2018 Week 05

Packers 22 Bills 00

22 ZIP 😳👍
IT!!!! GO PACK GO!!!
This was an email I got from one of our founding members Loren Wolf, now living in Michigan and I couldn’t have said it better myself. The last time the Packers did this to an opponent was the NJ Jets on October 31, 2010.
Maybe it was the throwback jersey’s, maybe it was the extra beers I drank or maybe because it was the Bills. In any event, Sunday’s shutout was a good feeling. This was reason for the defense to celebrate. They held the Bill’s offense to just 145 total yards, SEVEN 3 and out possessions, got 2 INT’s and a fumble recovery, found a way to “Gently Cradle the Quarterback” (formerly known as a sack) 7 times and as Loren noted above, did not allow them to score. Even with Wilkerson going on the IR this week didn’t seem to hurt the DLines who kept pressure on Josh Allen all day and help hold the running backs to 39 yards. The biggest thing however was Clay had a sack and did not get flagged. I know, like many others, I was on the edge of my seating waiting for the infamous yellow flag to come flying at his feet. Thank God Clay’s streak of 3 games with a Roughing the Passer penalty has ended and we can going back to watching and talking football. Our offense on the other hand, was not celebrating the shutout like the defense was. True they did have 423 total yards, 110 of that was from our running backs and the O-Line only allowed 2 sacks. The problem was one of the sacks was a lost fumble on a backside hit on Airron. This week, Air-ron has gone on record stating the pour play of the offense. He didn’t throw any one player or coach under the bus, as a matter of fact, he sighted himself as one of the reasons for concern. He did look more mobile this week, but I wonder if the brace is still affecting his accuracy or can we contribute this to lack of practicing during the week? Then there’s his deep ball accuracy, completing only 3 passes longer than 25 yards. The other problem Airron mentioned was the 3 field goals. Having to settle for 3 so often, is something that doesn’t settle well with him saying right now, they are not a playoff caliber offense. How much has the release of Jordy affected this team? Not so much Jordy as a receiver but it was the way they communicated on the field, a little glance, the twitch of a finger or the tap of a foot and both knew what the other was thinking. Has the lack of practice time together hindered this process with Adams, Allison, Cobb and Graham? The one bright spot has to be the running back trio of Jones, Williams and Montgomery who not only ran hard for 110 yards but contributed 73 passing yards. Still, from a fans point of view, it was a good game and ended in a victory. One has to wonder if the lack of practice time TOGETHER has had an effect on the overall offense. It only gets worse this week as our top 4 receivers and Air-ron didn’t practice this week. Chances are most will play (Allison is in concussion protocol so he is most likely a scratch) but that practice time to learn the little glance, the twitch of a finger or the tap of a foot is still missing. We go this week into Detroit, to a team that looks like they love last place. To a coach that is trying to prove it was him, not Belichek, who was the brains in (“Zippo” page 1) New England but so far has only gotten the pencil in the ear look down. Don’t get me wrong, this game will not be a pushover. The Lyins do have some talent and as I’ve oft times said, a division game is never easy. It will help to have Aaron & Air-ron in the backfield but not sure I want to rely on J’mon Moore, Equanimeous St. Brown (ESB), Marquez Valdes-Scantling (MVS) & Lance Kendricks to carry the load, but then again, maybe this is their time to shine; Sunday will tell us for sure. We will win, to think anything else and you’re Lyin’. Come down to Hall of Fame on Sunday to help me cheer the Pack on. I’ll be the one wearing Packer clothes and like every week
Bleeding Green My Friends 
(Packer John)

Just Sayin’

