2017 Week 12

Packers 00 Ravens 23

I trust everyone had a good Thanksgiving; ours was quite one with only our youngest and his girl friend making the drive up the mountain for a turkey dinner.  Good news is we were able to sit on our deck, yea!

2017 Week 11

Packers 23 duh Bears 16

What a difference a win makes! It’s been doom and gloom for weeks, and that very well may continue, at least for a while. But beating Shitcago to hiccup this slide was a great feeling. Like a drowning man thrown a life preserver, just a bit out of reach. But it seems at least we have a shot to swim toward it and maybe even grab it!

2017 Week 10

Packers 17 Lyins 30

Okaaaayyyy.  That wasn’t fun!  First off, I want to apologize.  I didn’t see the game.  I only got to listen to it during the 4th quarter and by that time the damage was done.  This game wasn’t even close.  This is going to be a long (hopefully not) rant about the state of this team.  Packers lost 30 to 17 to the lackluster Lions.  ‘Nuff said about the score.

2017 Week 09

Packers 17 Aints 26

Last Sunday, prior to the game, they were asking the Fox guys for predictions.  Jimmy Johnson said, “I expect a valiant effort but Brett Hundley and the Packers will fall short and lose to the Saints.”  A rumble went through the crowd at Chiefs. It looked like that wasn’t going to happen.  Green Bay gets the ball first and we pound right down the field.  Touchdown Packers!