2019 PO2

Packers vs Seahags 

"I just hope people keep sleeping on us and keep saying we suck or we’re not as good as we are”-DT Kenny Clark
“I think it puts a little bit of a chip on our shoulders…that people don’t respect us”-LB Kyler Fackrell
The holidays are in the rearview and now it’s on to 2020 and the Packers hosting a huge game in the playoffs. I haven’t written or seen any of you since last year prior to the festivities, when many of us spread out across the country and globe to faraway, exotic places… like Milwaukee…

It’s good to be back and still breathing after a wild and eventful few weeks which included copious amounts of family, travel, alcohol, great foods, politics, religion…and even sports. I did my first “Bills Mafia” with my son and his posse and dove headfirst, Lambeau Leap-style onto a card table, obliterating it in the process, yet again earning one of my many vintage collegiate monikers: “Pring the Merciless.” I went to the Gator Bowl, which ended up featuring a series of flukes surpassed only by the biggest game the Pack has ever played against this week’s opponent, the spooges from Suck Feattle
These playoffs have evolved, or devolved, into a proverbial asylum run by the inmates. Crazy elves with bags full of belated gifts from Santa for all the girls and boys, like New England and Tom Brady dispatched at home on a pick-six on possibly his last pass in Foxboro. Other gifts are best illustrated by the psychotic break I endured on Sunday during the NFC Wildcard Round…it went something like this…

I was riveted to the TV, living and dying on each and every play unfolding before me. I actually hated Drew Brees on sight, which is literally impossible unless you are out of your mind, wacked like Jodi Arias. I was mesmerized by the divine and glorious warriors clad in majestic purple from head to toe. I truly and faithfully believed Kirk Cousins was an underestimated and misunder-stood cross between John Wayne and the great Paul Walker, Fast and Furious in his magnificence. When he threw the winning TD, I actually tripped over myself trying to jump out of my high chair, my pacifier and pocket protector simultaneously flying into my O’Doul’s, slightly urinating down my left leg in the process and staining the white on my saddle shoes. I glanced in the mirror, loving my Alfalfa haircut and my favorite Tommy Kramer jersey…Kirk Douglas was Spartacus. I was Zippy! And dammit, it felt pretty good…

Crazy how random cracks in the Universe keep opening around me(?) You can’t always get what you want, like the top seed, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. For the Packers, at (10-1) odds to win the Saint Vince Trophy, Zippy’s reluctant heroes bounced New Orleans (5-1 odds), which is on its face a gift from those redheaded stepchildren. My personal belief is the Saints were possibly the best, or most dangerous, team for the Packers to face this game. Hard to say, and the old adage of “Be careful what you ask for” always applies. Too often, we are mesmerized by the high heels over the sneakers, the Cheer Captain over the girl in the bleachers. Hypothetically, we would rather have played Philadelphia, who has lost more than the French (8-8) but actually beat us at home earlier this season. We would rather have played Minnesota, but it’s really difficult to beat anyone three times...       

Which brings us Seattle. No one needs to be reminded of the traumatic, cataclysmic playoff history we’ve had with these Witch Doctors with their wicked shell games. Possibly the greatest collapse in the history of the franchise. I know, ancient history. This game will be played at our place, not that abomination out in Rainydale. The Packers have dominated the Seahags at home in recent memory. We are coming off a bye week, although a few guys have the flu. Why don’t I feel more confident?
There a several factors to consider: (1) Defying their recent history, Seattle is (7-1) on the road this season and won at Philly last week; (2) They are (11-2) in one-score games, which is our modus operandi this year; (3) Pete Carroll is many things, but he’s a HOF coach who’s been in the Playoffs eight of ten seasons in Seattle with two Super Bowls and one championship; (4) Russell Wilson is a Gamer; (5) Rookie WR DK Metcalf, who we passed on, looks like one of the best in the league and lit up the Eagles for 160 yards; and (6) Finally, The History. It shouldn’t matter at all, but is there anyone out there who will say that it doesn’t?
Who cares about all that lefthanded logic? It’s all BS at playoff time anyway! In the end, it will be all about the Packers. As always. If the Aarons hold serve (Rodgers 95.4 rating, 62% comp, 4002 yds, 26 TD, 4 INT (NFL low), Jones 1084 yds, 16 TD, 4.6 ypc), it should be a really good day. If we get a “hot” Rodgers, it should be a great day. He just needs to forget about the mortgage payments on his new $28 million pad, and muscle-memory into the guy who got him the keys to that palace…  Happy New Year! We all know what could make it much, much happier! 
Go, Pack, GO!!! 
(Pring the Merciless)

 Just Sayin’

We have all been reading about how the Packers have been winning “ugly” games for the most part this season. Finally, we had a win that didn’t fall into that category. Nope, the win over the Lions was downright HIDEOUS ! ! Yeah, a win is a win. But if there aren’t some changes in performance of several offensive players, the Packers will be “one and done” in the playoffs. And one of the offensive players that needs to do some serious practicing is Aaron Rodgers. As I have stated before, I think some Packers fan consider it blasphemous to criticize AR12. But for the most part, his passing against the Lions was horrendous. How many times was he off on his passes? Look, I know how good he is and how talented he is. Most of the talking heads refer to Tom Brady as the GOAT. He is not. But neither is Rodgers. Actually, there IS NO GOAT. But one thing Brady can do, and is willing to do, is adjust to new receivers. I get that Adams is a precise route runner. And AR12 wants that in all of his wideouts. And common sense says that all WRs are not created equal. Men may be, but not WRs. So, our guy should be able to adjust a little as well. But when they ARE running the precise routes that Rodgers wants, he should be able to put the ball where it should be. And on Sunday, many of his throws were a little high, a little short or a little to one side. On the other hand, when he was getting the ball “right there”, and the pass catcher didn’t do what he gets paid a lot of money to do, the offense stalls. Right, Jimmy Graham? And a couple of games ago, it was MVS. I have heard several times this season, the color commentators saying how Rodgers likes Kumerow and Lazard and they should get more opportunities. It seems to me, if Rodgers likes these guys, and thinks they should be getting more playing time, they would be starting; especially since the other guys aren’t producing all that well. But maybe the commentators are just talking to hear themselves talk. That happens too.

OK, we have the Seahawks coming to town. They usually play us a good game. We have had a week off. We are probably one of the healthiest teams left playing at this point. The Seahawks are probably one of the most beat up teams right now. We are at home and are only about a 4 to 5 point favorite going into this game. This shows me the disrespect the media is giving the Packers. And you know, based on the Packers’ offense the last few games, I can honestly understand that. I may not like it, but I can understand why they are saying it. Add into that, the last time the Packers came off a bye week, the team laid a GRADE A egg. They were awful. They absolutely cannot come out flat. Now is the time for Matt LeFleur and staff, along with input from AR12, and maybe some other vets, to put together a game plan that will help the offense come out of its shell.
I know the Eagles were playing with a 2nd string, 40-year QB on Sunday, but Seattle had 7 sacks. We can’t let their defense come into Lambeau and get any kind of foothold. Rodgers needs to step it up, as well as the young WRs. Hit some early passes, get the other Aaron running and get their defense on their heels. I know we all have been waiting for this, but if Rodgers could finally get untracked and play like we all know he is capable of, WOW, could we make a run, or what?

As far as our defense goes, they have been playing really well the last few weeks. Russell Wilson has never won at Lambeau Field, so there is no reason that streak can’t continue. He is down to his 4th and 5th RBs, his 3rd TE and a couple of 2nd string OL. So, the defense needs to get some good pressure on him so he can’t be looking for D.K Metcalf too often.
The ML Pit Crew needs to read their shirts from after the Vikings win: “The North Is Not Enough”, get the Packer Veyron tuned up, filled up with Packer Fan Fuel, come out firing on all cylinders and put the hammer down. And if they do, don’t let up off the gas unless it is about a 3 lap (3 TD’s?) lead with less than 2 minutes to go and WE have the ball.
We have the last game of the weekend, so we know who we will be playing, and where, for the NFC Championship when we win on Sunday…
Just Sayin’   
(Jimmy Smith)


Since we earned a week off, I gave Marge 328 the week off too; but fear not, she will return next week.
Just a brief note as to what is happening at Spare Time this Sunday.  First of all is the return of the Nacho Bar at half-time for our club members.  Don’t forget  to pick up your red ticket when you put your number in the bucket for door prizes.  A local beer rep will also be there to handout special giveaways.
Speaking of door prizes, I got a few new items that include a wine opener, bi-fold & tri-fold wallets and a set of headrest covers.  Also on display will be the end of the year special prizes; a bag chair, a serving platter (with sky boxes), a 4 piece travel accessary pack, a backpack and a $50 gift card to Packer Pro Shop.  Along with that, our friends at Spare Time have a $50 gift card to give one lucky member.  Of course, we hope they will be displayed until February 2nd.
Linda & I won’t be with you this Sunday.  Linda is running in the Mickey Mouse Marathon at Disney World in Orlando.  The race starts at 5:00 AM Sunday so when you wake up and have that first cup of coffee, raise your cup in a toast to Linda and ask why?
We will try to watch the game with the Central Florida Packer Backers and hope the crowd at Spare Time is bigger than theirs.  It’s playoff time folks.  Time to turn it up a notch and  
Bleed GOLD My Friends!  
(Packer John)

 Packer Backer SHOUT OUTS!

Alright Packer Backers please help me wish Travis Wieloch a very happy birthday on the 28th, and let’s also congratulate John & Stacey Stewart on their wedding Anniversary on the 19th.
Cheers to you all and here’s to many many more!
We also have a special message from our very own Barbara Gambrell:
“Are there any Sheepshead players out there that would like to have a once a month card club? Milwaukee rules: “Call an Ace” partner – none of that “Jack of Diamonds is automatic partner” stuff!
Contact Barbara Gambrell at barbaragambrell@yahoo.com if you’re interested. We need a minimum of 4, max of 6 players (plus me).” 
Do you have any special dates/events you’d like to share? How about any special services you’d like to offer to our fellow Packer Backers? If so, please contact me at: 
heatherbailey80@gmail.com As Always, 
(Heather Bailey)