2019 Week 17

Packers 23 Viqueens 10 

"Winning Ugly” is not a thing!  It’s made up term for a series of events that sportswriters don’t expect to happen.  The defensive display of The King of The North Green Bay Packers was NOT an ugly win!  Aaron Rodgers put it quite eloquently Monday Night, “Winning is always beautiful and Defense wins NFC North Championships.” He also went on to say, “They all count the same if you win, we’ve got to keep on winning.” 

Aaron was self-critical, saying he wants to be a “tick more efficient” on his play.  He also praised the run game citing the “180 or so yards” (it was actually 187) as a huge positive.  Matt LaFleur had a lot to do with that, Jones had only 45 yards on 10 carries in the first half before turning it on in the second with a 12 yard and 53 yard TD pair of runs.  Kudos to the wide receivers on the blocking scheme. 
The Packers did mount more of an offensive attack this evening than they did their previous foray into primetime.  After losing a fumble and surrendering only a field goal, the Packers marched right back down the field, coming up short with a field goal to match.  An ill-timed throw by Aaron gave the Viqueens a short field and a touchdown to bring it to 10.  After that the defense clamped down hard!  Two more field goals from Mason made halftime a 1 point affair 10-9 in favor of the Raiders from the North. 
It is very hard to win a football game if you only get 7 first downs.  It’s even harder when you lose in every other category!  Total offense:  383 to 139.  Rushing: 184 to 57, Packers rushed 32 times, Viqueens only 16.  Passing yards 199 to 82, “You Like That?!?!”  Time of Possession 37:32 to 22:28.  A complete domination that was very exciting for yours truly and the rest of the Packer Faithful at Spare Time. 

About the “You Like That” that was yelled (mostly by me) during the game.  Cousins was a .500 Quarterback at Washington, why that criticism hasn’t followed him to Minnesota is up for debate.  Anyway, the Redskins got on a bit of a roll and Cousins was playing well.  He got in the habit of yelling at anyone in the vicinity of the tunnel after a victory, “You Like That?!?!”  I believe the first person he yelled it at was a D.C. area reporter who questioned his accuracy, ability, athleticism, any other adjective that starts with “a”…  I thought it was fitting in light of every sports reporter falling all over themselves to praise this guy. 
ESPN needs to fire the MNF announcing crew!  Joe Tesotore is as useful as a tree, and Booger McFarland is just awful.  He seemed lost in his own little world and totally not watching the shellacking that the Packers were unleashing on the Viqueens.  It added to the fever pitch already building.  According to him, the Viqueens were going to unleash their secret weapon and the Packers were going to be laid waste on the floor of U.S. Bank Stadium aka the Metrodome II.  That never happened.  Rather than announce yet another sack of Cousins, they would tout the fact that the Viqueens had 5 sacks minimum in all of their games prior to this.   Maybe if they announced the actual play of the game, we would have been a more relaxed yet still rowdy group. 
They did not this game.  Aaron was sacked 3 times and intercepted 1 for a passer rating of 68.3.  Cousins was sacked 5 times for 40 yards lost in total, and intercepted once for a passer rating of 58.8.  Definitely neither QB had stellar play.  The onus was on the run and the defense.  The advantage was definitely with the King of the North! 
The announcing that was worthwhile was on Sportcenter with Scott Van Pelt.  If the Packers win against “De-twaw” (that’s spelled Detroit, it’s French go with it), we are the number 2 seed guaranteed.  If the Minor 49ers lose, we are No. 1.  The Seahawks signed Marshawn Lynch, I don’t know if Beast Mode is still Beast Mode, it could be Least Mode, but Seattle came close earlier this season, and I would much rather face any of the other teams in Lambeau instead of going to their houses. So I will keep an eye on what happens this Sunday night.  Let’s hope that we deck the halls while we wear Green!  
All Hail The King of the North!! GO PACK!! GO!! 
(Ken Hill)

