2020 PS-1

Gameday "Super"stitions 

Very Superstitious Writing on the Wall!!  Looks like it says, “Go Pack! GO!!” 

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m superstitious like a spooky old lady when it comes to Game day.  Now keep in mind, I inspect Nuclear Power Plants for a living, I have stood on top of a reactor at Full Power.   Let me tell you about Super(stitious) Sundays. 

Sunday morning, I go on Facebook and I do a little saying and my “GAMEDAY” chant.   Grab my phone, put on my playlist, shave my head, shower and get dressed.  My playlist is: The Bears Still Suck by Duh Wurst Band in Da World ~ Packer Rock Anthem by Lucas Cates ~ Packer Face by C.W.A.  Cheeseheads with Attitude ~ Go Pack Go Song by Some Members of Garbage ~ Sunday Night Football Packers vs. Lions by Faith Hill (Carrie Underwood is a little shrill for me) ~ I Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas ~ Green and Yellow by Lil Wayne.  My playlist used to be longer, but these are the songs I play now.  You can find them on Youtube or Amazon.

I never wear Green Bay socks on Game Day, about 4 or 5 years ago, I wore Packer socks to a game and we lost; now Green Bay socks are for weekdays.  I call the boys (Jake and Drew) and ask them what day it is.  (It’s GAMEDAY!!)  I have been able to recruit a small group of fans at Lambeau to even help when I’ve gone there.  It’s not the same group, I just pick friendly faces.  I wear my Number 12 jersey; I bought it last season, you never know how these kids are going to work out under center!  I refuse to watch Inside the NFL on Showtime.  I did that one year and we went 8 and 8!  Never again!  This season, I’ve taken to wearing my scrub pants.  They’re comfy and lucky!  13 and 3 baby!

Next, my flags.  Green and Yellow Paneled behind me, Yellow one rear passenger, and the Green striped one on the passenger’s side.  That’s the way they have to be.

Lastly, my hat.  I have to wear the yellow and green tie-dyed.  It has MOJO.  That’s what I look for in a hat.  Is the G big enough?  Do I feel better when I rub it if the team is down?  A hat needs MOJO! 

So fellow Packer Backers when you put on your left sock and then your right sock, dance in the living room before heading out, or you hum The Bears Still Suck while you brush your teeth and your wife or husband walks by and rolls their eyes, smile to yourself because you know you’re helping the team.  We are 13-3 baby!  The Superbowl runs down Oneida St. and Lombardi Ave!  They owe it to all of us who listen to music, wear our lucky hats, and special socks (or lack of) to bring another Lombardi Trophy to Titletown!  Join me in my joyous cry, let it ring to Lambeau through the sky! 
Go Pack Go! 
(Ken Hill)

Just Sayin’

Before the Bears game started, I was a little nervous. Mainly, the nervousness was due to the absence of David Bakhtiari. But once again, the OL came through and only gave up one sack. After the game got started, I, like most of us, settled down a bit. Now, that first drive the Bears (BTW, they still suck) had driving down the field did keep me on edge a little. But after that drive, the defense settled down and started playing pretty dang good.

I know we can’t hear the TV commentary too good at Spare Time, which is usually a good thing since that means we don’t have to listen to Troy Aikman. They might have mentioned when our new guy came on the field. There were some snaps for Damon  Harrison. He had 3 tackles and 1 forced fumble. That is not bad for a guy with the team for just a few days. I hope with the bye week and then having over 2 weeks to learn the defensive schemes, he will be able to make much needed contributions in the run defense for games going forward. And after spending his whole career, before a few weeks with Seattle, playing with the Jets, Giants and Lions, maybe he is ready to play some championship football.

On the Rams defensive side of the ball, 2 players, in particular, will have to be accounted for. One is Aaron Donald. He can be a wrecking crew all by himself. Him being an inside guy, the responsibility of keeping him at bay will be Corey Linsley and the 2 Guards, for the most part. He may be playing with torn rib cartilage. If so, that will hamper him some. But I would also expect him to have heavy dose of painkiller just before the game. There is also Jalen Ramsey. He will most likely be assigned to follow Davante Adams wherever Adams lines up. And while we all know that AR12 really likes to throw to Adams, he also is willing to look for anyone who is open. And there will be several options. 

We know the Rams do not have a high-powered offense, but they do have some pretty decent players. Cooper Kupp is someone to watch out for. We also know that Jared Goff will be playing with a bad thumb. Then again, we may get his backup. Cam Akers rushed for over 100 yards against the Seahawks defense. While the Packers do not have the league’s best rushing defense, they have been playing better in the last few games. Hopefully, the aforementioned Damon Harrison will help out there. As far as the Packers offense goes, they should be as healthy as an NFL team can be at this point of the season. The concern here is that the Packers usually come out of a bye week in not-so-great form. The offensive line will have a challenge this week for sure. The Rams defense registered 6 sacks on Russell Wilson last week. To help matters out, the Packers have signed Jared Veldheer from the Colts’ practice Squad. He was on the Packers roster at the end of last season and played in 4 games. So, he should be able to step right in if needed. If he plays at all during the remaining games, he will be the first player in NFL history to play for 2 different teams in the same post season. Looks like there are going to be approximately 6,000 fans allowed in the stadium for the game. Looks like temps in the 20s for the start of the game. Not trying to look too far ahead, but if we beat the Rams, then the next weekend looks like the teens for kickoff. WHEW!! Go Pack Go!!!
Just Sayin’
(Biker Jimmy)


Marge 328 deserves a break so I’m filling in this week.  Her smiling face will be back next week.  Until then, you have to look at my ugly mug.

