2019 Week 06

Packers 34 Cowgirls 24 

Despite the great victory the Packers had against Dallas, writing this review is personally the least enjoyable I’ve ever written. It’s like work, only with no reward. I’m a little bitter, a little disappointed. Much of what “fire” I’ve had for all of this is currently missing.
I hope to find it again.  But duty calls, and the World will keep on turning... Review: How many articles, blogs, emails,  broadcasts etc have you read or heard about the game? This just in: The Packers came out and dominated the Cowboys in JerryWorld, hitting them in the mouth to extend the score to (31-3), where reasonable minds were screaming “Stop the fight!” before giving up slop points to finish with a convincing win. But you didn’t need me to tell you all of this, did you? As such, it’s Storytime. And for those of you that don’t like my stories, tune out. Change the channel. But whatever you do, if you choose to read on, it’s at your own risk... On Friday, I’m flying with my son up to visit my nephew (Kirby), and if everything goes well, attend the Notre Dame vs USC game in South Bend. For what it’s worth, Kirby is half Mexican, half Anglo. My brother met and married a great girl from Durango, Mexico, home of the Alacran (scorpion). Unfortunately, theirs was a brief marriage and in fact was  my first divorce case when I got out of law school. But the one great thing that came of it was Mi Sobrino, Kirby. I have about 25 years of great family and friendly relationships with Mexicans. I love  them, I love their culture, and I love what they add to this great Melting Pot we call America. We make fun of each other. We celebrate our differences as well as our commonalities... You may ask "Why is he talking about this?” There is, as usual, a method to my perceived madness... The original version of this review included my “resignation” from writing for this newsletter and from further performances as Master of Ceremonies (microphone) at the games at SpareTime. There were complaints about my style and comments during the Cowboys game. The references to Dallas as  Mexico’s Team” and the timely(?) use of Spanish evidently didn’t sit well with the PC/#/Woke contingency at the club. A little too “locker room” for some of those diverse Crackers diligently and  dutifully looking out for the zero Hispanics in the crowd... On a side note, I was further crushed when told that people did not appreciate my brief forays into song, as I’m certain I have Grammy-like quality if given some decent lyrics and backup singers. But the drumbeat of shit questions like “What kind of drugs is he on?” tells me that maybe I’m having more fun than I should be and “getting it” way more than the audience… I’ve written for the Bits for years. My “style,” as it were, has definitely morphed, and whether it’s been an evolution or a de-evolution apparently depends on your taste and expectations. But my heart has always been in it. And it’s been (“Boot Kickin” page 1) a pure heart. It’s all been in good fun, and those that actually know me understand that. I love everyone and hate everyone, regardless of race, creed, religion, gender assignment, whatever… I abandoned a “strictly” football discussion because of the copious information and commentary available out there, written by true professionals. I read all of it myself. Beyond that, I am a rabid consumer of popular culture, trivia, and history; I am a voracious afficianado of books, TV, movies, etc, and I like to work various cultural references and themes into the articles along with light discussions about the Packers and the games. I put considerable time and thought into it. It’s not always convenient for me to write, but there are a handful of loyal readers out there who have given me great feedback, and I really thrive on that. I write for them as much as myself. If you don’t know me, change that. Come tell me what you think, good, bad, or ugly… Along with that invitation comes a challenge, especially for the critics: Toe the line! Take the lead and write your own version of a column. You can most certainly do better! I could get used to just being there!) You may think, “Ken why so much venom for Dallass? We don’t play them that often! I will tell you. I lived in Corpus Christi, TX during the Dark Times (also known as the Aikman era). Jimmy Johnson always beat us in the Divisional Round or the NFC Championship game. Oh how my hate grew. I definitely could have turned to the dark side of the Force! Then a funny thing happened. Deanna Tynes walked into the living room. She turned the full force of those stunning Green Eyes on one Brett Lorenzo Favre and said, “You want to marry me? You’ve got to get clean first!” Brett of course had become addicted to painkillers (Vicodin). He wasn’t sleeping, he was taking more and more pills, he was spiraling. He threw the pills out that day, and he and Deanna drove to see Mike Holmgren. They then all three went and saw Ron Wolfe. The (“Just Sayin’ II” page 3) Member #123, peacefully watching the game and waiting to hit an elusive door prize. Criticism and comments by those who remain safely on the sideline to do their Monday-morning QBing mean nothing to the true players who’ve actually been in the locker room… I’m a firm believer in the idea that “If the right people are bitching, you must be doing something right.” It follows that anything I write that’s worth reading is going to piss somebody off. At least make them think. I’ve got it! My version of Cogito, Ergo Sum (“I Think, therefore I Am”). You Read, You Think. Isn’t that the point? 
(Kraig Pringle)