Just Sayin’

 The Veyron didn’t exactly take off at the green flag and break any speed records, but it was running pretty good by the end of the game. I think instead of the #12 fuel, they filled the tank with #55 octane fuel. During the game, they started alternating fuels of #55, #33 & #12. Z’Darius Smith was a wrecking ball against the Vikings. I was not aware that the Packers had not won in US Bank stadium before Monday’s game. They sure ended that bad streak with a statement. Kenny Clark has been phenomenal during the last few games. I read an article where Kevin King had a note in his locker that he put up there before the season started that reads “5 +”. Well, he got pick #5 in Minnesota. Kudos to King ! ! We all know this, but the defense has gotten this team to 12-3. The offense has struggled in most every game this year. As we know, much attention was given the relationship between LeFleur and Rodgers during the offseason. As we see now, the relationship is fine. Rodgers running ML’s offense is far from perfect, but it is working. The wins may be labeled as “ugly”, but I for one, will heartily take those “ugly” wins, which I will wager to say that every single player in the Packer locker room will as well. When Gutekunst went to the Free Agent well this Spring, I am sure he was hoping the full bucket he brought back up would be some good stuff. As it turned out, someone at the bottom of the well poured purified spring water in that bucket. And it was so pure, that it has lasted all season. I don’t know how many fans knew who our Strength & Conditioning coach was until Monday night. I had missed that hire during the offseason. Chris Gizzi, who came out of the tunnel carrying the American Flag after 9/11, has done a great job. Usually by this time of the year, the Packers have had about 42 total games lost to hamstring injuries. That was a great job by the defensive staff against the Vikings.
As far as the offense goes, they are still struggling at times. I did notice those wheels known as Kumerow and Lazard on the field more so that the Allison wheel. However, Allison did make the 2 point conversion catch. And what about Aaron Jones? Once again, he hammered that proverbial dagger, this time into the Vikings heart. And this was after Anthony Barr told Jones, after his fumble, the lights were too bright for him. Who had the last laugh there?
Folks, this last game should be a foregone conclusion, but this could also be one of those trap games. We have got to go out there and take care of business. Then it will be TV time for all of the Packers players doing what most Packers fans will do and tune into Sunday Night Football.
Go Seahawks . . . . (man, that was even hard to type)… 
Just Sayin’ 
(Jimmy Smith 220)


A rollicking, frolicking good time was had by 72 (or more) fans gathered at Spare Time on Monday night.  We welcomed 9, yes, NINE new members into our club Monday night.  Please watch for and say hello to:
574 Jill Fant
575 Alan Reed
576 Lisa Reed
577 Bill Fant
578 Paul-John Wood
579 Dan Drake
580 Gabriele Davis
581 Jon Boosinger
582 Auston Kocchi
A reminder to current members, we are accepting early renewals for next season, so our good times can continue.  And speaking of good times, the pajama party was so much fun and a success!  The winner of the contest and a gift card to the Packer Pro Shop was 120 Neil Petersen. 
Keeping heads warm and dry seemed to be a recurring theme with the door prizes.  288 is sporting a camo hat, and 123 Kraig Pringle chose a stocking cap which was presented to his son who was with us.  571 Tommy Zumbach is warming his head with a stocking cap and 263 Pat Zumbach picked a stocking cap that lights up.  120 Neil Petersen gave fuzzy socks to 451 Madeline Stewart for her birthday.  449 John Stewart chose a Lombardi mug, and 575 Alan Reed will be sipping from his set of pint glasses.  131 Gerald Schulz will be playing with his dice game, and 569 Nan Lee Weber will be keeping time with her new watch.   463 Wayne Hansen will be advertising the Pack with his new license plate.
We filled both a $1 and a 50₵ board.  Winners on the dollar board were 522 Harvey Humphrey, 185 Ken Hill, 576 Lisa Reed, and 242 Christina Harrison.  The 50₵ board winners were 127 Kent Sargent, 571 Tommy Zumbach, 575 Alan Reed, and 510 Michele Morgan.  The correct answer to the trivia question was submitted by 569 Nan Lee Weber.  She received a $25 gift card from our friends at Spare Time.
Our final game of the season is Sunday at 1 p.m. against the Lyins.  It will be a great opportunity to cheer on our Pack.  I’m challenging each of you to come out, cheer for our team and top our greatest number of fans for the entire season (180) in preparation for our playoff games.  I always say I love my Pack through thick and thin, but I have to admit thick is so much more fun!   
Marge 328