Just a few reminders, The game is this SATURDAY at 4:35.  There are a couple of extra prizes on hand to be given away during the game.  Plus, the End of Season prizes will be on display until, duh, the end of the season.  Spare-Time is throwing in a $50 gift card for each game and maybe a few unknown surprises.  Every member that is present at the end of the last game, will have a chance to win. 

The game also starts the club renewals for next year.  Re-upping now gets you the guaranteed price of $30 for renewals and $35 for new members, who get the playoff games and 2021 season thrown in too.

Plenty of food special's as well. Anything from Brats N Tots to a 3 course meal for 2.

Of course there will be the pools and the Trivia question to help make you rich (results may vary).  But the most important reason to join us at Spare-Time is having Packer Fans to cheer and console you.  Remember to RSVP to make sure we know you’re coming.  As Marge might say, the Thin is over, time to get Thick!  Go Pack Go!   
Marge 328
(Really Packer John)

 Packers vs LA Rams

Two weeks ago, auditions for the play
SB55 were over and 14 actors were chosen.  Last week the curtain came down on Act 1.  It is a story of two fighting families, NFC & AFC.  It is a tragedy in the sense that 5 good teams will get to watch the final 3 acts from the comfort of their own homes.  And to no one’s surprise, duh bears played the part of the fool and for the millionth time in a row, they are a shoo-in for the “Still Sucks” award.  To me the first act played out like I would have written it except that Football Team could not erase father time.  So now enters our two leading men for both families, Aaron & Patrick.  Of course, both come with a great supporting cast, but they will not duel each other until Act 4.

But let’s not get too far ahead in the play.  Let’s first examine our heroes and Act 2.

The Packers earned a week’s rest, and this may get actors Jace Sternberger, Kingsley Keke and Will Redmond back from concussion protocol.  La Rams, on the other hand, played a part in Act 1 and in the process, QB John Wolford (Stinger), WR Cooper Kupp (Knee), G David Edwards (Ankle) and DT Aaron Donald (torn rib cartilage) needed their under-studies to take over and may also need them to take over again this Saturday (although they are saying Donald will play and Wolford might be an option).  Jared Goff is dealing with a broken bone in his throwing hand and the sub-freezing temperatures, hard turf and rock hard footballs at Lambeau may be a problem.  If both Goff and Wolford are no goes for Saturday, then we may have to face “Gaffer”, Blake Bortles.  The Edwards and Kupp injuries are also hurtful because of limited backups on their roster and only one lineman and one Wide Receiver on the practice squad.

The Rams aren’t built to be an offensive team and their strength, if any, is the run game as Cam Akers tallied 131 yards on 28 carries.  As we all know too well, this, if any, is our weak point on defense; although that has improved in the last few weeks, limiting duh bears backs to 87 yards and Derick Henry to 98 yards.  In fact, the last time we allowed a running back more than 100 yards was duh bears in round 1 back in November.  Still, we need to make sure the “Second Half Pack” is not allowed on the field on Saturday forcing a weak QB position and a thin receiving corps to carry the load against the strength of our defense, the Smith Brothers up front and Alexander and Savage in the backfield.

The story line of this game will be about our offense against their defense; strength vs. strength, the pass rush of Donald (if he can play with his ribs) vs whom ever we have in Bakhtari’s place (last week it was Billy Turner) and Adams vs Jalen Ramsey.  Directing and starring is MVP candidate, Air-ron Rodgers.  His supporting cast includes the other Aaron (Jones), Jamaal Williams and A.J. Dillon, who have created for most of the season, a 50/50 balance of the run or the pass.  Giving these guys a bigger part in Act 2 not only makes Air-ron’s job easier but also turns Donald (ribs or not) into playing the part of run stopper or sideline observer and not starring as the pass rusher.

The Packers received 6 Pro-Bowl nominations to LAR’s 2.  The stage is Lambeau Field, our “Frozen Tundra”.  We have Air-ron Rodgers as the leading man.  All these things point to the Packers being written into Act 3 and beyond. 

But here’s the hitch… this play, SB55, is impromptu.  Only Act 1 has been written.  There is no director.  Everyone has a equal chance to either play-on or go home.  Only 4 actors are required in Act 3.  The Packers have been here before, they made it to the end of Act 4 and the curtain calls four times, once watched another take the bows and the rest was an early “exit stage left”.  They know how fragile fate can be, how every play is important, every player is important, and they will use this as their motivation for being there at the last act and the final curtain calls. 

There is one other actor in this play we need to mention.  The seahags (no, not them) may boast of the 12th man BUT… we have the 12th Million Man!  It will be Packer Fans everywhere like the Green-ville Packers Backers, creating a cheer so loud our heroes can hear it in Lambeau Field and as SB55 ends its run, we will bring the Lombardi Trophy home for the 5th time knowing that “it takes all of us” to…
Bleed Green & GOLD My Friends!   
(Packer John)