2018 Week 16

Packers 44 Jersey Jets 38 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas like I did! It was just about perfect; saw lots of family and old friends, had great times and fellowship, great food, better drinks. Nobody got hurt, no one got pissed off about anything or even argued. Even the political discussions stayed PG-13 at the worst.
Just like you hope it would be…how it’s supposed to be…

2018 Week 15

Packers 17 Duh Bears 24 

I must apologize to everyone in the club.  In a small way I feel like I’m responsible for the Packers loss last Sunday.  Not because I let Ken play MC, no, I think he did a great job.  One I hope will be shared with him and others in the year to come. 

2018 Week 14

Packers 34 Fail-cons 20

This time of year, we look back over the years, we wax nostalgic.  I’d like to do that now.  It was a Thanksgiving game and the corner pocket wasn’t open.  My kids were staying with me that weekend and I got a call Sunday morning, on my son’s phone.  “Ken?  Is that you?”

Snow Day


Due to the snow, the Hall of Fame is closed on Sunday Dec 9, 2018. Unfortunately, the local game is Carolina vs Cleveland so we will have to settle for ESPN, NFL Sunday Ticket, and other means to watch the Packers play. Stay warm and GO PACK!

2018 Week 13

Packers 17 Cardinals 20

Another strange review for me.  Because of the rain on Saturday, our tree hunting day was rescheduled for Sunday.  No problem I thought, we have SirrusXM… but not our plan.  The game was on CH 229, our radio when to CH 223. 

2018 Week 12

Packers 17 Viqueens 24 

Before this latest, greatest loss of the season, I said Minnesota was simply “in the way.” Just the first of six obstacles on the way to a playoff salvage. I was right, they were in the way. Unfortunately (yet having absolutely nothing to do with “fortune”), after Sunday night, they still are. Just like almost all of the NFC in this Chinese water torture of a season.