Just Sayin’

Well, Matt LaFleur must have seen our newsletter and saw us complaining about giving up on the running game. Cause he sure came out and ran it down the Cowboys’ throats, huh? Seriously, I sorta doubt he saw our newsletter. But now, when someone talks about Aaron and the Packers, the first question that might come up is “Aaron who?” or “Which Aaron?” And I don’t mind that at all. I have seen an article this week that said AR12 wasn’t worried about his own stats as long as they are winning. And I think that showed. As Packers fans, we all like to see AR12 making the incredible, downfield throws. But the way they are playing right now, who doesn’t mind seeing the screen passes, side armed flips and short dink-and-doink passes? Hey, they are moving the chains, moving down the field, and scoring. But I certainly don’t want the Packers to overuse Jones too much and wear him out. Having him come out and be spelled by Williams or Carson is the right thing to do. The TEs got involved. Had Tonyan not gotten banged up, I think we could have seen him with more catches. But I DO look for Jimmy Graham to start making his presence known a little more as we move forward. But we still need one of the WRs to step it up a bit more. Mason Crosby took a knee to the hip and came up limping. But he appeared to be fine later when called upon. Defensively, what a game the guys played. They had 3 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 4 tackles for loss. And many hits and a lot of pressure. Now, at the end of the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter, the game got a little more interesting. While Amari Cooper did have a great day, Ezekiel Elliot did not. Personally, that was my biggest doubt going into the game, giving up a lot of rushing yards. Listening to some videos during the week, the players admitted to not holding their gaps and that contributed to the poor rush defense in previous games. Hopefully, they are getting that worked out. I am hoping that Z. Smith’s numerous times being down on the ground and going off, only to be back on the field a couple of plays later, was maybe due to cramping, at least in some part. It was good to see Oren Burks back on the field. Kevin King apparently was playing while not in top form. But he got the interception. And how about that Chandon Sullivan interception!! Maybe he should play some WR after a catch like that. AR12 was speaking after the (Just Sayin’ from page 1) game in his presser and was talking about how great the locker room was. He said guys were getting along and even hanging out together. He said (something like) “We haven’t had that in a couple of years.” I saw where Colin Cowherd was really slamming him for saying that. Even some fans on some places on the ’net were dissing AR12 for saying it. I say to those fans, “You can’t handle the truth.” It is what it is. MM had lost the team and the locker room. We might see Rodgers and LeFleur kinda snipping a little on the sidelines, but on the whole, I think Aaron likes winning and having a real defense so he doesn’t have to carry the team every week. And I think what will come with that is more balanced offense by moving the chains and AR12 not constantly looking the big play downfield. Once again, I can’t find anything to rant about. And that’s a good thing... 
Just Sayin’ 
(Jimmy Smith)


