2020 Week 15

Packers 24 Panthers 16

A few observations:  Jersey Mike’s subs is stilled called Jersey Mike’s, not just Mike’s.  I think the Jersey is just redundant; we’re already in Jersey, shouldn’t it just be called Mike’s?  There isn’t a way to sync XM homegame feed with the games on TV.  For some reason, Buffalo Wild Wing decided to close at 10 on Saturday, so I had to leave and drive back to my hotel.

2020 Week 14

Packers 31 Lyins 24

That was fun!  Packer fans at Spare Time and around the world had a ton of things to cheer about during Sunday’s victory against the hapless Lions.  But then there were quite a few groans and curses as well. Too many for a team (and fan base) intent on winning a 14th NFL Championship and 5th Lombardi Trophy this year.  Let’s go through all the groaners before we get to the good stuff about the Packers’ win which conquered the NFC North.

2020 Week 13

Packers 30 Egulls 16

The Green Bay Packers are getting cocky.  There.  I said it.  They think they’re so good, they’re spotting teams a quarter of football, and then deciding to play. 

2020 Week 12

Packers 41 Duh Bears 25

One thing I have to admit, duh bears have style.  If you are going to loose to the Packers for the 100th time in the series history, do it in style.  This makes the Packers THE only team in the NFL to win 100 games against an opponent and has now done it twice (the Lyins being the other). 

2020 Week 11

Packers 31 Indy Ponies 34

I do not blame this loss on the team.  I definitely do not blame this loss on MVS (Dude is getting death threats! Seriously?!?!  Those people need help!  I did send out a tweet to him in support!)  I blame this loss on the coaches. 

2020 Week 10

Packers 24 Jaguars 20

Well, I thought Packer John had given me a cupcake game review assignment this past week. After the Packers smoked the Jaguars I was going to simply type all the reasons I love the Packers, about what a fantastic team they have this year, how much fun they are to watch, what great camaraderie they have, how everybody is on the same page of the playbook, blah, blah, blah, kiss-kiss, hug-hug, smiley emoji, heart emoji, Lombardi Trophy emoji.

2020 Week 09

Packers 34 Santa Clara 17

After I got home from the game early Friday morning, I turned on the NFL network to see what they thought about the game. To no ones surprise, they thought Aaron was great and mentioned how much Davante meant to Aarons’ game. Not much else was said about the other 9 on offense or any of the 11 on our defense, even though they did deserve “some” credit.

2020 Week 08

Packers 22 Queenies 28

The following statements are true: “Statistically, always punting on 4th down makes no sense. When the team gives up the ball on their own 5 yard line their opponent has a 92% chance of scoring. When punting the opponent still has a 77% chance of scoring. But since a team converts on 4th down 50% of the time, the math says they should never punt.” – Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Professor, Astrophysics, Cal Tech. This is also true when your kicker is hurt, and the wind is blowing at 35 mph.

2020 Week 07

Packers 35 Taxens 20

Dr Jane Goodall was crouched in the bushes next to me as we peered at the scene before us. Goodall, the famous primatologist and trailblazer known for living amongst monkeys for extended periods to better understand their day-to-day lives and sociology, was the original “Jane of the Apes.”

2020 Week 05

Packers 30 Failcons 16

First Quarter Report to the Committee/Atlanta Review

In review of aging news, Aaron Rodgers (27/33, 327 yards, 4 TD zero INT, 147.5 passer rating) led the team to a relatively easy hometown victory in the latest town hall stop in his MVP campaign (12 TD, 1214 yards, zero INT, undefeated record, another clean jersey).

2020 SE01

Report From the Hill 

Aaron Rodgers is Angry!  I am also angry!  You may say, “But Ken, the team is 4-0.  Why is Aaron angry?  More to the point, why are YOU angry?”

