2020 Week 09

Packers 34 Santa Clara 17

After I got home from the game early Friday morning, I turned on the NFL network to see what they thought about the game. To no ones surprise, they thought Aaron was great and mentioned how much Davante meant to Aarons’ game. Not much else was said about the other 9 on offense or any of the 11 on our defense, even though they did deserve “some” credit. Most of the talk was about how we beat up on a down, defenseless team, siting “ALL” their injuries and covid players. Now granted the injuries were to their starting Quarterback, Running Back, two Wide Receivers & Tight End plus 3 on the covid list. Forgotten in their piety party was our injury list of 18 players plus another 5 on the covid list, and yet, “WE” beat up a banged up team. No love, really, no love, he was on the covid list. We came into the game with Aaron Jones and Tyler Ervin hurt, Dillion & Jamaal Williams out, bring up Dexter Williams from the practice squad to give Jones some rest and he gets injured after 2 runs for 8 yards. What do you do then? You convert a Tight end in mid game and use him at running back. That’s right, TE John Lovett ran for 6 yards on 3 runs. Not Fantasy Football big numbers but it is an example of the flexibility a team needs if it wants to stay on top. I did learn something. I woke up on Friday feeling like I had the day off because I didn’t need to get the newsletter out, so I turn on the NFL networks morning show trying to get some in-depth coverage of the only game in town, only to see the same high-lights, hear the same thoughts and comments verbatim! I wonder if they got paid twice for that??? Maybe I should release the newsletter Thursday night & Friday morning and get double my wage... yeh right. Jimmy did a good job again breaking down the game for us and Ken, even on his week off, added some more thoughts but there are a several items that should be noted from that game: Raven Greene got his first NFL INT with a little help from Preston Smith. His brother Za’Darius Smith got a hat trick.. a sack, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery all on the same play. It took only 3 plays before Santa Clara brought on their punter for the first time, something that took over 3 quarters last week. Last, including Tim Boyles kneel down run to end the game, the Packers had 30 pass plays and 31 running plays; I’d say the balance is back.
Before the game, Marge 328 was asking me if I thought Crosby was going to play (left calf & back). I told her he would not be kicking off (JK Scott did that), he may try extra points (and he did) but I told her you won’t be seeing him try a 53 yard field goal and wouldn't you know it, that is the exact yardage of the one he kicked. I think they did that just to make a liar out of me. This week a couple of people told me how good the Packers looked, a sentiment I agreed with. I don’t know how much motivation it was is getting rid of the ghosts that have haunted us playing the 49’ers at home. Maybe it means more to us fans; I know, bad team or not, it felt good to me. Hopefully it will help change our luck on the west coast. We are back in the not-so-frozen tundra this week for the last of our last place team trip. Kamal & Jamaal were released from the covid list along with Jordan Love; only A.J. Dillon and Krys Barnes remain on the list. Dexter Williams was placed on IR, and Alan Lizard is one game closer to his return and Crosby’s name is not on the injury list this week, all good signs going into this week, all good signs to 
Bleed Green My Friends! 
(Packer John)

Just Sayin'

