2017 Week 10

Packers 17 Lyins 30

Okaaaayyyy.  That wasn’t fun!  First off, I want to apologize.  I didn’t see the game.  I only got to listen to it during the 4th quarter and by that time the damage was done.  This game wasn’t even close.  This is going to be a long (hopefully not) rant about the state of this team.  Packers lost 30 to 17 to the lackluster Lions.  ‘Nuff said about the score.
  The rest is supposition and what I remember hearing on Tuesday morning from ESPN.
Dom Capers should be fired!!  Our defense couldn’t catch rain in a downpour with a kiddie pool!  The Lions didn’t punt one single time this game!  You know when the last time an opponent didn’t punt at Lambeau Field?  NEVER!!  It has never happened! 
Mike McCarthy needs to go back to offensive playcaller school!  Brett Hundley is essentially a rookie quarterback, I recognize that.  He completed 26 of 38 for 245 yards.  Those are pretty good numbers.  18 of those passes were at or before the line of scrimmage (according to Mike Golic).  He further said, “Sooner or later, you’ve got to throw the ball down the field!”  He said that the receivers were hit as they caught the ball or after a short gain.  If that’s true, are you telling me that 8 of Brett’s throws were for 200 or so yards?  I think that Golic was exaggerating.  There was only one receiver who fits that mold:  Aaron Jones had 2 receptions for -1 yards total.  Randall Cobb also looks like he might have had a few balls like that as well. 
I can understand the frustration.  We didn’t play well, we couldn’t stop Stafford; he passed at will and went down the field.  26 of 33 for 361 yards.  Unlike Hundley he got the ball down the field and they scored.  We rushed better, but the days of 3 yards and a cloud of dust are over, and it was only 78 yards.

So what is this team going to be without Aaron Rodgers?  Are we going to continue to try to dink and dunk our way down the field?  Are we going to be a ground and pound team, controlling the clock and the ball waiting for a shot down the field?  Or are we going to continue to play this anemic way, hoping that somehow we win just enough so that Aaron can come back on his white horse and save the season the final 3 games somehow? 
Martellus Bennett was inactive for the Lions game and it was announced that he wouldn’t be playing against the Bears.  And then 2 hours later, it was announced that he wouldn’t be playing period.  Bennett was waived by the Packers for failing to disclose a medical condition.  I don’t think his contract was guaranteed, so it’s just adios.  Somebody remind me why we didn’t re-sign Jared Cook this past offseason?  Oh yeah, he played out of his mind like his pants were on fire and caught the game saving catch in the NFC Divisional Round playoff game against the Cryboys! 
Ted Thompson should be fired!!  The guy is tight with the money.  Won’t spend it on anyone other than a bargain basement re-tread (mostly, he did get Cook, but didn’t keep him).  Keeps drafting OLBs, when we need ILBs. 
It’s like I said, there are three phases to this game:  Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.  The same is true for the GM, Draft and Develop, Roster Management, and Free Agency.  Now if Jeff Janis said, “Coach, I’m a wide receiver, I don’t want to be on Special Teams anymore!”  Mike would say, “Ok Jeff, you’re unemployed!”  He won’t play his required phase of the game.  Ted does the same thing.  Is it only me that finds it strange that the Patriots have gone to 3 Superbowls while we haven’t been to one in 7 years?  Bellichick will take a shot on a free agent.  Ted won’t!
Whether the Packers win or not is up to the coaching staff.  If they don’t turn it around soon, I can see major changes going on in the offices this spring, and it won’t be in the spring, but the dead of winter on a day called Black Monday!    
(Ken Hill)

Just Sayin’

 I hate to say this, but the pessimism is starting to creep in. And it is not due to the player wearing #7. It is due to the man wearing the comb over, sitting up in the booth; you know, the man who, apparently, has no clue on how to coach a defense in today’s’ NFL. Not anymore. I used to be one of the fans that were clamoring for the firing of Dom Capers. Then I realized that maybe the poor defensive play was not entirely his fault. After all, one can’t complete a project, or do their job, if they don’t have the right tools. And, let’s face it, for a long time, Capers did not have the personnel to field a competent defense. And a large amount of the blame for that was Ted Thompson.
Fast forward to 2017 and one can look on the Packers defense and find some good players. Maybe not All Pros, but some good players. And they can’t stop anybody!! And occasionally, when they do make a stop, there is some stupid penalty. Ain’t that right Mike Daniels? And while Matthew Stafford is indeed an elite QB in this league, there are too many times that the Packers defense will make the most inept quarterback look like an All Star. Many fans want to cite the poor play of Matthews as to him getting older, or maybe he can’t use HGH like he used to. I was buying into that myself for a while. Now I am having second thoughts. Maybe we can’t get a pass rush due to defensive schemes and other details that are beyond my knowledge. 
Maybe the personnel would be better suited for a 4-3 defense. I think the game has passed Capers by, but it seems that no one at 1265 Lombardi Ave. wants to say that out loud. Some comments I have read were defending the defense saying the offense couldn’t move the ball; therefore the defense was on the field too long and therefore getting tired. HORSE HOCKEY!! The defense was bad before Rodgers got hurt. But Aaron has the talent to overcome a bad defense and outscore the opponent. Hundley may get there someday, but he isn’t there yet. Another part of the coaching staff equation that is missing is a conditioning staff; well, a competent conditioning staff. If the Packers have someone on their staff that is responsible for conditioning, they should have been fired a long time ago. Why do the Packers have so many injuries, year after year, particularly hamstring issues? I just checked the latest Power Rankings.
The Packers are now trailing such teams as the Colts, Jets, Bears and Chargers. Is Aaron Rodgers a better QB that Mike McCarthy is a coach? I don’t think there is any doubt. Is Mike McCarthy a “highly successful NFL coach?” With Aaron Rodgers, he sure is. Without #12, the evidence is lacking to render a decision. (I myself am leaning towards
Just Sayin”(Jimmy Smith) 

