2019 Week 03

Packers 21 Viqueens 16

Watching TV last night. Again. This is getting to be a habit (?) I was surfing as usual, sampling all the Idiot Box had to offer. I stopped cold on CNN when I saw a familiar face. It was one of the “True Vikings” leaders,
mid-interview: “…not raping and pillaging with my brothers, where I wish to be, but instead elected to be sitting here with you since I’m also good with words and language. We continue to pray to Odin that this hijacking will cease and desist, and we may be forever free of the stigma that Minnesota and their ‘fans’ have forced upon us. We witnessed another losing performance, although it was Green Bay, which we fully anticipated and frankly, expected...”
At which point I thought, “Oh, s##t! I forgot to write my review of the Vikings game!”
I loved the opening when Brett Favre escorted the always lovely and classy Cherry Starr out of the tunnel, thinking how bad we needed to get this game for any number of reasons, but definitely for Bart…
It was about as much fun as it can be when the game exploded to a 21-0 lead. I was thinking “we might put like 75 points on these guys!” Of course, it couldn’t last. No one maintains like that in the NFL. And we all saw how it went cold and the game ended up a nail biter in the end…same as it ever was. Thanks to Kirk Cousins, who made some really great throws in their attempted comeback, for ultimately reprising his role in Being Kirk Cousins
After playing exactly 12.5% of the season, we are (2-0). This is of course against two division foes and historical rivals (although the Bears “rivalry” has really become more of a “hammer vs nail” analogy). Notice I said “we?” If “we” were (0-2), I would say “they.” These were against two top defenses that were also supposed to be rising offenses. As bad as our offense has been overall, it’s been light years ahead of these wannabes…
We clearly don’t have to play our best to win games against “top” competition, and it’s obvious we haven’t come close to our best. The early stages of the Minnesota game are what that may look like. Whatever county jail, third world whorehouse, or skid row dump that my thankfully long-lost cousin Zippy is currently occupying, I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did (he didn’t). I’m trying to turn the other cheek with some of the people in my life. Remember, the meek shall inherit the Earth. As such, I mostly just hope he’s doing all right…
Duh Bears snatched an iffy win against our next foe, the Broncos. They now believe they actually have a kicker! Double doink! We will see an all-too-familiar face on the Denver sideline: Vic Fangio. He is very familiar with the Packers, but not this version. Aaron gave him a lot of praise this week, like he often did when Fangio was in Shitcago. Let’s hope it’s just typical respectful playerspeak, and the offense looks to build on what we saw in glimpses last week…

Postscript: Happy Trails to Trevor Davis, traded to Oakland. Too bad he didn’t live up to his initials for us, maybe he will out west. He’s clearly been replaced by our new acquisition from the Chiefs, Tremon Smith. This guy is electric! One of the best returners and special teamers in football. Fanatastic for us! But why did KC dump this guy if he’s so great? Hopefully, we will never find that out…
Postscript II: The Badgers have offered a scholarship to one Christian Driver, a sophomore wideout at Liberty Christian HS in Argyle, Texas. I bet they make killer sweaters and socks there(?) “Driver?” you say? Yes, Christian is none other than the son of Packer great Donald Driver…
Postscript III: Can those same Badgers finally punish a perpetually overrated and overhyped Michigan team? These posers who clearly plagiarized University of Delaware’s helmets should’ve lost at home to Army. I felt sick for the Cadets, but then I remembered they’ll spend the rest of their lives and careers kicking everybody’s ass…
Grip it and rip it…let’s get it on again! 
Go, Pack, GO!!!
(Kraig “Lewis” Pringle)

Just Sayin’

 Well, no rants this week either. Well, no hard rants. Wow, a 21-0 lead early in the second quarter. And then, not another point scored. I think some of that goes on the offense itself, turning the ball over a couple of times. And add to the fact is that Minnesota has a pretty good defense of their own. And while they were missing 2 starting cornerbacks, their pass rush is later pretty darn good. Then there was the 4th and 1 where they went for it. It turns out that Rodgers thought it was first down, but LaFleur knew it was 4th down. They both admitted that there should have been better communication. And IMO, some of the fault is questionable calls by the officials. I think the challenge by LaFleur should have been overturned.
Other than the first quarter, there was not much offensive action. OTOH, how long has it been that a Packer defense has been responsible for winning 2 games in a row? Maybe when Reggie White was playing? How long? I don’t really know. I was asking? (LOL). Those guys only had ONE sack. But they put pressure on Kirk Cousins all day long. They had FOUR takeaways. How long has it been since we have seen a Packer defense do that? Really And how about that Kevin King pick? You need to give the DL an assist for the pressure on Cousins. I still think this offense is trying to find their way. They made some headway against the Vikings. I think it will continue to improve, especially if they involve Jake Kumerow in the passing game a little more. Aaron Jones had some good runs. Not a great day for AR12, but a decent day. The biggie was his taking care of the football and NOT throwing pick. But, there was the fumble. I don’t know what happened there except we lost the ball.
We gotta give props to Coach LaFleur for keeping the run game alive. That other guy probably would have given up running the ball as soon as Minnesota got their second score.
One of the boards I used to frequent bashed Trevor Davis a lot. They complained a lot that all he did was fair catch on punts. Well, there’s a lot of truth there. He usually DOES do that (traded after this was written).
All in all, it was a good day. The Packers won. We are 2-0, looking down at the rest of the division. And yes, there is a long way to go in the season. But being 2-0 with the offensive struggles they have had, ain’t a bad way to be sitting right now... 
Just Sayin’
(Jimmy Smith)