2020 Week 04

Packers 37 No Aints 30

Drew Brees threw for 1000 yards and the Saints beat the Packers 70 to Nothing!  Okay, HOOOOLD IT!  How did I get Chris Collinsworth’s notes??  The Packers WON, but I’m going to rant about Collins-worth for a minute.  Indulge me.

2020 Week 03

Packers 42 Lyins 21

Well, it didn’t start out the way we wanted or expected it to with the Lyin’s marching down the field not once, but twice to start the game and all we had to answer was a field goal.  But by half time, the universe had balanced itself out with a missed field goal by the Lyin’s, giving the Pack a 17-14 lead going into the locker room. 

2020 Week 02

Packers 43 Viqueens 34

This week has personally felt like a long month for me. And it has actually been a long month as well. Several months. In so many ways. I’m sure I’m not exactly the Lone Ranger on that front in these Twilight Zone times, but it gets old proverbially getting hit in the mouth and kicked in the balls on a daily basis…

2020 Week 01

A Season Like No Other

Since the outbreak of the Covid virus earlier this year, many things have changed.  Almost all summer events were cancelled.  Schools, Churches, restaurants, sports and “non-essential” stores were closed.  Many states closed their borders and told everyone to stay at home.  As time went on, restaurants and store have reopened with state re-strictions.  Grub Hub and Door Dash are the way to go. Schools are a blend of classroom and home school.  Some sports restarted on modified schedules, including the NFL.  Gone are Pre-season games and live fans. Players had an option to sit this one out and there are more options for teams to be able to field a healthy team each week. 

2019 YEE

All eyes watched in disbelieving horror as the agonizingly slow, yet certain, clutches of death finally pulled the 2019 Season into oblivion. Widespread and varied clans clad in differing styles of green and mustard gathered around the corpse. There was no need to check for a pulse. Someone from the outer reaches offered steadily and dutifully: “The Also-Ran is dead.” In response, with eyes to the horizon, and in solemn unison, Packer Nation dutifully finished with a balanced and reserved “Long live the Also-Ran…”

2019 PO4

Packers 20 Santa Clara 37 

I went on the Internet and saw a headline Monday.  "What the Packers need to do about Aaron Rodgers", obviously written by someone with QB envy and hoping against hope that someone reads this article and thinks, "Yeah, we need to get rid of our HOF Quarterback who almost singlehandedly brought us back into the NFC Championship game and let Tim Boyle have the 'keys to the car'!  Yeah, we should do that!"  Not so fast!

2019 PO3

Packers 28 Seahags 23 

“I mean, I’m setting franchise records as Head Coach. We just beat Seattle. I’m becoming a household name, and not just here. I’m basically international now, with the games in England and all the Cowboys fans down in Mexico and Latin America.”

2019 PO2

Packers vs Seahags 

"I just hope people keep sleeping on us and keep saying we suck or we’re not as good as we are”-DT Kenny Clark
“I think it puts a little bit of a chip on our shoulders…that people don’t respect us”-LB Kyler Fackrell
The holidays are in the rearview and now it’s on to 2020 and the Packers hosting a huge game in the playoffs. I haven’t written or seen any of you since last year prior to the festivities, when many of us spread out across the country and globe to faraway, exotic places… like Milwaukee…

2019 PO1

Packers 23 Lyins 20 

There are times I’m glad this is newsletter is a weekly public- cation and not a daily. If it
was the latter, I would have been starting at half-time writing how “the loss didn’t keep us out of the playoffs but we would be playing next week”. Tearing that one up at the end of the 3rd quarter now saying “the boys didn’t tried but it was too little too late”.

2019 Week 17

Packers 23 Viqueens 10 

"Winning Ugly” is not a thing!  It’s made up term for a series of events that sportswriters don’t expect to happen.  The defensive display of The King of The North Green Bay Packers was NOT an ugly win!  Aaron Rodgers put it quite eloquently Monday Night, “Winning is always beautiful and Defense wins NFC North Championships.” He also went on to say, “They all count the same if you win, we’ve got to keep on winning.”