2018 Week 07

Packers 33 Santa Clara 30

A lot has happened since the time our heroic friends pulled another one out the hat.  The Badgers won 1 & lost 1; the Brewers won 3 but lost 4 and the Boilermakers took it to “THE” Ohio State University!  The viqueens have won 2, duh bears have lost 2 and the Lyins can’t win unless they’re playing the Packers. 

2018 Week 06

Packers 23 Lyins 31

The Week 5 debacle in Motown left this team truly Upside Down. There was Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide from the onslaught of mistakes which Signed, Sealed, Delivered the victory to a Lions team that really didn’t deserve it. Now, the question for us and the Packers becomes, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

2018 Week 05

Packers 22 Bills 00

22 ZIP 😳👍
IT!!!! GO PACK GO!!!
This was an email I got from one of our founding members Loren Wolf, now living in Michigan and I couldn’t have said it better myself. The last time the Packers did this to an opponent was the NJ Jets on October 31, 2010.