2021 Week 06

Packers 25 Bagels 22

Fourth time’s the charm?!?  I didn’t know that was a thing until Crosby finally, finally, finally, finally made the game winning field goal in overtime on Sunday.  My wife Ella and I attended the game in Cincinnati, and I still have not decided if I got my money’s worth, or if I will be paying long-term mental consequences and lost years from my life due to this emotional roller coaster.  The situation was exacerbated since I thought some of the missed field goals from either team went through from my seat angle.  And since half the crowd around me were Packer fans I did not immediately know if the cheering or groaning was good or bad.

2021 Week 05

Packers 27 Stealers 17

I’m not right about a lot of things, just ask Linda, but when I am, I want to be sure to make a point of it.  Last week I wrote that these were two teams headed in opposite directions, and I WAS RIGHT!  Packers won, Stealer’s didn’t.  True Stealer fans know this to be true; something is just not quite right in Pittsburg.  There was a lot written this week that Big Ben needs to go; that his lack of mobility and diminished arm strength is hurting the team.  Armchair Coaches can afford to be like that, but in truth, the Stealer’s problems are deeper than that.  Watching the two teams last Sunday, one could see the difference in level of talent throughout the roster.

2021 Week 04

Packers 30 Santa Clara 28

During Sunday Night’s game, Al Michaels relayed a story from Michelle Tafoya where she had a conversation with DaVante Adams.  “Do you want to stay in Green Bay or with Aaron?”  DaVante’s response told me how much time he spends with #12, because it sounded so much like him: “I want to do both, I love Green Bay, but I love playing with Aaron, too.”

2021 Week 03

Packers 35 Lyins 17

"People like to say a lot of bullshit and it’s nice to come back in here after a game like that…It’s absolute horseshit to give a platform to people who have no idea (about me)…it’s chickenshit…I think we maybe tried to show that we cared a little bit more tonight…it’s nice…(to) get the trolls off our back”

- Aaron Rodgers

2021 Week 02

Packers 3 'Aints 38



We all had high hopes for our opening game. Unfortunately, it was a horrible game! 

2021 Week 01

Stop the Drama, Let's Play Football

Well, the offseason drama is over and our parodical son has returned.  I’m referring to Randall Cobb, who did you think I was talking about?  Officially, Cobb is back to help his friend and our new draftee Amari Rodgers learn what it takes to make it in the NFL.  Unofficially, it was a request of our new personnel director, Aaron Charles Rodgers.