2018 Week 02

Packers 24 Duh Bears 23

Packers Mount an Historic Comeback

How many times has it happened?  Not just for us, but league-wide, I mean?  A great player gets a monster contract, finally being paid what he’s worth and he goes down for a season or the rest of the season and the team is left with scraps again!  For the Packers, I remember Robert Brooks, Dorsey Levens, and now add Aaron R…NOT SO FAST!!

That’s what it looked like with 9 minutes left in the first half of Sunday Night’s opener with the Packers and Bears renewing the oldest rivalry in the NFL at Lambeau Field.  Aaron was sacked by Bears defensive lineman Roy Robert-Harrison and landed awkwardly on his knee.  He started to get up, walked a step and went down.  He was helped to his feet, and able to walk off the field under his own power.  Then Packer faithful’s hearts were in their collective throats when he was in a cart and being driven back to the locker room.
Enter DaShone Kizer.  Now, DaShone played for Notre Dame, so I was interested to see what he could do, he had to be better than Hundley! Was he? Well, yes and no.  He drove the Packers down to what would have been field goal range before getting strip sacked by Khalil Mack.  Then he got intercepted for a pick 6 by the aforementioned Mr. Mack.  The Packers were down 17-0 at the half, fans at Lambeau were disgusted by the lackluster play on both sides of the ball and we were also worried about Aaron. 
I switched over to Wayne Larivee and Larry McCarren at that point.  They said the official word was that Aaron was “questionable” for a return.  Wayne said he was warming up throwing on the sideline prior to the second half. 
And then the Maestro, Mr. Rodgers tapped the ball to the music holder and the symphony began!  The Packers played with a renewed vigor.  McCarthy barked out the plays on both sides of the sheet, and Aaron Rodgers started to surgically carve up the Chicago Bears in an historic comeback down 20-0, the Packers scored 17 unanswered points.  Aaron Rodgers, bum leg and all, reminded Chicago, The NFC North, and The NFL, that he’s a baaaaaaad MAN!!  A-rod finished the evening going 20-30, 286 yards, no ints, 3 TDs, and a passer rating of 130.7. Greg Jennings was “beyond impressed” with Rodgers’ performance.  Shannon Sharpe, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Deion Sanders were all equally impressed.  When asked if they were surprised by Rodgers engineering a comeback of this nature, no one was.  I’ll say this again though.  This was HISTORIC.  Rodgers has never comeback from a larger deficit except for the “Motown Miracle” Hail Mary in Detroit (actually it ties the Motown Miracle, the fourth largest comeback in Packers history).  I was watching some of the talking heads on Tuesday, all they wanted to say was, “Wait til this weekend, the Packers will get clobbered by Minnesota!”  I disagree, I think our offense against their defense will be hard fought.


…whatinhell is wrong with Clay Matthews?  He was slow, he was off, he nearly cost us the game (the late hit)!  I’ve never said this before but here goes… Thank God for Nick Perry!   When Nick is healthy, he’s pretty good, but he’s has fragile hands and oftentimes seems like he plays the last half of the season with a club and some screws in his hand, so I don’t think he’s worth the salary we pay him.  Clay didn’t earn his money Sunday night either.     We will need some better play out of him this Sunday even if we are against Kirk Cousins.  I’d love to dog out the Vikings but I’ll let Packer John take care of that. 
What I will say is, this will be a stiffer task later in the season unless our defense improves and finds a way to fluster Trubiskey, he still is a 2nd year QB, and it will be harder for the next stretch unless we are lucky enough to draft a player cast in the mold of Mack to make them fear us as well or we get a stud of a right tackle.  But for now in our 100th season we proved that 
“Upon Further Review…Duh Bears Still SUCK!! 
(Ken Hill)

Just Sayin’

