2020 Week 05

Packers 30 Failcons 16

First Quarter Report to the Committee/Atlanta Review

In review of aging news, Aaron Rodgers (27/33, 327 yards, 4 TD zero INT, 147.5 passer rating) led the team to a relatively easy hometown victory in the latest town hall stop in his MVP campaign (12 TD, 1214 yards, zero INT, undefeated record, another clean jersey).

2020 SE01

Report From the Hill 

Aaron Rodgers is Angry!  I am also angry!  You may say, “But Ken, the team is 4-0.  Why is Aaron angry?  More to the point, why are YOU angry?”

2020 Week 04

Packers 37 No Aints 30

Drew Brees threw for 1000 yards and the Saints beat the Packers 70 to Nothing!  Okay, HOOOOLD IT!  How did I get Chris Collinsworth’s notes??  The Packers WON, but I’m going to rant about Collins-worth for a minute.  Indulge me.