to fill in as well but there is room for anyone willing to be part of the fun.

Thanks to those of you who have stepped up and also those still willing to help.  Come see me to see where you can fit it. (Packer John)