I didn’t get to see the Bills game, but kept up with it through Game Center on the web at NFL.com. Maybe had I seen the game, I would have had a better feeling when the final seconds ticked down. After all, a 22-0 shutout was pretty darn good. Seven sacks were pretty good as well. Another pick by Clinton-Dix was pretty good. And even though this was the first shutout at Lambeau since 2009 when we beat the Lions, at the end of the game, that yes ! ! ! feeling that usually comes after a victory, was just not there. I had these thoughts after the game finished. Rodgers admitted as such during his press conference that the offense was bad. I thought with a new (old) OC, that maybe the play calling would be a little more innovative. I just ain’t seeing it. The offense goes down the field and gets 2 TDs fairly early, and then settles for FGs the rest of the game. It has been said on different forums over the last few years that the Packers won’t put the hammer down and put an opponent away when they are in position to do so. That was the case on Sunday. Now part of the offenses’ vanilla showing on Sunday was some good and bad elements. There was some good running on the part of Aaron Jones. But based on McCarthy’s past, Jones won’t start. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, McCarthy is loyal to his starters to a fault. Jones is the better back right now, but McCarthy won’t turn him loose. I’ll be very surprised if Jones carries the ball 15 times against the Lions. Montgomery needs to be playing in the slot if Cobb can’t go. There were also several drops by the WRs and there was even a defleption. (In case there might be some new members reading the newsletter for the first time, a defleption is a catchable pass that is deflected by the receiver that then turns into an interception, therefore giving the QB an official interception, whereas, it should go against the receiver as an official stat called a defleption.) On a lighter note, Rodgers was moving a little better and we have 2 winnable games coming up in the next two weeks and then a bye when we can get some rest for the players. Meanwhile, as we watched the offense stumble around, the defense was putting on one of their best shows in quite some time. 7 sacks, 2 interceptions, and a general thorn-in-the-side of anything Buffalo tried to do. One of the players that has gotten a lot of heat since the day he was drafted is Kyler Fackrell. Well, 4 tackles and 3 sacks should stop that chatter, at least for a week. And 2 picks, one by one of the rookies was super. Matthews had a half-sack. I am sure the referee was beside himself trying to figure out how to throw a half-flag for a halfpenalty. In general, the Packers played a good game. But I want to see some more offense !!!
Just Sayin’
(Jimmy Smith)

GPB Hall Of Fame Report

Ninety-five Packer Backers were cheering and high-fivin’ at Hall of Fame Sports Grill last Sunday. We renewed acquaint -tances with some returning members and welcomed new members. It seems that our social media presence is working in our favor! Be sure to give these 4 new members a big Packer welcome: 523 Teal Johnson 524 Seth Ray 525 Leslie Fleming 526 Anthony Johnson Twelve door prizes were awarded. 390 Grayson Mann will be rocking with her new earbuds, 423 Melody Cox has a t-shirt, and 426 Harry Zahn will sport a new cap. 324 will avoid the rain with his new poncho, while 512 Holly Boselie will snuggle under the Packer blanket. 110 Bill Bunke will spice it up with his salt and pepper grinders, and 120 Neil Petersen will enjoy carving with his Packer steak knives. 469 Erek Steliga chose the cooler, and 323 Celie Schilz picked a towel. 262 Tom Zumbach and 507 Linda Bracke will be wearing lanyards, and 127 Kent Sargent won then gave car flags to 242 Christina Harrison to fly proudly on her car. Our friends at Hall of Fame Sports Grill awarded a $15 gift certificate to 328 Marge Bramlett for her correct answer to the trivia question. The $1 football pool was won by 221 Barbara Gambrell (twice), 242 Christine Harrison, and 506 Sebastion Sharp. Looking forward to seeing another great crowd this Sunday at 1 p.m. for our game against the “Lyins”. Remember it is always more fun to cheer on our guys with like minded Greenville Packer Backers. Hoping we are back on track, I will always remain courageous.
(Marge 328)