That was an excellent game that came about on the schedule at the right time. I am sure we have all read some semblance of “yeah, you beat a beat-up team”. My response to that is “SO?” Hey, somebody had to play them, so what if the Packers turned out to be the ones, I am ok with that. I’ll take a win against a depleted team over a root canal any day of the week. And BTW, the root canal might have been easier to take than the 2nd half of the Vikings game. Now, in reference to the 49ers game, the offense was pretty darn good. I know many fans think that Rodgers looks for Adams too frequently most every game. But if Adams gets open, and AR12 can get him the ball, is that a bad thing? I don’t think so myself. I too would like him to spread the ball around more, but in reference to our WR group, who is there to spread the ball to? As a group, the WRs (not named Davante) are getting about 2 or 3 catches per game. That MUST improve.
At some point, that stat could bite the Packers in the butt. I was reading after the 49ers game that Rodgers says the biggest problem MVS has is his confidence. The article also said that Aaron went to Marquez and asked him, “you want it? ” And then came the 52 yard bomb TD. So maybe that will help with his confidence. AND, we now have Allen Lazard back on the practice field. The Packers took him to SF and there was early 
thinking that he may be able to suit up. But they nixed that decision and he watched the game. So, it might be a bit more likely that he will play against Jacksonville this week. If he does, I suspect the staff will limit his plays to try to prevent any reaggravation of his injury. As far as the defense went, they played better. Yeah, it was against a lot of 2nd stringers, but they played more aggressive and there was an Adams sighting, yeah, Montravius Adams was seen making a play; and you wondered if he was still on the team. So did I. While the 49ers were playing with a depleted team, the Packers weren’t exactly playing with all their guys either. Kevin King didn’t play. Alexander left in the first half. Jamal Williams and Kamal Martin were not available. Also, as I guess you have noticed, there are more attempts on 4th down to “go for it”. Mason Crosby has a left calf issue as well as back problems. So until all that clears up, I suspect we will see more 4th down attempts if the distance is reasonable and the field position is decent. Well, here’s to no more root canals this season… 
Just Sayin’ 
(Jimmy Smith)


Oh what a night! We had 2 visitors from the motherland to join our 25 faithful Packer backers at Spare Time. We cheered and carried on and really enjoyed getting in the thick of things. We were having such a good time that Ken 185, our mic man for the evening, got carried away and pulled numbers for TEN lucky door prize winners! 117 Nick Papala chose a Best Dog plaque, 123 Kraig Pringle (aka Lewis) chose a Packer flag which was appropriated by 207 Christy Papala, 185 Ken Hill chose oven mitts, and 506 Sebastian Sharpe is keeping great time with his new watch. 149 Travis Wieloch joined the Packer facemask club. And then came the shirts…505 Heather Sharpe chose a sweater which will look so great on her as the weather cools. 221 Barb Gambrell and 220 Jimmy Smith chose tee shirts. 120 Neil Petersen (aka Clark) chose a lady’s long sleeved tee shirt which won’t stay in his possession for long…we look forward to it being modeled on Sunday ‘cause we think he can pull it off <grin>. And then there was 242 Christina Harrison. Several weeks ago she told me NOT to let her choose a tee shirt as her closet was full of them. Then when her number was drawn, she chose a tee shirt! I did my best to discourage her, but without success. So Christina took home a great tee shirt. We completed a $1 board for the football pool. Winners were 542 Kathie Mervyn, 117 Nick Papala (2), and 120 Neil Clark. The correct answer to the trivia question was submitted by 127 Kent Sargent. He won a $25 gift card from our friends at Spare Time. Come join the friendly, cheering, cheerful Greenville Packer Backers at Spare Time this Sunday at 1 o’clock as we take on the Jaguars. Remember, the more the merrier as we cheer on the best team ever with the greatest fans who love our team through thick and thin…but isn’t thick so much more fun? 
Marge 328