The Chief’s / GPB Report

Well, back to the late night games and the late night crowds.  16 Packer fans there with 10 being club members.
Only able to hand out 6 prizes here are the winners: 221 Barb Gambrell a nightlight, 123 Kraig Pringle the famed chip bowl, 463 Wayne Hansen took some chip clips, 467 Joshua Evans the soft football, 398 Bill Demuth a new cap and 328 Marge Bramlett the soup bowl.
Two Trivia contests to report.  Winner of the this weeks Trivia contest and a $25 gift card for our friends at Chief’s was: 328 Marge Bramlett (only submitted answer).  For the Bye Week Trivia question I had only 3 submitted answers, all were correct.  Because of this, I decided to award each a $10 gift card from the boys at Chief’s.  The lucky winners were: 369 Don Dandelske, 445 Sharon Dandelske & 372 Sara Warpinski.
Because of the low turnout, we were able to waive our majic wand on the $1 board, turn it into a 50¢ board and all the squares were filled up. The four winners on the 50¢ pool were: 221 Barb Gambrell, 328 Marge Bramlett (twice) & 467 Joshua Evans.
Big Sunday coming up.  It is mid season so time for some special prizes from both the club and the bar, plus new prizes and the winter/Christmas prizes are back.  All that and duh bears at a 1:00 game.  With all this, how can you not 
Bleed Green My Friends.
(Packer John)

Packer’s     vs.    duh bears

This stretch of Packers Football sans Rodgers has been, with all due respect to the dominant NBC Thursday night sitcoms of the 90’s, Must Not See TV. The Monday night disgrace was increasingly difficult to bear, let alone watch. It has been like watching a deeply-loved close relative, once full of vibrancy, energy, and life, slowly waste away to some insidious cancer that’s not only eating them to the bone, but taking all semblance of their dignity.
(Evidently not) coincidentally, I attended the Broadway play “Les Miserables” the night before with my wife and daughter. Trump’s camp has their “Deplorables.” As such, and in deference to the great theater production I saw last Sunday, I hereby deem all of us “The Miserables.”
I’ve been a slave to my superstitions since I first took to the fields and courts of my youth. Coming from a third-generation family of coaches, and obviously players, much of that voodoo was forcibly instilled and ingrained in me by those I loved the most. I trusted them. I am happy to report that out of this current nightmare of a season, I have been taking the opportunity to purge myself of some of these superstitions.  They have been an enslaving melting pot of albatross, bellwether, water to carry, and cross for me to bear. No more. Example: I no longer have any “lucky” piece of Packers wear or gear; they have all been neutralized by throwing them, to no avail, at this losing streak. (I guess) I need to dig deeper and solemnly pledge: I will wash my underwear after all games, regardless of any mystic ramifications…
I thought about going on a Hunger Strike until this streak ends, but I like my life too much. And food. Maybe just until either Hundley looks good or the defense stops somebody? Sounds like a great weight loss plan…
Brett Hundley. What do we truly have here? I confess, I personally have no idea. Obviously, it hasn’t looked too promising. I know, I know, “he’s been thrust into a difficult situation” and “he’s only had a couple starts,” and (fill in the blank with your choice of) playcalling, injuries, the defense sucks, the offensive line (those that can walk anyway) have sucked, Olivia Munn put a hex on the team…
McCarthy keeps saying how confident he is and that Hundley is “The Guy.” If that’s not press conference bullshit, why not cut him loose a little bit and scrap this middle school playbook? Everyone knows the definition of insanity…Why keep doing the same thing, expecting (and of course not getting) a different result, then spewing the same nonsense afterward? If he’s not the guy, quit stroking the faithful with the current party line! For us, and certainly anyone reading this, we will keep coming back. There is no real choice but to watch number “7” and this team, and hope they can somehow channel some Majik from somewhere…
I’ve heard pundits talking about how Packers fans are “spoiled” from the long-time success of our fabled franchise, and the great quarterbacking we’ve had with two Hall of Famers covering 25 years and counting. And I would agree with them. They are right on, we are a spoiled army; the result of kicking so much ass over the years, doing it with class, and doing it better than anyone else. Like the Romans before the Barbarians ate them.

As a Bleedgreener and a shareholder, I offer no apologies for my arrogance, nor for anyone else in Packer Nation. But I would apologize to all those in Packhalla who no doubt wept with shame at all the empty seats in Lambeau in the second half, as well as all the empties that continue to show up at Chiefs…
If this season ends up all the way flushed down the commode, we can look forward to: (1) Wisconsin can still run the table (but probably get screwed out of the playoff anyway); (2) Basketball season (Sleeper: Indiana); (3) One more disaster outcome actually shakes up the front office, or at least creates some urgency to go all-in on this team in the offseason. Rodgers was 27 at the last championship. He is now 34 and has been seriously injured multiple times. 
Oh, yeah, by the way: The Packers go to Shitcago this week. Keep the faith, believe, always, always, always, Believe. But also, brace yourselves, and maybe get ready to duck…again. Probably (hopefully) won’t need a barf bag. Thus, my preview of the Bears game… Go, Pack, GO!!!
(Kraig pringle)