2019 PO1

Packers 23 Lyins 20 

There are times I’m glad this is newsletter is a weekly public- cation and not a daily. If it
was the latter, I would have been starting at half-time writing how “the loss didn’t keep us out of the playoffs but we would be playing next week”. Tearing that one up at the end of the 3rd quarter now saying “the boys didn’t tried but it was too little too late”.
Once again, tearing that one up at the two minute warning, this time saying “It took overtime but...” only to tear that one up as time expired now writing “we won and we’re off next week”. The perfect ending to our season and it would have cost me 12 pieces of paper in the process. Here are a few things I take from this game and our season so far. First, it was good to see us have a come from behind win. I was talking to one of our
members a week ago that we haven’t had a come from behind win all season and were out- played in all three losses. In the first half, I saw “that” look in Aaron’s (I’m removing my “Air- ron” nickname until he earns it back) eyes and face, the look of disgust, the one I hate and knowing I may dreaded having to write the review this week. In the end it was a win but an ugly one. Which brings me to my second take away, stop using the word “but” when talking about our regular season! This was brought up by on one of the Monday morning sports shows; noting that the Packers have 13 wins, also noting that none of the other teams in the playoffs is perfect either, they all have their flaws and bad games. Packers earned what they got and won the right to have a week off... Period, not “BUT”! Having the week off takes me to my third point... Aaron should take this time to recalibrate is laser vision. Could it be because he’s looking too much at Danica, the new mansion or maybe not enough faith is his receivers? Depending on which article you read, he was credited with anywhere from 10 to 15 over-throw's; two of those throws faceplanted Aaron Jones in the carpet and even the TD pass to Lazard could have been #16 if Lazard wasn’t 6’-5. Most of the day Aaron seemed to be skying the ball hoping someone would run under it, none of those throws was on a rope and none of them were complete. In fact, he set an NFL season high for this year with 28 incomplete passes in a game, which is also a personal high. His best success was the TD drive in the third quarter where he went 8 for 10, 6-6 on short passes and 2-4 on long throws, finally hitting Adams his third attempt from the 20 yard line. This, all against one of the worst pass defenses in the game. Speaking of defenses brings me to my last observation; our defense is what has won our last 5 games, not allowing more than 20 point in any of those game. However, the (“Week off” page 1) defense is different without Kenny Clark plugging up the middle, so let’s hope the extra week off helps Kenny Clark gets back to full strength. As Aaron noted last week, “They all count the same if you win, we’ve got to keep on winning.” Offenses score points but it’s defenses that wins cham- pionships. Last time we won the Superbowl, we were the #6 seed, but came in hot and with a stout defense. This year the defense is there but it can’t do it alone, Aaron has Aaron (Jones) to help but needs to regain faith in himself and his receiver if the Lombardi Trophy is to return to Green Bay. I have faith it will happen; I have to, there is no other choice. It’s “money time” people, it’s time to 
Bleed Gold My Friends
(Packer John)