Several guests joined the 65 Greenville Packer Backers for a lively time cheering on our Packers. We also welcomed 2 more new members: 550 Heather Bailey 551 Amir Glenn It is so great to be adding to our numbers. Our membership now stands at 123, a number we haven’t seen for years and we are only getting started. Tee shirts seemed to be the preferred door prize, chosen by 131 Gerald Schultz, 242 Christina Harrison, and 507 Linda Bracke. Ladies’ watches were chosen by 221 Barbara Gambrell and 282 Lynn Coleman. 554 Tyler Corimer now has a Locker Room Buddy dressed in Packer colors adorning his room (or Spare-Time table). 431 Jan Zlebek picked a set of Packer pint glasses. 534 Kara Whalen will be wearing her polarized sunglasses while 127 Kent Sargent dons his new cap. 241 Tiffany Bailey has a new wallet and a set of magnets and 132 Sharon Schultz also chose magnets but paired them with flip- flops.Our man on the mic, Kraig (aka Lewis) Pringle decided to host his own trivia question which was answered by 120 Neil Petersen who chose hairware and 241 Tiffany Bailey who picked a keychain as their prizes. The club’s trivia question was answered by new member 550 Heather Bailey. She was awarded a $25 gift card from our friends at Spare Time (see it pays to become a member). We were able to fill both a $1 and a 50₵ board. Winners of the $1 board were 263 Pat Zumbach, 328 Marge Bramlett, 262 Tom Zumbach, and 542 Kathie Mervyn. Winners of the 50₵ board were 321 Sheila Chase (2), 113 Russ Larson, and 431 Jan Zlebek. Our next game is Monday night against the Lions with an 8:15 start. I know it is a work night for many of you, but I would love to see you for at least the first half. I have a previous commitment for the first part of the game, but I would love to “high five” y’all when I get there. It’s always more fun to cheer with fellow backers than cheering alone. Let’s all keep it together through thick and thin. Marge 328

Packers vs. Lyins

At the start of the season, no one could have predicted that this game, Packer v. Lyins, would be meaningful, much less a battle for first place in what is becoming the toughest division in football, but it has. Or has it? The records may not be as they seem. Looking at the lyins website, I noticed a several things. First, they can score a lot of points (27, 27 & 30). Twice that was not enough when they gave up 27 to Arizona in the tie and 34 in their loss to KC. Second, they’ve beaten only one team with a winning record (E-gulls). Their loss was to KC and their tie was to the Cardinals, who are ranked one of the worst teams in football. Third, Stafford was sacked 4 times by KC. On the flip side, the Packers have faced 4 teams with winning records, winning three of the four games AND have 15 sacks, 7 Ints. and a +7 turnover ratio for the season.
The football gods are with the Lyins this year. They not only visit Green Bay in the early fall, as opposed to the cold December games, but they also have two weeks to rest and plan for this game. In my opinion, they will need it. Gone are players like Megatron and Golden Tate, who harassed us to no end. In their place are Marvin Jones, Kenny Golladay & T.J. Hochenson, their running game is led by Kerryon Johnson. Other than Hochenson (because of his play at Iowa), no name really stands out as league leaders. They do however still have Matt Staffrord, who is in his 11th season and at times has given our defense problems.
To make this a game, Stafford will have to shoulder the team. However, Staffrord will spend most of the day getting well acquainted with the Smith Brothers. They will need to get their running game going, which is our defense’s weak spot. But here, our best run stop defense will be our offense. With a few 1st quarter scores, which we’ve been known to do, the Lyins will be playing “catch” up (as in pass and catch) early on, which will make this Stafford v. Smith’s show. Last week the Pack FINALLY put together a four quarter game, with 3 Ints., 3 sacks and even scoring 17 points in the second half. Aaron Jones not only had 107 yards rushing but collected 75 yards passing, making him the #1 rusher and receiver last week. What was missing was production from our wide receivers. Last week our running backs caught 11 of 12 passes, the tight ends went 6 of 6 while the
receivers were only 4 of 12. We need that to change especially if Davante is sidelined for another week. Jimmy, it’s time for your boy, Jake from Wisconsin, to live up to your expectations. On a couple of side bars, Stafford is 352 yards short of 40,000 passing yards in his career. It would not break my heart if he had to wait another week to get there. Two year head coach Matt Patricia has never lost to the Packers. Last year, we allowed them to sweep us, which hasn’t happened since, well, the year before that. I don’t want this to become 5-0. Monday night, under the Lights of Lambeau, I am hoping to see the Aaron2 and Smith2 Show. This is the time for Green Bay, in the national spot-light, to prove to everyone who owns the NFC North; the only division in football where all four teams are above .500. This is also a divisional game and a 3-0 record only helps to put a lock on any tie- breakers, if that becomes necessary. I don’t think it will that but like I said, we are in the toughest division (at least until the viqueens fade) in the NFL and every game is important. We don’t have the luxury of losing 6 game and still win the division like New England can every year. People, it’s time to tighten the chin strap, come on down to Spare-Time and 