Packer’s        vs.        Lyins

 The North Is Not Enough!  After the game, that’s what the team shirts in the locker room said.  It says it all and I love it.  Being NFC North Champions is great but it will mean nothing if this is all the further we go.  Next up will be the #1 or #2 seed; meaning no wild card game and most or all the playoff games must come through Green Bay.  After that we make sure to bring Vinnie back home where he belongs, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, one game at a time, even if it is the Lyins.

Funny how anti-climatic this NFC schedule is this week with 5 of the 6 spots taken.  Only one head to head game determines anything, it’s losing to an inferior team that is the main thing that affects the playoff picture.  We have us and the Lyins, Saints and Panthers, E-gulls and NJ Giants, cryboys and skins, Santa Clara and seahags and duh bears and viqueens.
A loss by Santa Clara, us or the Saints could affect the #1, 2 and 3 seeds.  The #4 seeds belongs to the NFC Least winner, which is the E-gulls if they win or the cryboys if they win and E-gulls lose.  Seahag’s will be either #3 or 5, depending on the outcome of their game & viqueens #6 can’t change where they are no matter what happens so duh bears and viqueens games means nothing, which is the ways it should be.
Playing the spoiler or securing the #3 pick in the draft is the question the Lyins need to answer.  For the Pack, it’s making sure we drop no lower then the #2 seed and a win will make us 6-0 in the division.  A loss, dare says, could have us playing the viqueens at home next week, not something I’m sure any of us wants to see. So this Sunday, the Pack have more to gain than the Lyins.
The Lyins record reflects there injured reserve list, with QB’s Matt Stafford & Jeff Driskel, WR’s Marvin Hall, Marvin Jones & Jermaine Kearse, TE T.J. Hockenson along with 2 guards, 4 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers, there team is made up of mostly second & third string players.  But come gameday, it is still 11 on 11 and this is what the Packers must focus on.
Last week, we beat the snot out of a good team (by NFL standards) mostly by our defense allowing only 139 yards on 7 first downs and Arron Jones running for 154 (more yards than the entire viqueens team!).  The other Aaron, Rodgers, had a journeyman’s game, using 11 different receivers for 216 yards.  The one biggest concern is the turnovers.  All ten points last week came off of our three turnovers, even though the defense held them to a total of 31 yards and one 1st down on their two scoring drives.  Funny thing is it was AAA that accounted for all 3 turnovers, fumbles by Aaron Jones & Adams and an INT by Air-ron.
I have no doubt that Matt will make this business as usual this Sunday, reminding the team about the bigger picture, wearing the “Wildcard not” or “It all comes thru Lambeau” (if the seahags win) shirts.
The game stayed in the 1:00 slot this Sunday with no local TV coverage (Saints & Panthers if you want to see football at home) so I hope to see all of our 140 strong members at Spare Time on Sunday, or better yet, let’s take up Marge 328’s challenge and have 200 at the game to all cheer on OUR team and 
Bleed Green My Friends!  
(Packer John)


Monday was 451 Madeline Stewart’s birthday, found out only by our roving MC Neil.  Why is it the Shout Out reporter is always the last to know?
 I am trying to build a data base of ALL club members important dates, no matter the time of year. Please send in your info like birthdays, anniversaries or other personal notes of interest them to: