2020 Week 02

Packers 43 Viqueens 34

This week has personally felt like a long month for me. And it has actually been a long month as well. Several months. In so many ways. I’m sure I’m not exactly the Lone Ranger on that front in these Twilight Zone times, but it gets old proverbially getting hit in the mouth and kicked in the balls on a daily basis…

Which brings us to the Power and the Glory of Green Bay Packers football. The blessed, incredible, out-of-proportion, and sometimes unhealthy effect and impact this team has on my state of mind and psyche. Like many, I had no idea what to expect from the Vikings opener. And to be sure, there are still many questions and obvious issues. This was a “rival” game with decades of mutual history. Granted, the “rivalry’ has in reality been like the relationship of a hammer to a nail, with obvious implications and connotations. “History is written by the Victors,” which is why Packer Nation is jacked with PhDs in prose, while Zippy, Barney, and Grimace are again repeating Hooked on Phonics and again forgot their notebooks. Minnesota last sniffed a championship when guys with names like John, Neil, and Kent were popping zits in middle school and trying to get to first base…

To Vikings “Shithole Country:” You don’t matter. Packers Lives Matter. So let’s talk some tidbits from this epic beat-down-bitch-slap which was one for the books. I’ve gone back and watched in detail, and this was a flawed diamond, yet sparkled and shone brightly. Very brightly indeed…

The first bit of flawless execution was before the team even came out of the locker room. It was that they didn’t come out of the locker room. To avoid all the scrutiny and BS that a very loud minority says must now come along with the Anthem (and make no mistake, it is THE Anthem) and that other song by Beyonce, Jay-Z, or whoever it is (I know it’s not R Kelly because he’s in Zippy’s old cell block). This was a brilliant way to handle this nonsense, ensuring no controversy, but most importantly maintaining harmony in the locker room, as they avoid the inevitable “roll-call” that will take place over who actually stands, kneels, moons, kisses, flips off, etc…

Key notes: Time of possession was an insane 41:16-18:44 in favor of the Pack. This is a disparity that almost never happens and should never happen in a truly competitive NFL contest, which this wasn’t. Jaire Alexander continues his meteoric rise, with a killer safety early and a big pick as well. Kirk Cousins sucks, and I still say he had his “greatest” game in that fiasco when Claymaker set him down oh so softly…

Obviously, injuries were a big problem. Kenny Clark is vital and can’t be replaced. The offensive line was decimated, but really did a great job with plug-and-go guys who kept Aaron’s jersey clean. Maybe time to call Jared Veldheer and again get his ass off the couch. Bad: Injuries. Good: Not AR12. He has again shown that he is totally indispensable to this team and its fortunes. He did look like Aaron Rodgers. At his best, as sharp as he’s ever been. His stats were video game ridiculous, and that doesn’t count the two big drops by a clearly resurgent MVS. There were at least two TDs left out on the field which go beyond the red zone problems at the start…

“Aaron Rodgers is washed up. His days are numbered with this organization. They drafted Jordan Love instead of getting him WR help. He doesn’t like the offense. He doesn’t like LaFleur or Gutekunst. It’s broken beyond repair. He has no weapons around him and he wants out. The wheels are falling off in Green Bay.”

What a difference a game makes. Does any of those statements still resonate, right here, right now? The rumors of Gutey and LaFleur taking Love to “motivate” Rodgers are ridiculous, as Love is absolutely no threat, but if he uses it in some way to play like he did in Week 1, I’ll give them or anybody else as much credit as it takes. I believe these guys are top shelf and know exactly what they’re doing. It’s clear to me that they were spot-on by not reaching or overpaying for a WR in the first round. Receivers don’t contribute significantly in their rookie seasons, and it’s evident that they saw more in what was in the cupboard at home. Certainly looks like the right play early on. One thing I’m going “All In” on: Rumors of the death of Rodgers and the Packers were greatly exaggerated…

Perfect segue:  Lewis and Clark were basking in the glory of not only exploring and discovering the Northwest Passage, but the Packers’ recent victory over Minnesota. Clark, ever longing for the companionship of willing and able squaws, was on one of his many sorties in the surrounding villages. Lewis was thinking of his wingman and buddy when he saw the wispy curls of unnatural vapor emanating from the back door of some absent warrior’s teepee upriver. He recognized the telltale hand of Clark’s prowess as the smoke signals began to spell out their horrifying message in morbid clarity…

Lewis immediately mounted a canoe and grimly set out with determination. His face was focused, yet clearly pained. He knew this journey would test and tax him beyond the limits of any of he and Clark’s many exploits and victories, including the little historical jaunt with Clark and Pocohontas. Like Stanley seeking Livingstone, he headed to uncertainty. To his fate. Into the Heart of Darkness

After countless days and nights, through rain, wind, sleet, snow, and everything else climate change, he spotted familiar sounds, smells, and sights. He was nearly dead from the elements and exhaustion, yet managed to avoid a buggy train of crazed drunken Amish with hoes and pitchforks. He had a close call with a tribe of unfamiliar brown people in matching day-glo neon shirts wielding leafblowers and weedeaters that spoke in a tongue that was vaguely familiar from his early journeys…

At last, there it was, like a taunting and tempting mirage. He was so close, he could feel it. Taste it! He rushed forward, ripping away at the many layers within as well as those before him. He saw the fridge-length “Honey-Do” list somewhere to starboard. He cast aside the last barrier. He saw a slightly aged, yet obvious figure, E-Z chair tipped back, feet up, remote in left, snifter in right. The ash tray beside him confirmed that his wife was evidently nowhere in the vicinity.

Lewis looked at him and simply uttered, “Dad, I presume?”

“Who the hell else do ya think I am?” he asked, surprised by the query. Lewis told him about how Clark had signaled his condolences for “losing your father.” Dad said “Hell, I’m not dead. Just dying like we’re all dying. I’m retired! But I will be dead if you don’t keep your voice down. I’m hiding from your mom. She’s got a list of shit for me to do that will probably force me to seek a second career as a greeter at Wal-Mart. Since you’re here, change the damn channel, and get your ass in gear and get me another whiskey and water, but for Chrissakes be quiet…”

Like AR12 and the team, rumors of my Dad’s death were greatly exaggerated. Somehow my tribute to him last week came off with more “finality” than I intended. My Dad will no doubt get the express going “UP” when he checks out, but to quote Waylon, “If you wanna go to Heaven gotta D-I-E,” and my old man ain’t ready quite yet…

Overtime: The Big Ten voted to resume football. Hallelujah! The problem is, I have popped off and told everyone who would listen that this was Indiana’s year to break out, and maybe compete for the conference title. It seemed like the things to say, especially when I knew there would be no season to refute my Nostradamus-like prescience and predictions. Looks like once again, my mouth wrote checks my ass will probably never be able to cash…

Locker Room: Next game vs Detroit. We know how the “emerging” Trubisky and Duh Bears stole a victory from “MVP Candidate” Stafford and the Kittens last week. I know, I know. Stop laughing so I can finish. Unbelieveable…
Go, Pack, GO!!! 
(Kraig Pringle)

 Just Sayin’

1 - 0. Yep, undefeated.

 Seriously, beating the Vikings at their place is a great way to start the season. The team played very well as a whole. They struggled early getting to the red zone three times and only coming away with 6 points. Since there were no preseason games, I think the early part of the game was trying to get everything in sync in an actual game. I don’t remember which drive it was, but when they went for a TD on 4th down, I thought they might try A.J. Dillon in that spot. 

After a little while, the offense settled down and we saw something that we haven’t seen in a while. We saw Aaron Rodgers smiling out on the field during a game. He hasn’t done that in a long time. Last year during the NFC Championship game, #12 appeared to be emotionless, unless you count the emotion he showed on the field that he wished he was anywhere but San Francisco. For the most part, if AR12 plays the season like he did Sunday, look out NFC. The offense was not perfect. Adams had a couple of targets he did not reel in. And MVS had 1.5 drops. The one coming across the field was bad. The long one was not as bad, but still catchable. I read throughout training camp that Rodgers was giving MVS a lot of praise. And it was evident that Rodgers did not give up on MVS after the drops since 12 connected with him for a TD just a few plays later. Rodgers connected with 8 different receivers and 5 different RBs got carries. The offense overcame a couple of injuries on the OL. 

Rookie Jon Runyan came in and played well. Looks like Lane Taylor could be out for the season for the second con-secutive year. That is a shame. 

The defense took a B-I-G hit losing Kenny Clark. If we lose him for any length of time, the defense will be hurting. The rest of the defense played pretty good till Mike Pettine put them in the “prevent defense” and then Minnesota started driving down the field and scoring. 

JK Scott only punted one time, which is another sign of how well the offense moved the ball. 

OK, most of you know that I always have an underdog guy that I pull for. And it has always been an offensive player. This year, at this point, my guy to root for is going to be LB Krys Barnes. He played at UCLA and went undrafted on draft day. Then he comes to the Packers, has a good camp, and gets the start against the Vikings. He made some good plays and also had 2 tackles for loss in the game. He is #51. 

So, let’s get on with the Lions game coming up and neuter those little kitties... 
Just Sayin’
(Jimmy Smith)


Oh, what a glorious Sunday!  Not only did our Packers stomp on the Queenies, but 78 Greenville Packer Backers met at Spare Time to cheer them on and enjoy each other’s company.  I was so happy to greet past members and to welcome new ones.  Please help us welcome new members 597 Bob Verhoven, 598 Peg Kothari, 599 Ella Demuth, 600 Michelle Zahn, 601 Joe Lanteigne, 602 Bryce Blanks, and 603 Lilly Argroves.  We also welcome back an old time member and Mason Crosby lover, 117 Nick Papala.

Some great door prizes went home with lucky members.  540 Michelle Byrne will tote beverages in her new cooler and 573 Shanu Kothari can open his wine with his combination corkscrew/pocketknife.  565 James Tolan should enjoy playing his new Jenga game.  221 Barb Gambrell chose a watch.  263 Pat Zumbach will snuggle under her new blanket.  117 Nick Papala will keep his head dry with his new cap and 526 Anthony Johnson will keep his toes warm with his new socks.  Both 579 Dan Drake and 589 Kathy McGrew will be sporting new tee shirts this week.  We filled both a 50₵ and a $1 pool for our first game.  Winners of the 50₵ board were 328 Marge Bramlett (2), 532 John Blando and 263 Pat Zumbach.  Winners of the $1 board were 572 Craig Phillips, 542 Kathy Mervyn, 537 Wayne Boyd, and 503 Steve Sabin. Way to go you lucky folks!

560 Larry Jochim answered the first trivia question of the season.  He is the recipient of a $25 gift card from our friends at Spare Time.

Here’s the reminder:  Because of COVID and the rules imposed on Spare Time, we are limited to 60 guests on the patio and 60 guests in the restaurant.  Because of the seating limitations, RSVPs are required each week, so if you’re coming to see me please send an RSVP to greenvillepackerbackers@gmail.com and let us know patio or restaurant.  From our buddy Steve:  Unless actively eating or drinking masks are requested, but not required.  Remember, you are responsible to do what you feel is right and safe for yourself and others.

It was so great to open our season with a win.  I hope to see even more of you this Sunday at 1:00 for the game against the Lyins.  May we add on to our streak of one…
Through thick and thin…
Marge 328

 Packer’s      vs.      Lyins

 Well, what did we learn last weekend?  Tom Brady may be lucky to be above 500 by years end, the Lyins still know how to loose a game, duh bears can beat a bad team but only if they rally in the 4th quarter and the “Cream” will rise to the top, not that “hydrogenated vegetable oil” they make in Minnasoda; matter of fact, the queenies played very much like a football substitute.  The Black national anthem was played this week, I assuming it will be the Mexican national anthem this week followed by the Native American anthem the following week.  The good to come out of this was I heard and stood at attention while they played “THE” NATIONAL ANTHEM!

And so Lambeau Field is getting ready for the Packers first home game.  Still only cardboard fans in the stands this week and piped in 70db crowd noise.  The noise last week sounded pretty sanitary; it will be sad if they don’t allow Go Pack Go out of the empty stadium.  It will be interesting to see how this affects the tailgating, that is if they even let them in the parking lot at all.  I was talking to one of my friends up North (a season ticket holder) who said 80% of the season ticket holders deferred their tickets for this year, he wondered how many was because of the virus and how many was because of the views of the NFL.  For me, it is my love for the Packers and the game of football that keeps here and so let’s talk football.

When it comes to the Lyins vs the Pack, I always give myself these games, not because of the intense rivalry, the overall record can attest to that (Look it up); no it’s the fact I would loose Ken & Kraig if I forced them to write about the Lyins games.  For my part, I could cheat and just copy any paste any previous preview and just change a name or two.  Take out Jordy, insert Adams, take out Kuhn, insert Jones, take out Megatron, insert Golladay and so on.  The games last week proved this out again… Lyins loose, Pack is Back.  Even with that said, somehow, they are our only thorn in the NFC North.  Since 2008, we are 15-8, not bad, but only 2-4 in the last six, being swept in 2018 and only 1 point victories in both 2019 games.  The good news is LaFeur vs. Patricia is 2-0.

One interesting thing to note is their Offensive Coordinator is former UW QB & Packers QB coach Darrel Bevell.  The later position could somehow give him an advantage into the mind of Air-ron, but I believe Air-ron has evolved since Bevell’s departure. Another is the signing of Kraig’s favorite “Whipping Boy” or “Boy Whipper” (wording means everything, so you better ask Kraig which it is) Adrian Peterson.  A thorn for the Pack from his days in Minnasoda, he is listed as the #2 back but was their main back last week with 93 yds. on 14 attempts.  Given his past record against the Pack, I expect to see him with 14 attempts again.  That is until our defense can shut Peterson down and make Stafford, who may not have his best target, Golladay, win the game for them.  We gave up 134 yards last week without Kenny Clark (groin) or Montravius Adams (Toe) in the middle and we may not have either back this week.  This will put a lot of pressure on the 3 DL’s we have left, Lowry, Lancaster & KeKe, none of which is listed as a nose tackle.

The one thing that will overcome this is once again our offense.  Air-ron and Aaron looked to be in prime form already.  Jones ran for 66 yards plus another 73 between Williams, Ervin & Dillon and Rodgers threw for 364 yards.  The Lyins gave up 149 rushing yards last week so I see no reason Jones & Co. can’t repeat that this week.  Air-ron who cut up the “lavender lads” corners and safeties will be aided this week because the “teal lads” have one safety, 3 corners and a LB/S hybrid all on the injury list.

We are still early in the season and every conference game is a potential trap game.  As long as the Packers remember this, LaFluor stresses it and Patricia is more concerned with whether his pencil will interfere with his facemask the records should be 2-0 & 0-2 respect-tively.  I believe this because through all the muck surrounding the NFL, I WILL stand for the National Anthem and I WILL ALWAYS
Bleed Green My Friends!
(Packer John)

 Help Wanted

 Extra game day help is still requested.  Because Linda & I live near Tablerock, the night games are hard for me and impossible for Linda to attend.  Almost every game could use help somewhere but the night games like the Saint, Falcon, 49ers and Titans DO need a MC, extra office help and setup & pack up.  If done by many, it is not hard.  Please consider helping out.  The sign-up sheet will be on the office table for you see and sign up where you can. 

I am still looking for others interested in the midweek happenings in the club.  These are things like keeping track of club funds and database, looking for more great prizes and packing up the gameday prizes each week.  If you think you have any interest in these, talk to me and I can tell you more.

The last way one can help is through the newsletter.  One more game writer would help a lot.  No writing experience is necessary.  I’m proof of that.  I was a C- student in English and stopped taking English as soon as the school system let me.  Then, like Heather, if anyone has an idea for a new feature, we always welcome that.

Thanks ~ PBB Staff

Sometimes when our older members can no longer make it to the games, we loose track of them, this is one of those times. 

I found out this week that #156 “Phil, My Man” Bender passed away on Oct 7th of last year.  Phil (Pictured front & center) and his wife 186 Karn (Back right), who we lost on 9/4/18, were regulars from our days at the Corner Pocket.  Karn had hip problems but would bring Phil, the one who was diag-nosed not to have long to live, to every game and Packer Picnic out of pure love because “Phil wanted to”.  She past away peacefully one night in her sleep.  I visited Phil once in the Nursing home after Karn’s passing and found him as engaging and cantankerous as ever, giving the staff a hard time and wanting to talk Packer football.  I walked out of his room fearing, but not wanting to accept, it could be the last time I saw him; it was. Rest in peace my friend, you will be missed but you are back where you belong, with your beloved Karn.


It’s back!  Packer Backer Shout Outs! is a feature started last year by 550 Heather Bailey as a way we can help celebrate the good things that are happening in our Packer Family’s lives.  Whether it’s a birthday, anni-versary, graduation or any other notable event you want to share with the rest of us.

But to do this, she needs to know first so she can pass the word on.  You need to send your information to Heather at heatherbailey80@gmail.com

As your big event rolls around, it will be announced here for all to join in your celebration. 

She is also working out a way to announce the events that happen during the off season and hoping to work with Spare-Time on a special prize for some lucky member.

As you can see, she wants to make this fun and rewarding for all.  To do this, she need a database to work from and this can only come from you. Some of you have already done this but she needs more; so give her a shout out we can all shout back at you.

Thank you in advance! 
(PBB & Heather Bailey)