2019 Week 14

Packers 31 NJ Giants 13 

Well, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving weekend for me as far as sports went.  Thursday’s Lyins/bears game was a wash with no real clear winner or loser as far as I was concerned.  Saturday saw Badgers get the axe from Minisoda and a chance to play Ohio State this Saturday for the Big10 championship, worst case scenario is Badger are in the Rosebowl. 

2019 Week 13

Packers 8 Santa Clara 37 

“The gap is…not ability, it’s not talent, it’s execution. On paper and lining up we feel really good about our squad against anybody. But execution is the main divider”- Aaron Rodgers on where the Packers stand after the SF blowout
“Offensively I’ve gotta take the lead and get hot in December here”-Rodgers on the remaining Five games

2019 Week 12

Packers vs Santa Clara 

It’s a great opportunity…you don’t want it to go down the gutter” - S Adrian Amos on the team’s position going into SF
“The way we look at it, were going to have to win there one time…It’d be nice to get it done this week” - QB Aaron Rodgers on the likely playoff picture
“Remember, I hold the power to take you at any time from the Packer Bits to the Obit's”-Leaked from an internal Packer ‘Bits memorandum purported to be from “The Editor” men-acingly threatening unknown staff writer(s)

2019 Week 11 - BYE WEEK

Packers 24 Panthers 16

NFL rules state that you cannot pick up a player that is on a pile and take him forward to advance the ball.  Therefore, Christian McCaffrey did NOT score a touchdown!  Nice try Van Houten or whatever his name is! 

2019 Week 10

Packers 11 LaVolts 26 

LB Za'Darius Smith
By now, most of you have read and heard enough reviews on last Sunday’s game, so not to contribute to the ad nauseum, let me sum up the review in two words… Packers Sucked!

2019 Week 09

Packers 31 Chefs 24 

The Conspirators met again, this time behind the blocking sleds by the far reaches of the Packers practice facility. They obviously and routinely saw each other on a regular basis about the team campus, but for obvious reasons kept these extracurricular efforts out of the team and public eye…

2019 Week 08

Packers 42 Radars 24 

Perfect. Explosive. Flawless. Greatest of All Time.  These are words I heard on Sunday after watching the Green Bay Packers demolish the Las Vegas/LA/Oakland Raiders.  These words were used to describe one Aaron Charles Rodgers.  Aaron’s perfect passer rating was the first in 18 years in the NFL, and the first in Packer history.  I was in the Packers Hall of Fame less than 24 hours prior to this and watched Bart Starr sling around a frozen ball like a frisbee in August. (The drive in the Ice Bowl).