2020 Week 06

Packers 10 Tommy Bay 38

Well, that was…educational.  We learned a few things.

Tom Brady is still a good quarterback.  Bruce Arians is a good coach.  Aaron Rodgers is human.  Mike Pettine is an absolute disaster as a defensive coordinator.  Does anyone have Marvin Lewis’ number?  Asking for a Head Coach friend.  Lewis was DC when the Ravens won the Superbowl and Ray Lewis was named the MVP.  Not much of a HC, but he knows Defense!

Yes, I am calling for Pettine’s firing.  I called for it at the end of last season, and I renew that call.   We couldn’t stop SF last season, and we couldn’t stop the Bucs this last Sunday.  The Buccaneers rushed for 158 yards all over the Packers!  Brady passed for just 166 yards, not really stellar numbers but it was enough and it was for 2 TD’s.  Aaron passed for 160, but threw 2 picks, one for a pick 6 that Aaron hasn’t thrown since a game against the Bengals, another team he has had problems with, the Bengals were the last team he had to beat to have beaten every team in the NFL (except for one, of course).   He’s only thrown 3 in his career, the other was in Tampa also.  I saw that game in person, it was his first season as a starter.  It was Rodgers’ first two-int game since 2017.  That was a game against the Carolina Panthers with Aaron coming back from a broken collarbone.

Aaron blamed the conditions in Tampa for his miscues.  He saw Jamel Dean behind Davante Adams, Aaron intended target.  What was supposed to be a throw to the outside that only Davante would have been able to catch was blown behind Davante to Dean, who took off for the end zone.  Earlier in the game, Aaron threw what would have been a sure touchdown to Marcedes Lewis but was blown off course past Lewis’ outstretched arms.  Marcedes wasn’t covered and would have been a walk into the endzone. 

Our rushing attack while not looking the part was pretty ineffective.  Jamaal Williams and AJ Dillon did the workload this week.  Williams had just 34 yards on 4 carries.  One long for 25 and the other 3 for 9 yards.  Rookie Dillon had 5 for 31 yards.   A long of 20, so 4 for 11 yards.  Aaron Jones has just 15 yards and was our sole touchdown.  The only bright spot was Mason Crosby who had a field goal and a PAT. 

This was a miserable game.  Our defense was ineffective, our quarterback and offense were plagued by miscues and unable to mount and sustain drives.  I thought one team would be low scoring, but it sure wasn’t the guys wearing Green and Gold!

So, what does this mean?  Not much, really.  There’s just one team left in the NFC undefeated, the Seahags, just 2 left in the AFC; Steelers, and Titans, who play this weekend.  And to top it off Yahoo! has the Way too Early Playoff board up.  Packers are 1st in Wildcard race, Duh Bears (who still suck) are first in the NFC North, but we haven’t played them, we also haven’t played as many games as them, coming off the bye as we were. 

There is a silver lining to this cloud of doom though.  When we lose, we gain an opportunity to identify flaws (DEFENSE) and fix them.  I’m hoping that we can do this against a desperate Houston team.  I know a bunch of you are probably Clemson fans, but DeShaun Watson isn’t in college anymore, so all I can say is 
(Ken Hill) 

Just Sayin’

Well, that sucked ! !  AR12 sure looked like the AR12 that played in the NFC Championship game of last year. He looked good for the first 10 points. Then the infamous statement from the broadcasters came. “He hasn’t thrown an inter-ception all year.” No matter who the QB is, for any team, as soon as the announcers start talking about that, the QB throws a pick. And a pick 6 at that. Wow. And after Tampa kicked off, there came another. One would think that as long as Rodgers has been in the NFL, throwing a pick would not rattle him. Maybe it was throwing an interception on 2 consecutive passes is what got him rattled. After that second one, the rout was on. And for anyone who wants to proclaim Aaron Rodgers as the GOAT, please avoid the 2020 game against the Buccaneers when citing evidence. And BTW, there IS NO greatest QB of all time. I have gone over this before. No one in their right mind will compare a QB of the last 10-12 years to a QB that played 50 years ago. They are entirely different eras of football with many rules protecting the QBs and WRs these days, which inflate their statistics. (If you want to do that, make your case in the next newsletter.) 

