2017 Week 17

Packers 00 Viqueens 16

My preview article last week was a rant.  I’ll admit it and own it.  Granted, ranting is what Jimmy’s supposed to do in “Just Sayin’” and I get the chance to rant during the bye week and the End of Season issue, but I couldn’t help myself last week.  The writing was on the wall.  I saw it.  Now you may say, “Yeah, Ken but you didn’t call for McCarthy’s job.  Why?” 

2017 Week 16

Packers 24 Panthers 31

I said before the trip to Charlotte that regardless of the outcome of the game, or even the season, Mark Murphy should fire the entire “lot” of them. I’m still saying it, only a little bit louder. Actually, I’m like a 250-lb male brown-haired brown-eyed dark-skinned Heidi yodeling it from the Blue Ridge mountaintops…

2017 Week 15

Packers 27 Browns 21

You know John (our erstwhile editor) and I were talking before the game about Trevor Davis.  He’s our return guy, a tight end/wide receiver who has hands like baskets so he can catch nearly anything thrown his way.  Anyone who watches special teams play knows how special that is.  Remember when Jeremy Ross played kick returner? 

2017 Week 14

Packers 26 Buc-an-ears 20

Well I did say this was a winnable game without Air-ron, I just didn’t think it would be in overtime.  One would have to go way back to find a game where the QB on the winning side had 13 completions for 84 yards with a QBR of 48.3.

2017 Week 13

Packers 28 Stealers 31

The game at Pittsburgh Sunday night proves two things with absolute clarity: (1) The NFL is truly unpredictable week to week; and (2) I personally don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. I was wrong (“Wrong? Have you ever been right?”) about how this game would go. I did everything short of predicting a loss, which I don’t think I’ll ever be capable of doing…