Packers vs Jaguars

The last time the Packers played Jacksonville was the season opener on September 11, 2016 in Florida. I had circled the game when the schedule came out as a possible family road trip. But I decided against getting tickets when work and school conflicts arose for that same weekend. Fortunately, it was probably a better game to watch on TV rather than in person. The 1pm game time temperature in humid Jacksonville was 90 degrees and climbed through the afternoon. Numerous Packer players cramped up during the game and visiting Packer fans often vacated their seats in the shade-less stadium to seek relief in the concourses. I hope anyone who left early due to heat exhaustion and/or sunburn found a TV to see the end of the game. The Jaguars were driving for the go-ahead score with a minute left when the Packers stopped a 4th and 1 play (final score Packers 27- 23). Now it is the Packers turn to host the Jaguars. But the home field advantage of Lambeau in mid-November 2020 is not nearly the same as in years past. The weather forecast for game day has zero chance of snow or ice to welcome the southern team. With no fans in attendance, visiting teams consider themselves very lucky and can become quite comfortable in the vast emptiness of the hallowed stadium. Ugh, some opposing players even have the gall to do an illegitimate “Lambeau Leap” without fear of stiff arms, kidney punches, or beers being dumped on them. At least the stadium crew still stocks plenty of fireworks to shoot off when the Packers score multiple times each game! In fact, through the first 4 games of this season, I was thinking the Packers can score enough to beat every team. Then the last 4 games have shown me that any team can beat the Packers. It all depends on which Packers team shows up on a particular Sunday. Or maybe the Packers are playing a cruel version of the “Red Light Green Light” children’s game with us fans. That would actually explain the L-W-L-W pattern of the last weeks and the start/stall of the offense. Even without a real home field advantage, and the potential for this to be a “RED LIGHT!” week, we cannot really be worried about this Jacksonville game, can we?
We have had two common opponents so far this season: the Packers beat Detroit and Houston, whereas Jacksonville has lost to those teams. Ergo Packers beat Jacksonville. How could the Packers lose to a bottomdwelling 1-win team anyways? Wait ---- I think I said that before the Minnesota game a few weeks ago! But let’s stop our worrying and consider this a cream puff game for the Packers. In fact, here is my way too optimistic TOP TEN Predictions for this week’s Packers/Jaguars game: 1) The game time temperature will be less than half the 2016 game in Jacksonville. 2) The Packers will score on their opening possession. 3) Davante Adams will have 2 TD catches. 4) Aaron Jones will have 100+ all-purpose yards. 5) Aaron Rodgers will not throw an interception. 6) The Packers will score 30 or more points. 7) The Jaguars will be held to less than 100 yards rushing. 8) The Packers will force at least 1 turnover. 9) Either my wife Ella (#599) or I (#398) will win a door prize. 10) We will enjoy yet another glorious Green Bay Packer victory!!! 
(398 Bill Demuth)

Hill's Side Report

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” – Ancient Klingon Proverb. The San Francisco Bay is always cold. Anyone who reads my stuff knows that I don’t hold grudges. Anyone who reads my stuff knows that that’s a bald-faced lie! I hold grudges almost as well as Michael Jordan! The last time the Minor 49ers faced the Packers in the playoffs, I did the preview. I mentioned the game out at Candlestick where Jerry Rice fumbled, LeRoy Butler recovered the fumble, and the refs didn’t have instant replay review to show it. Niners won, the Packers would have to wait for another chance to go to the Super Bowl. The Packers have only been to the Superbowl 3 times in the last 23 years. We should have gone more. We were denied that last year by the Minor 49ers. Aaron Rodgers Passer rating Thursday was 147.2. That’s 11.1 below a “perfect” game. Hmmm, who do we know who had the last perfect passing game? AARON CHARLES RODGERS! Aaron has lost NOTHING! on his game! He threw it to 8 different receivers and for 4 Touchdowns. We just showed that I hold grudges, maybe Aaron does too. Born and raised in Chico, CA, 165 miles from SF, we’ve seen the picture of him with the 49ers helmet on, his favorite player was Joe Montana. When he entered the draft in 2005, the 49ers had the Number one pick. It was perfect. We all know what happened, Alex Smith went first, Aaron fell to 24 to the Packers. Considering how his College career went, he might have some resentment. Too all of my fellow Veterans: I salute you and Thank You for your service. The Sweater is Back! I will be wearing the Sweater (hopefully a lot) at every game I attend at Spare Time up to and including the X-mas game (Dec. 27th). See ya Sunday. 
Go Pack!! GO!! 
(Ken Hill)
My fellow Packer Backers help me wish Jeff Jacobs a Very Happy Birthday on Freaky Friday the 13th! Let's also wish Ella Demuth a Very Happy Gameday Birthday this Sunday! Her husband, Bill, said her birthday wish is a Packer Win.... That's our wish too Ella! Go Pack Go! Send your birthday, anniversary, graduation or other milestone Shout-out’s to me at: heatherbailey80@gmail.com 
(Heather Bailey)