2017 Week 08 (Special Edition)


You wouldn’t know it, but when it comes to the Packers, I’m a pretty superstitious guy.  Now you may be saying, “Yeah, Ken but everybody is a little superstitious.”  True but look at what I do. 
I inspect Nuclear Power Plants. 

2017 Week 07

Packers 10 Viqueens 23

The Packers are again limping as usual…is it the bratwurst and cheese?”-Radio and TV personality Colin Cowherd (“The Herd”)
“When was the last time Green Bay lined up in a classic I-formation with double Tight Ends tight to the offensive line?”-Minnesota announcer during Hundley’s first series
The Pack lost at Minnesota to fall to (4-2), but (Obvious Alert) it goes without saying that we lost much, much more than this game.

2017 Week 06

Packers 35 Dallass 31

Last week I made that bold prediction we would win 30-20 and for most of the game, first half at least, there wasn’t a lot to cheer about.  The first Green Bay TD and missed extra point, we didn’t see at Chief’s because the storm temporarily knocked out the TV’s. 

2017 Week 05

Packers 35 Duh Bears 14

The Green Bay Packers coaching staff has a plan.  I know sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, but they do have a plan.  It’s simple:  The first offensive series has to result in a touchdown and it must be a resounding success.