We were 4-0 coming into the game. But let’s be honest, have we beaten a good team? The Saints maybe, but the other teams are far from good. Rodgers looked really good against 3 really bad defenses.  Against a really good defense, he himself looked really bad. Now, I know he is not the only reason we lost. The offensive line was indeed, offensive, allowing 5 sacks. Meanwhile, on the other side, where was the vaunted Green Bay pass rush? They must have missed the flight. Troy Aikman made a comment during the game saying how Mike Pettine’s defenses have never been good against the rush. There was more evidence to back that up. 

Matt LeFleur has now had 2 games coming off a bye week. He lost both in blowouts, 37-8 last year to SF and 38-10 last week. That is not a good trend to be on. 

Coming up is the Houston Texans. They have a young, athletic QB who can move around. And Watson has a good, fast WR in Will Fuller. Then there is J.J. Watt, who might not have David Bakhtiari trying to fend him off. This will be another test for the OL. They are to the point of being desperate for a win. Last week, I said I didn’t have any real complaints about the roster or the season thus far. OK, here is a complaint, or a suggestion. The Packers had DT Damon Harrison in for a visit 2 different times. If they brought him back for a second time, they must have seen something. So, he left Green Bay last time and flew to Seattle. He signed with them. But, he is on their Practice Squad. Any team can sign any player off another team’s practice squad. The only way to block it is if the player himself doesn’t want to leave. Offer Harrison and he will make a lot more money on our full roster vs. the PS for Seattle. Just a thought… 
Just Sayin’
(Jimmy Smith)


Oh what a day!  More than 65 Packer backers joyously met at Spare Time having lived through 2 night games and a bye week.  We were ready to cheer—and we did—all through the first quarter.  But I digress…

Eight lucky folks took home some great door prizes this week.  242 Christina Harrison and 127 Kent Sargent will be wearing new tee shirts and 219 Dan Blechl will warm his feet in his new slippers.  101 Jamie Ware will be walking around in her sporty new deck shoes.  599 Ella Demuth chose a watch.  516 Jackie Boyd is pleased with her beer cheese bowl, and 476 Charlotte Flowers will be carving lots of good stuff with her new cutlery. 

We held the drawing for the DVD raffle.  The winner was 532 John Blando.  Con-gratulations!  We know those DVDs will provide many hours of entertainment.  The winner of the Bye Week Trivia Contest and the recipient of $25 cash is 574 Jill Fant.  The correct answer to this week’s Trivia question was provided by 117 Nick Papala.  He is the winner of a $25 gift card curtesy  of our great friends at Spare Time.  And speaking of great friends, Spare Time also treated the club to a plate of fried cheesecake that was simply delicious!  Thank you, Spare Time!  We filled two $1 boards this week.  Winners were 117 Nick Papala, 458 Susan Sabin, 583 Bob Hammersley (3), and 149 Travis Wieloch (3).

This week we’ll play the Taxens at 1:00 on FOX, Panthers play the  Aints at 1:00 on FOX, get the picture?  I hope you’ll join me and the other Packer Backers at Spare Time to cheer on our team.  It got a little “thin” last week, but remember we love our Pack and cheer them on through thick and thin---always... 
Marge 328

Packers     vs.     Taxens

Debate Moderator: “Mr Pringle, please give us your preview of the upcoming Texans game.” Like any debate question, I have no intention of simply answering. No, this is an opportunity to get some of my talking points out there for everyone to hear. Give the people what they want. “First let me address the Tampa debacle. Let’s face it, America, Mr All-American GOAT Tom Brady and the Buccaneers dominated the football game. Tampa’s defense got under Aaron’s skin and abused and chased him around more than Danica ever did. The offense was like an Indy car with Danica driving: Going nowhere. LaFleur said the team’s week of practice was subpar. Regardless, the game plan was messed up like a millennial trying to write an actual check. In cursive. The offense averages more than twice the yards per play when using motion, but for some reason, the Packers got away from that…

On a related note, I also lost my personal battle of Whiskey River, which ran dry. Willie Nelson wasn’t even there, since he quit partying to try and extend his days on Earth. The game was such a bummer that I actually asked for my tab midway through the 4th quarter, which for those who share the “cool-people table” with me know is something you do not do. As much as I wanted to deny the inevitable, it was over by the time Tim “The Laser Show” Boyle graced the field…

Rodgers said we needed to get “hit in the mouth” as a wake up call. What else can you really say, but maybe he’s right. Waylon was right when he said “If you wanna get to Heaven gotta D-I-E.” But this team isn’t ready for Heaven just yet, and certainly has no intention of dying. But the idea of a little Hell before getting to Heaven is right on the money, and that game was a little bit of Hell…

