2020 PS-1

Gameday "Super"stitions 

Very Superstitious Writing on the Wall!!  Looks like it says, “Go Pack! GO!!” 

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m superstitious like a spooky old lady when it comes to Game day.  Now keep in mind, I inspect Nuclear Power Plants for a living, I have stood on top of a reactor at Full Power.   Let me tell you about Super(stitious) Sundays. 

2020 Week 17

Packers 35 Duh Bears 16

Author’s Note:  This may have a “Just Sayin’” flavor to it, sorry Jimmy. 

I so want to be a fan of MVS.  I mean that seriously.  I like his speed, his size, he can run routes well.  But THOSE HANDS!!  When he’s in a high-light on Good Morning Football, the hosts do a sing-song on his voice “MarQUEZ ValDEZ Scant-ling!”  I think it’s kinda catchy!  When he is on the highlight reel, it’s a treat to watch.  It’s a lot like watching Jermichael Finley though.  You never knew what you were going to get with him though.  The ball would hit him in the hands and drop to the turf.  Roberto Duran the boxer used to be known as Manos de Piedra, Hands of Stone. 

2020 Week 16

Packers 40 Tightens 14 

Before I start about the Packer game, Let me say a few words about the Badgers.  Final Score UW 42 ~ Wake Forest 28.  To those that watched that game, it was one of the wackiest bowl game ever.  First we spotted them 14 points before tying the score at halftime. We didn’t get the lead until 1:20 left in the 3rd. Wake Forest had 518 total yards to our 266 yet we held a 7:44 edge in time of pos-session.  The reason for the UW victory? 4 INT’s by UW with  a total of 176 return yards, netting TD drives of  9, 2 & 3 yards.  Then to be true to the year that is 2020, the crystal football atop the “Duke Mayonnaise Trophy” comes loose in the locker room, crashing into infinite pieces.