 Since I have to get up so early, it is usually hard for me to get much past the first quarter of a night game. I made it till almost halftime for the Bears game. So, I went to bed mad. The Packers were getting hammered and Rodgers had been carted off with what looked like a possible season ending injury. What a shocker when I woke up Mon-day morning and checked the score. OK, reasons for being mad when I turned the game off. First off, I read back when McCarthy brought back Joe Philbin as OC, that they were going to “start from scratch” in the design of the offense. Who would have thought that they were “starting from scratch”, but using all the same ingredients that caused the under-cooked, burnt, tasteless recipes that McCarthy has been baking for years, with the same old old chefs? The same stale recipes, that have been so bland, once again, were served cold against the Bears. They were terrible, just awful, at least in the first half that I watched. Secondly, because of those old, stale recipes, Rodgers got hurt. It’s starting just like it has for a long time. The plays take so long to develop, that protection breaks down.
The protection breaks down, and then Rodgers gets sacked. And while most sacks aren’t too awful bad (although I say that as I type and no 300 pound guy is trying to inflict pain upon me), some can wind up in a bad way. Sometime after Rodgers was carted off the field and into the locker room, somebody, from somewhere, brought out some new menu items. These were the microwave variety; ones that can be ready really, really quick. And these were really good treats. And BANG, our appetites for points began to be fulfilled. I don’t know if Aaron was actually sacked in the second half. I know he got some pressure at times. He got hit a couple of times after he released the ball. But with the quick passes and some running game, the offense looked entirely different in the second half. The offensive line played great. And the defense made adjustments as well. It’s hard to imagine, huh? A Defensive Coordinator who makes adjustments during a halftime to get better play from his guys. WOW, what a concept ! ! !

As I write this, we don’t really know the extent of Rodgers’ knee injury. One thing I heard is that Rodgers has said “that sitting behind Favre for 3 years,  that you play hurt when your team needs you.” The ol’ gunslinger was a player from a different era playing in modern times. I don’t know if there will ever be another player, at any position, that will play through some of the pain and ailments that he suffered through. He was indeed an ironman.  If Rodgers goes through some treatment this week, and maybe wears some type of compression sleeve, maybe he will play. No matter if it is AR playing, or one of the 2 backup guys, I think the Vikings defense is pretty darn good and will present their share of problems. So the offense needs to have the recipes from the “quick fix” version of the offensive cookbook.
And as I am pretty sure that this statement will be repeated at other places in this edition, I will say it anyway . . . . The Bears still SUCK!!! 
Just Sayin’ 
(Jimmy Smith)

GPB Hall Of Fame Report

Our first game at the Hall of Fame Sports Bar was a rousing success!  It took a while, but we were able to hug and high-five before the night was over.  We began the evening with 47 Packer Backers and ended with 24 renewing our friendships and hopes for the season.

 Door prizes went to 469 Erek Steliga who chose a Packer umbrella, 398 Bill Demuth will be sitting in his Packer chair in a bag, while 504 Michael Cox will be tossing his Packer nerf football.  475 Jennifer Comensoli picked car magnets and 298 Fran Scoville got a license plate.  Sebastain will be pleased with the leather wallet gift set chosen by his wife 505 Heather Sharp.  445 Sharon Dandelske chose a Packer purse and 263 Patricia Zumbach will enjoy her new headphones.  140 Erich Peschel will keep his head dry with his new Packer hat and 507 Linda Bracke will keep her feet warm with her new fuzzy socks. 369 Don Dandelske will be enjoying a coffee mug, and 241 Tiffany Bailey will hang a plaque on her wall, while 474 Jim Comensoli will keep things cozy with a new night light.
445 Sharon Dandelske correctly answered last week’s trivia question and took home a $15 gift certificate from our new host at Hall of Fame Sports Bar.
Winners of the $1 pool were 221 Barbara Gambrell (twice), 321 Shelia Chase and 506 Sebastian Sharp.
As we look forward to playing the
 Vikings next Sunday at 1 p.m. {YAY!} I hope to see many more of our Packer faithful.  Remember, we love and support our Packers through rain or shine,  thick and thin—let’s hope this is a thick season.  
Always courageous…
(Marge 328)