Packers      vs.       Lyins

Once again, I found myself in Packhalla, that familiar that mystical place, part Valhalla, part Matrix, where anything and everything is possible for soldiers in the Army of St. Vince. Specifically, I was laid out on one of the many plush couches in the living room with the rest of the Packers. The familiar “Go, Pack, Go!!!” doorbell chimed. We looked at each other, no one budging from their comfort zones. So, of course I said “It’s your house, man…you get the door.” The Packers answered the door. It was a stranger’s face, but there was something vaguely familiar about the slightly menacing, sneering expression. He exuded aggressiveness. While the Packers stood and stared, it came to me. To defuse the situation, I quickly said “It’s ok, guys. Let him in.” I walked up to him, gave him a subtle manhug, and told him it was really great to see him again. As the team looked upon us in confusion, I said “Boys, say hello to Pass Rush. Looks like he’s back…” Upon my return to reality, I can’t help feeling a little “off” when preparing the Detroit preview this week. There have been these strange, subliminal tidbits which keep popping up in my mind, almost as if I Hear a Symphony, but different. I Heard it Through the Grapevine that I got hacked by the Russians in cahoots with the ghosts of Motown. Mercy, Mercy Me. What’s Goin’ On? Then again, it might be Just My Imagination, running away with me… After a quarter (25%) of the season, the Packers are (2-1-1), Detroit (1-3). For Detroit, It’s the Same Old Song. The Lions last won an NFL title in 1957, also the year of Milwaukee’s last (and only, but stay tuned) World Series victory. Ain’t That Peculiar? In both cases, they were Dancing in the Streets… The new defense, with the blitzes and pass rush, has been exciting to watch. As a former defensive guy, I Can’t Help Myself. The Packers allow a league-best 26.1 quarterback rating when blitzing. It’s been as simple as A-B-C, 1-2-3. Even Kyler Fackrell, who said “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to keep him from gettin’ to Josh Allen, posted three sacks. No longer is our defense saying “I Can’t Get Next to You, Babe…” The league came out and acknowledged the farcical roughing call on Claymaker with Cousins. I Second that Emotion. Now he doesn’t have to say “I Can’t Help Myself,” and can tell opposing QBs “Now You’re Back in My Arms Again,” with them replying “You Really Got a Hold on Me…” Our top three WRs are banged up. I Wish it wasn’t the case. We can only hope the rookies are ready, and maybe even good enough to be Reflections of the Way Life Used to Be. Jimmy Graham is still saying “Let’s Get it On,” and id ready to do his new patented Lambeau Step-Over. Have you ever seen one of ours take the wall so easily…of course, the faithful have collectively told him  to “Reach Out, I’ll Be There…” More drama with Rodgers this week. The Packers have been telling him “You’re All I Need to Get By” for years. He’s clearly upset with the offensive scheme and playcalling. The Packers need to show him a little Respect. Aaron (clearly) to McCarthy: I’m not happy with The Way You Do the Things You Do. When Rodgers and McCarthy were asked “Where Did Our Love Go?” they quickly said their relationship was great, maybe even Easy Like Sunday Morning… More drama with Aaron. This time, Jones, not Rodgers. Everyone from our QB to my daughter, who doesn’t understand football, have asked why he isn’t getting the ball more. I Wish the Packers would listen. Jones has reportedly told McCarthy “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me…” On a lighter note, it was reported that Aaron rejected Danica’s (Isn’t She Lovely?) plea for a “woman cave” in their shared home. In this era of #metoo and women’s empowerment, I think we should give the FBI another week to do a complete and thorough investigation into these allegations. To find out if Aaron actually told her “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” and/or you are “My Girl.” We need to know if it’s a One of a Kind Love Affair, and most definitely to determine if there has been any improper Sexual Healing taking place… I’m headed to Blacksburg, Virginia with my son Saturday for Notre Dame at Virginia Tech. Let’s Get it On! If the Irish lose, you will hear The Tracks of My Tears. Some of my detractors may even say The Tears of a Clown, but that’s “when there’s no one around…” In any event, I hope to make it back for the game at 1:00 Sunday. It’s the Packers. Right or wrong, a big part of life itself. So when I get to Hall of Fame, I will almost certainly Stop! In the Name of Love…
Go, Pack, GO!!!
(Kraig Pringle)