2018 Week 17

Packers 00 Lyins 31

In the preview article, I called this The Nothing Bowl.  One team played like it was Nothing, the other team played like it was a Bowl. 
The Detroit Lions made the Green Bay Packers look BAD. This game was so bad, I didn’t want to write this article, but journalistic integrity (and threats by Packer John) made me do it.
  We were 1970’s bad.  Back in the 70’s (and most of the 80’s) if you recall, the Packers were the laughingstock of the NFL.  They were a small-town team in a big market league.  They couldn’t compete, despite having a loyal following, they just didn’t have the money.  In the early 90’s with explosion of cable television, and a new CBA and owner’s agreement we were able to tap into the massive amount of capital and get competitive again.  Having Ron Wolf as GM didn’t hurt either!
The last time the Detroit Lions shut out the Green Bay Packers it was 1970.  I was FIVE!  Aaron Rodgers had his helmet ripped off and was knocked out of the game with a concussion.  Deshone Kizer showed flashed of why he was a good College quarterback at the University of Notre Dame and also showed why he was traded to us from Cleveland.  If memory serves, he threw that stupid lob pass last season that allowed us to win last year against Cleveland.
Detroit’s game plan was simple.  Pound the Rock.  Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels were out.  Dean Lowry tried valiantly, but was clearly overmatched with backups in with him. 

It reminded me of 2011.  You’re like, “2011, Ken?  When we went 15-1?  2011?!?!”  Yes, 2011.  It was late July, the ink was just dry on a new CBA and Cullen Jenkins was talking to the team.  He was up for a contract.  He offered us a Hometown Discount.  Ted was reluctant to pay him what he was worth.  Cullen walked. Ryan Pickett was getting older.  BJ Raji was in the prime of his career.  Howard Green was a street walk-on.  Clearly, our defensive line wasn’t going to be the showpiece of this team.  But we had Aaron Rodgers at the pinnacle of his career.  An arm that wouldn’t see broken collarbones for a few years, an undimmed eye from concussions, he stood tall and fearless in the pocket and if need be, pulled it down, ran and directed traffic as we got much needed yards.  We didn’t need defense, we were scoring 30 points a game.  That’s why this game reminded me of 2011.  Except we weren’t going to get 30 points, and 30 points wouldn’t have won this won.  Thanks Matt Prater.
This game wasn’t anything like the game the previous week.  Aaron left early in the 2nd Quarter with the aforementioned concussion.  He went into the locker room and when he came out in a stocking cap, you could tell he wasn’t going back in.  
I thought the announcing by Fox was atrocious and the pro-Lions slant made me question whether they had just brought the Fox crew in from the Detroit affiliate for the game. 
The Lions outplayed the Packers in virtually every offensive stat.  132 yards rushing to 46 (40 of that was by Kizer).  274 yards passing to 158.  3 TD’s in the air to 0.  Stafford finished with a Passer rating of 109.6 to 44.0 for Kizer. 
This was an ugly game that frankly I was happy to see end.  I don’t like to see this version of the Green Bay Packers.  Hopefully whoever we hire as coach has a master plan to turn this franchise around.  I don’t want to see us sink into mediocrity with a truly great quarterback in the middle.  See ya next season.
(Ken Hill)

GPB Hall Of Fame Report

 37 Packer fans met together at Hall of Fame Sports Grill to bid adieu to the 2018 season.  We all really hoped we could leave with happy faces, but that was not the case.
12 folks went home with some great door prizes.  110 Bill Bunke chose a lap tray, and 510 Michele Morgan now has a very interesting corkscrew.  524 Seth Ray will be sipping from his new set of tumblers, while 474 Jim Comensoli can season his steaks with a pepper grinder and flip them with his tongs.  372 Sara Warpinski will be setting her table on a tablecloth presented to her by 127 Kent Sargent.  455 Brenda Davenport will rest her head on a pair of pillows.  131 Gerald Schultz will keep great time with his new watch.  507 Linda Bracke will keep her toes warm with some great fuzzy socks.  120 Neil Petersen and 415 Chris Schultz will stay dry under their new umbrellas.  Bag chairs went home with 132 Sharon Schultz and 324 Larry Schilz.
We were able to fill both a $1 and a 50₵ pool.  Winners of the $1 pool were 127 Kent Sargent, 106 John Wieloch, and 120 Neil Petersen (2).  372 Sara Warpinski, 453 Leon Stenzel, and 242 Christina Harrison (2) won the 50₵ pool.  The winner of the Trivia question and recipient of a $15 gift certificate from Hall of Fame Sports Grill was 110 Bill Bunke. 
Three $25 gift cards to the Packer Pro Shop were awarded as “end of season” prizes to members who remained until the end of the game.  The first card went to 507 Linda Bracke.  The next numbers drawn were 503 Steve Sabin, and then 458 Susan Sabin who, unfortunately, were no longer present, which made 453 Leon Stenzel and 398 Bill Demuth very happy as they took home the final two cards.
Our 100th season may not have met the expectations that we had at the start of the season, but true fans support their teams no matter what.  It was great for me to see so many true fans join together week after week this season, and I know I will see you again in the fall.  It can only get better, right?  Here’s to looking ahead to a brighter future.  Love you all—through thick and thin…Marge 328