GPB In Our

WOW! WOW! WOW! Last count showed 170 packer fans (probably more) at Spare Time last Sunday.  In addition to many Greenville Packer Backers renewing their memberships, we welcome 10 new members:
535 Mary Ann Fechhelm 
536 Ralph Fechhelm
537 Wayne Boyd
538 Shea Ray
539 John Byrne
540 Michelle Byrne
541 Sam Claridge
542 Kathie Mervyn
543 Dean Scoville
544 Anne Scoville.
Door prizes were awarded to these lucky members.  262 Tom Zumbach will keep great time with his new watch, 242 Christina Harrison has a tee shirt, while 415 Chris Schultz got 2 pairs of socks.  522 Harvey Humphrey chose 2 baseball caps, and 472 Cyrus Steliga picked a lanyard and a wallet.  533 Aaron Whalen will drink his beverage from his Packer mug and wipe his mouth with his Packer towel, while 398 Bill Demuth will place his hot dishes on his Packer trivettes.  Car flag and magnet will decorate the car of 525 Leslie Fleming.
This week we filled two $1 pools.  Winners were 120 Neil Petersen, 221 Barbara Gambrell, 429 Kim Miller, 510 Michele Morgan, 220 Jimmy Smith (2), and 431 Jan Zlebek (2).  We also fielded a second half 50₵ pool.  Because the score didn’t change between the 3rd and 4th quarters, both of those were won by 220 Jimmy Smith.
The club sponsored a trivia contest to honor the great Bart Starr.  A bag chair was awarded to 220 Jimmy Smith for his correct response to the question.  Our usual trivia question was correctly answered by 242 Christina Harrison who received a $25 gift card from our gracious sponsors at Spare Time Entertainment.
On Sunday the Packers host the Broncos for a 1:00 game.  We will have a special Bart Starr cap raffle (didn’t get the caps until Monday). Make sure you let us know your coming Sunday Via facebook or e-mail so Spare-Time can staff properly. I hope to see all 170 plus GPBers at Spare Time.  I have to say, the “thick” is lots more fun than the “thin”.  
Through thick and thin… 
Marge 328

Packer’s        vs.      Broncos 

Game time adjustments, we witnessed that last Sunday.  The Packers came out and for the first quarter, looked to be unstoppable, then for the last thee quarters, nothing.  We stopped ourselves a few times but give credit to the viqueens defense for ‘adjusting” to our offense.
We also saw a game time “adjustment” at Spare-Time.  When Steve found out there was 3 times the amount of fans there that told us would be there, he immediately called in more staff and even took to the floor himself, taking orders so our servers could concentrate solely on bring out our orders.  To any-one who came unannounced and thought the serve was slow, blame yourself.  To make Steve’s job easier and if you want so see the serve we deserve, even if you’re a maybe, tell us by e-mail or our facebook page.
Now on with the preview.
The Bronco’s are 0-2.  They play a tough opponent last week in duh bears (who profited from a questionable roughing the QB call on their winning drive) while losing to the Radars somewhere in California.  They were in both games, being outscored by 10 points total in the two games.  Joe Flacco was good in Baltimore and he can still be that way.  He has 560 yds. passing so far while their running backs, Freeman & Linsey have rushed for 190 yds. in the two games.  They could do some damage if our defense, who in the past, has given up some 10, 11 or 12 or more play drives.  The good thing is, so far this year we have not seen that, allowing only one to duh bears for 3 points and none to the viqueens.  The Smith brothers look to be a good offseason acquisition along with Amos.  Za’Darius Smith’s ankle injury is reason for concern and we will have to see how much it affects him on Sunday. 
The revolving door has been busy this week with safety Raven Greene going on the IR list while we claimed CB Tremon Smith off waivers from KC.  Oddly, this move leaves us with only 3 safeties but loads us up with 8 Corner Backs. I wonder what offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello will make of that?
Air-ron said again, he needs to get better, which I think is referring to the last three quarters of the viqueens game.  The second half was scoreless for us with Air-ron going 6 for 12 for 58 yards, not a very GOAT like performance.  The good news is Aaron Jones ended the day with  116 yards on 23 carries and Jaamal Williams added another 29 on 9 carries.  We had 18 running plays in the first half and 15 in the second, it has been a long time since we’ve seen this  from a Packer team and may well have been the reason for our victory over (as Craig puts it) the lavender lads.  As Air-ron gets better and the receivers get more in sync, things can only look up for the Pack.
For the second week in a row, this will be a 1:00 NFL ticket only game.  With the pools, prizes, Trivia, great food and drinks and a whole bunch of Packer fans, what’s stopping you from coming down to Spare-Time?  Need more incentive?  I have 2 Bart Starr caps, which were ordered before Bart Starr Sunday but didn’t arrive until Monday.  They will both be raffled off this Sunday.  Tickets are a buck a piece for everyone and 7 for $5 for current club members.
This “should” be a victory for the Pack or this “could” be a trap game; this is why we play the games.  I believe the Pack will keep things in perspective and the game will end up the way the talking heads think, with another Green Bay Victory.  The one constant throughout this entire season is we will always  
Bleed Green My Friends.
(Packer John)