2019 Week 08

Packers 42 Radars 24 

Perfect. Explosive. Flawless. Greatest of All Time.  These are words I heard on Sunday after watching the Green Bay Packers demolish the Las Vegas/LA/Oakland Raiders.  These words were used to describe one Aaron Charles Rodgers.  Aaron’s perfect passer rating was the first in 18 years in the NFL, and the first in Packer history.  I was in the Packers Hall of Fame less than 24 hours prior to this and watched Bart Starr sling around a frozen ball like a frisbee in August. (The drive in the Ice Bowl). 

2019 Week 07

Packers 23 Lyins 22 

It’s sad; In case you haven’t heard it anywhere on sports media this week, the Packers are 5-1.  That doesn’t seem to be news, but Trey Flowers hands to the face has made him a national poster child for the “Inept Refs”.  To be honest, that was as much “hands to the face” as it was a Lyins touchdown (see Jimmy’s comments). 

2019 Week 06

Packers 34 Cowgirls 24 

Despite the great victory the Packers had against Dallas, writing this review is personally the least enjoyable I’ve ever written. It’s like work, only with no reward. I’m a little bitter, a little disappointed. Much of what “fire” I’ve had for all of this is currently missing.

2019 Week 05

Packers 27 E-gulls 34 

“I don’t know what pass interference is anymore,” that’s what Coach Matt LaFleur said after Thursday night’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was referring, of course, to the third quarter no call when a Philly defender was in the face of MVS, had his hand in his face (illegal use of hands to the face?), and was clearly not playing the ball, killing a drive that would have helped the Packers tie the score or put us ahead.

2019 Week 04

Packers 27 Broncos 16 

I have a confession to make... I was born in Denver and spent the first year of my life there.  You see, my mom had respiratory problems all her life.  Back then, modern medicine claimed that “mountain air” would work wonders on her breathing.