Bleed Green My Friends 
(Packer John)


I have said this before, now I’m just sayin...(also) The Green Bay Packers are America’s Team. A lot of folks I talk to ask if I’m a Packer fan, I whip right around and proudly say, “I’m a Packer OWNER!” And yes, I’m a huge disappointment to my friends who are Bear fans. But we all know...”Upon Further Review... the Bears still suck!” A lot of people on hearing that I’m an Owner say, “I thought the team was owned by the City of Green Bay?” Not true. There are over 360,000 stockholders in the Green Bay Packers, Inc. The majority of those shares are indeed owned by Green Bay, WI, but shares are owned by people in all 50 states and I believe Canada, but I’d have to check the bylaws. That means we’re America’s Team! The Dallass Cryboys are owned by Jerry Jones. That makes them Jerry’s Team. (Insert Jerry Lewis joke here, I’m not going there!) You may think, “Ken why so much venom for Dallass? We don’t play them that often! I will tell you. I lived in Corpus Christi, TX during the Dark Times (also known as the Aikman era). Jimmy Johnson always beat us in the Divisional Round or the NFC Championship game. Oh how my hate grew. I definitely could have turned to the dark side of the Force! Then a funny thing happened. Deanna Tynes walked into the living room. She turned the full force of those stunning Green Eyes on one Brett Lorenzo Favre and said, “You want to marry me? You’ve got to get clean first!” Brett of course had become addicted to painkillers (Vicodin). He wasn’t sleeping, he was taking more and more pills, he was spiraling. He threw the pills out that day, and he and Deanna drove to see Mike Holmgren. They then all three went and saw Ron Wolfe. The (“Just Sayin’ II” page 3) Packers franchise QB was going into rehab. Brett came out of rehab and Packer Nation held its breath. He was the franchise. We had 13 wins that season. Including a loss at Dallass. Changes were going on in Dallass, too. Jimmy Johnson was gone, replaced by Barry Switzer former Head Coach of Oklahoma. They had won the previous years Super Bowl, but we all knew he had inherited the team, they hadn’t done anything different. Michael Irvin got caught snorting cocaine off a paper plate, the Cowboys were in a bit of a dilemma. Their record was 12-4. If the fates were kind, Dallas would come to Green Bay for the playoffs. We held up our part...a 35-14 shellacking of the San Francisco 49ers, the 4th quarter marked by the Packer faithful chanting, “We want Dallas! We want Dallas!” The Klingons were right, “Revenge is a dish best served COLD!” It is very cold in Green Bay in January! Then Barry Switzer ran his mouth... “You know, I don’t even think I know where Charlotte, NC is!” Oh. My. God! The Cryboys had to go to Charlotte to play the Dom Capers (‘member him?) led 2nd year in the league Carolina Panthers in Ericsson Stadium. Barry Switzer had given the NFC Western Division Champions bulletin board material. The entire Carolinas took umbrage! We had our game Saturday, Carolina played Dallas on Sunday. I don’t follow football so I didn’t see the game. I do remember seeing Sam Mills and Kevin Greene mugging for the camera saying, “We have a question for Barry Switzer, do you know where Charlotte, NC is NOW?!” We would forever be denied our true revenge, we played Dallass the next season. It wasn’t the same. Chan Gailey was the Head Coach, Aikman was a shadow of himself to my eyes. It wasn’t the same. Now though, we are 3-0 against them in Dallas. Aaron Rodgers is undefeated at AT&T stadium. The more thing change the more they stay the same: I still love to hate the Dallass Cryboys. I still correct people on my ownership, and I LOVE TO HATE JERRY’S TEAM!!! 
I’m just sayin...(too) 
(Ken Hill)