Packer’s      vs.     Viqueens

 Thirty minutes into the season and it felt like our season was over, but then Air-ron, who is part Steve Austin with his bionic eye and laser arm along and Data (Star Trek) with his ability to repair himself, all is right in Titletown again… for now.  Good news is there is Air-ron’s injury is listed as a knee sprain (not season ending!).  He is taking therapy and sitting out practice this week and Mike (in typical Mike Fashion) won’t let us know until game time if he will play this week.
I apologize to those who were expecting to hear another episode in the saga of Zippy, Kraig is out of town this week but I can assure you that Zippy and others from Kraig’s sorted past will appear in future articles, for now, you are stuck with me.
This week, it’s the viqueens.  The big question is not whether Air-ron will play; as I noted above, only Mike knows and he’s not telling.  The big question is what Packer team will show up?  The first half Packers or the second half Packers?  There is no denying the viqueens are a good team, years of mediocracy have given them the draft picks to finally compete on our level.  Last year they came within one game of their 5th Superbowl (still looking for win one).  If we play anything like we did in the first half, we might be lucky to be behind by only 17 points at halftime.  My guess is, unlike duh bears, a viqueens team is not going to fold in the second half like duh bears did because, you know… duh bears still suck!
Along with Air-ron being on the injury report, I see that Davante Adams (shoulder) didn’t practice Wednesday either.  Not having our #1 QB, #1 receiver and #1 running back (Aaron Jones is still on suspension) our offense could appear to be average at best.  Kaiser looked like he thought he we back playing in Cleveland while Montgomery and Williams have been serviceable at best, there is no reason for the queenies to think we can pass the ball or run it down their throats.  I read an interesting article today about La’veon Bell.  He still is a holdout with the Stealer and even if he did return tomorrow, he could be like a poison to their team.  The best thing they can do is trade Bell… so what if the Packers trade for him?  Green Bay has two first round picks next year, why not back up Rogers with a proven quality back?  What will two first round picks next year help us this year?  Just food for thought.
This is a hard article to write and wish I had a “Zippy” like story to tell.  I always try to put things in a positive light but with our injuries and their defense, it’s hard to sugarcoat reality.  I went to Karn Bender’s funeral last Monday.  During the service the Pastor noted Karn was a HUGE Packer fan and truly believed she had some influence in Heaven in determining the outcome of duh bears game.  If that’s so, I hope she has God’s ear this week.  I’m sure odds makers will favor the viqueens, but they aren’t Packer Fans by birth.  The Packers are my team, our team and they will find a way to win on Sunday, sure as I 
Bleed Green My Friends 
(Packer John)

Going with the Flo

I had a phone interview on Thursday with NBC26 in Green Bay.  They were looking to find connections between Green Bay and Hurricane Florence.  They were really hoping to find Packer fans in the path of the storm but seemed interested to learn we here in Greenville are opening our doors and hospitals to folks as they are forced to leave their homes, some maybe for the last time.  I told him our group is not trained to be first responders or licensed medical staff but we could do what we do best; host one heck of a Packer Party. You might notice more Packer Fans roaming around the Upstate this week, if you do, invite them to join us at Hall of Fame for the game (use our new cards if you took some).  Ryan told me to send some picture they can use during their nightly news.  Be sure to wear something Packer.  The interview aired Thursday night and I thought it was short but went well. My 15 minutes of fame was reduced to 45 seconds.  Autographs will be given at halftime. 
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that are being evacuated.  I hope they have overestimated this storm and many will be spared their homes, property and in the case of those who elected to stay, their lives.
And now for our game plan.  Alice and I talked about this Sunday’s game and determined that, God willing, we will meet at HoF.  As long as they have power, we can somehow watch or listen to the game.  The Panther’s play in Atlanta at 1:00 so our game will not be on local TV.  She pointed out even with power, Dish might not work in a storm and she does have Charter but can’t get the NFL ticket.  If anyone has either the NFL ticket or SeriusXM on their phone, let me know.  We might be able to connect it to our sound system and at least listen to the game.
Thursdays report has the storm weakening and moving more to North Carolina but still shows the storm affecting the Upstate on Sunday.  I hope to see everyone Sunday at HoF for the game but please use common sense.  If you don’t feel right about traveling, by all means, stay home.  To those arriving by canoe or kayak (Lewis & Clark this is for you) parking is available in the golf cart and motorcycle parking area.  Be safe and Bleed Green My Friends. 
(Packer John)