Mama said there’d be days like this; there’d be days like this, my mama said. I was, like those at Spare Time, asking the Lord to give me strength when we all had to endure the fingernails-on-chalkboard screams of the Wailing Wench, the Wicked-Witch-Ditch-Bitch draped in TampaWear in the back corner of the room. She is living proof that Mr Baker, my eighth-grade science teacher, was right when he once told me: “An empty wagon makes the most noise.” I believe the local term is “Bless her heart!” If I knew her name, it would remain silent under any circumstance to avoid embarrassing the presumably well-adjusted people who brought her. Mama told me, yes she told me, I’d meet girls like you! I’m no pharmacologist, but I know my drugs, and she was wacky on some Indonesian junk that’s going around

The only thing worse would be to wake up with my mom and dad rolling on the couch with my Kiss records out, but mommy’s all right, daddy’s all right, they just seem a little weird

And we will be “all right” in this kneejerk and overreaction league. With only 16 games, each one tends to be magnified, win, lose, or Detroit. We got blown out but you can only lose each game one time. No carryovers. Keep in mind that our current (4-1) projects out to 12.8 of 16, or between 12-13 wins…

We may have run out of time in Tampa, but we didn’t Surrender. We didn’t “give ourselves away.” We are in the fight, and in it to win it! Speaking of No Surrender: Salute to #292 Captain Joe Valitchka. Thank you! Phen-omenal thoughts and sentiment in “Football, Politics, Patriotism.” If you missed it, go back and read it. And make sure you bring your notebook. Maybe we need Captain Joe to sail into the Packers locker room to go Old School and kick some ass…

I still believe in this team and this system. Mine isn’t the irrational belief of the Fuhrerbunker, Jonestown, the cult with the Mother Ship waiting for us, or even of the many who sacrifice live chickens for personal fulfillment. This is no time for cryin’, “get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’.”

On to Houston and the Texans. This isn’t your daddy’s Houston, which is literally true as the Oilers long ago split for Tennessee. Those were the days of coach OA “Bum” Phillips, QB Dan Pastorini, “00” WR Ken Burrough, and the “Yellow Rose of Tyler (TX),” the great Earl Campbell, a pinch of Skoal in his cheek while he ran you over and left you down and broken with his tear-away jersey as a twisted sort of remnant souvenir…

I have lots of “exes.” I’ve been to Texas. But none of My Exes Live in Texas. Houston, led by Clemson legend Deshaun Watson and interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel after everyone got canned a couple weeks ago, is by far the best team in Texas. Even better than the joke known as Mexico’s Team being led by Andy Dalton, who is also by far the best QB on that team. The Texans are a bit of a wounded animal, and it’s difficult to predict whether bouncing Head Coach Bill O’Brien and company will energize the team or send it further swirling down the urinal. We’ll take the latter for this week…

OVERTIME: With crowd noise being pumped in, why not spray in some fake fans with CGI for the viewers at home (or the bar)? Elkhart HS is still undefeated and highly-rated in 6A football, but maybe that’s because they are in Elkhart, INDIANA, and not Wisconsin…

DOOR PRIZE(?): The drumbeat for a formal investigation of Prizegate unfortunately continues. The same cast of characters is further implicated (aka those who always win and keep on winning). There is ever-growing disillusionment and discontent among the people in the face of such obvious corruption and graft. Marge, Linda, and Jamie all failed to respond to requests for comment. Packer John has bled enough Green that he has somehow been able to remain above the fray, but where there’s smoke, there’s often fire. Warning to the perpetrators: The Reckoning shall be upon you

LOCKER ROOM: For some of the fans out there who recognize my obvious cultural drops in these articles, there was no plagiarism. Robin Zander is my wingman and Cheap Trick would’ve played at my wedding, but Bun E Carlos got caught up in customs at South Bend International Airport. As such, I’m paying tribute, not pulling a Biden…

AND BEYOND: RIP to the great Delbert McClinton, whose songwriting and performing left you feeling like you were “rolling a seven, Every Time (You) Roll the Dice”…

Go, Pack, GO!!!  
(Kraig Lewis)

After Sunday night’s loss we need something to celebrate.....so please help me in wishing Caroline Burroughs a Very Happy 17th Birthday on Thursday the 22nd!! On the other side of life, let’s shout out a belated #80 Birthday to #131 Tom Manske!!  May these birthdays be even better than the best of our games! 

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