No Time to Sleep

Don’t sleep on the Green Bay Packers. Don’t spread that advice around. The “talking heads” of ESPN, Fox Sports, NBCSN, and CBSN haven’t heard that. All they wanted to talk about were the “sexy” stories in the NFL. Green Bay doesn’t do drama. I’ve said this before. There will never be a “Hard Knocks – Green Bay.” Watching players ride kid bikes to practice and corn grow isn’t exciting. Any “troubled” NFL crybaby wants to get his game back, come to Green Bay. Just ask Charles Woodson if it works. Woodson was deemed uncoachable and shipped from Oakland for a song. He had one practice and one long talk with the coach and came out and became the shutdown corner he was at Michigan. The “Sexy” stories; Jameis Winston maybe played his last game as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. His career started with him throwing a Pick 6. His last pass as a Buc (maybe)...a pick 6. Not the way to bookend your career. Others, the Patriots are “denied” a bye *gasp*, they feel ‘disrespected’. All you had to do was beat the Dolphins, you couldn’t do it. Hurt ‘ums feewings? Boo-hoo! The upstart Dolphins saw to that, and –shudder- Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn’t said whether he’ll be back next season. The red-hot Dallas Cowboys who were 1-5 in their last 6 lost the NFC Least despite having the “clearly best team in the NFL” (hushed tones of respect from Howie Long). Coaching vacancies abound after Black Monday. NY, DC (Ron Rivera just got hired), DAL (probably), CAR, and CLEVE- LAND. Mike McCarthy’s in the mix for a couple of them, we’ll see. All of the other teams in the NFL won in dramatic fashion and secured their march into the postseason. Except one. The Packers needed a last second field goal to secure a win against the lowly Detroit Lions. That’s an oversimplified summary, and not indicative of how the actual game went, but that’s exactly how the NFL reporters feel. And that’s fine with ME! “The Saints are peaking at the right time and so are the KC Chiefs. And so are the Packers.” That’s what Rich Eisen said on his show this Monday morning. His off- camera side-kick ran right over him and only wanted to talk about how the Saints were ‘robbed’ of the No. 2 seed, no mention of what team is the No. 2 seed. He talked about “the back-up” who kept the Saints on track (that was Teddy Bridgewater, the best paid back- up in the NFL, and apparently worth every penny!) He also wanted to talk about how Patrick Mahomes came back off of a dislocated kneecap. Those are sexy stories. That is, like I said, fine with me! The Packers win ugly. We use our defense to stop our opponents, we run the ball (with a running back, not our QB!) We throw the ball to keep defenses honest, and Aaron does enough to win, it’s not pretty, but it’s enough. So, we’re not expected to do much, despite being number 2, despite having a chance to host the NFC Championship at Lambeau Field. But we have something no other NFL team has. We have Aaron Charles Rodgers. Except for a game watched by yours truly in October, we haven’t seen somebody play. We haven’t seen our AARON-FREAKING- RODGERS!! We haven’t seen the free-wheeling gunslinger that learned by standing side to side with Brett Favre as he spun opponents around until they didn’t know what was up and what was down! We haven’t seen him come close to his “perfect” passer rating again. I suspect that may change. The Packers practice Thursday. Matt LeFleur was asked if execution of plays, like Jimmy dropping that first one, would have made a difference. He kind of rolled his eyes and said, of course. I suspect the baskets will be out on Clark Hinkle field and Aaron will hit those again and MVS, Jimmy, and company will be running routes. It’s the Playoffs, don’t sleep on The Packers, and don’t sleep on AARON FREAKING RODGERS!! 
GO PACK!! GO!!! 
(Ken Hill)


Wow! What a great day for Packer fans at Spare Time on Sunday. We quit counting at 130 fans and 6 new members signed on. In the coming weeks, please help me welcome: 
583 Bob Hammersley 
584 Steven Hammersley 
585 Zachary Molter 
586 Caroline Molter 
587 Mary Pollow 
588 Robert Pollow. 
Ten great door prizes went home with the lucky members whose numbers were drawn during the game. 287 Perri Bressman will be wearing her new “91” jersey (graciously donated by a club member) and 390 Grayson Mann will be keeping time with his new watch. 453 Leon Stenzel and 423 Melody Cox each chose stocking caps. 241 Tiffany Bailey has a neck rest and 505 Heather Sharp can snuggle under her new blanket. 476 Charlotte Flowers chose a stainless steel Pilsner glass and 458 Susan Sabin will be sipping from her mug. 583 Bob Hammersley will keep in touch with his blue tooth head set. 450 Stacey Stewart will advertise our team with her license plate and holder. Our great numbers allowed us to fill two $1 boards and a 50₵ board for the pools. Winners of the 50₵ pool were 120 Neil Petersen (2), 458 Susan Sabin, and 127 Kent Sargent. Winners on the dollar boards were: 453 Leon Stenzel (2), 542 Kathie Mervin (2), 287 Perri Bressman, 242 Christina Harrison, 369 Don Dandelske, and 120 Neil Petersen. The winner of the trivia contest and recipient of a $25 gift card from the great folks at Spare Time was 561 Dawn Joachim. And the playoffs begin! We know we won’t meet next week (we won the bye!), but we’ll all meet at Spare Time the week after that—we just don’t know when quite yet. No matter, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone then. And as always, we love and cheer for our Pack through thick and thin. 
Marge 328