2019 Week 09

Packers 31 Chefs 24 

The Conspirators met again, this time behind the blocking sleds by the far reaches of the Packers practice facility. They obviously and routinely saw each other on a regular basis about the team campus, but for obvious reasons kept these extracurricular efforts out of the team and public eye…
The eldest, clean-cut and shaven, shook hands with the younger, glancing furtively left and right, muttering, “Hey, Davey Boy.” The younger peered from under his white team cap, the bill crushed into a curve, with a glimpse of a satisfied smile: “Brian, our plan is working! Those Russkies in Appleton really know their hacking. I don’t know if I’ve seen Rodgers so pissed off in the short time I’ve worked with him. He’s really responded to the fake news we planted. He’s maybe never been better than the last two games. MVP discussion! But I’m getting sick and tired of reminding you, my name is “Matt,” not “Davey Boy!”
The elder: “Watch your tone. Remember, I hired you. But I am sorry, Matty Boy. I keep confusing you with longtime Cowboys’ TE David LaFleur. Any relation?”
Matty replied, “Not that I know of. And I probably wouldn’t claim it if we were related. How can someone like you, who is so immersed in this team and franchise on a daily basis, make such simple mistakes?” Brian quickly stammered, “Look, getting old sucks. Sometimes, you put the time and effort in, and something obvious does you in. Lighten up, it could happen to anyone. Maybe even self-proclaimed “Superfans” who actually write columns in far-flung Packer newsletters like the PackerBits make mistakes like that. On second thought, Naw, that could never happen…Either way, looks like our scheme is coming to fruition. Just remember, and repeat after me:” (In unison): “NO QUID PRO QUO!”
Matty: “Are we done with the Russians, then?” Brian: “Yeah, those guys are a little too hot for us right now. Besides, I’m hearing even better things about some guys in Ukraine…”
Take all you want, but eat all you take. Sometimes, often times, I take too much in that proverbial context. I have been called a person of excess. Our family calendar is a great example. Sometimes, there’s just too much going on, too much on our plates. That’s about the time we get humbled…
Full Disclosure #2: I was running and gunning as usual on Sunday, coming back from our first Parent’s Weekend at Duke where my daughter, Kyrsten (“Kyrie” to me) is a freshman studying to hopefully one day cure Cancer. I didn’t make it to Spare Time until the second quarter. I was the 37th and final show-up for the club (and BTW it looked really empty). I ended up leaving just one double Crown later because of unnamed family issues. So I didn’t end up watching and finishing the entire game until 2:39 am.
And What a Game! Another mixed bag for the Packers that ended all too well. The team has yet to play that elusive “complete” game, which evidently isn’t necessary to go (7-1) in the first half, and maybe unnecessary to go all the way in today’s NFL. The reality is, every team (even you, NE and SF) is flawed. Like the Witch who appeared at my door on Halloween, this team has warts, blemishes, uneven patches, and smells really bad from time to time, yet can cast a spell over you and keep you mesmerized…
The defense was generally a disaster at KC. Watching them go up and down the field made me sicker than Michael Jackson’s daily Neverland itinerary. Pettine was no doubt angry and embarrassed by what was believed to be a projected strength. And I still believe it is a strength. For the Chiefs, this game showed what brilliant coaching and scheme can do. Their blitzes obviously disrupted Rodgers and the passing game, particularly early on. Ultimately, they got beat by the Michael Jordan of football. They got “Aaron Rodgers’d…”
On offense, they took a guy who’s been on his couch for the last few years and game-planned him to within a bad Andy Reid decision of tying this game late. And we definitely want to thank Coach Reid for his decision to punt the ball away with minutes to go, otherwise his dink-and-dunk approach with Moore and all of our missed tackles may have continued to haunt us. Instead, Aaron Jones iced the clock en route to another breakout performance, his second NFC Offensive Player of the Week and the team’s third such honor in the last four weeks! I wonder if McCarthy is watching Jones turn into our modern-day version of Marshall Faulk? Wondering if he’d still be at the helm of this team if he wouldn’t have been so stubborn and let Jones explode like everyone in Packer Nation so obviously saw and wanted?
Whatever the Russian hackers did to piss off and motivate Rodgers, it’s clearly worked! Or, leaving La-La Land, maybe it’s just that he is settling in to this offense and truly feeling comfortable. No Devante has equaled No Problem. Maybe that’s why we didn’t make a splash at the trade deadline for a Receiver. We don’t believe we need it…
Now, we head to LA for what’s called an “extra home game” for us because of what’s happening with the Chargers’ franchise and the recognition of how Packer Army travels in support of our team. Melvin Gordon will be on the field. In keeping with the UW theme, lets do him like Illinois did Jonathan Taylor…
Ok. Low blow. Bad game, forget about it and move on. Like the initial theme of this brief narrative: Even the Great Ones make mistakes. And we are all, at one time or another, Great Ones
Go, Pack, GO!!! 
(Kriag Pringle)

Just Sayin’

First off, let me give a big welcome to Heather for joining in on the newsletter. Now, was that Aaron's game or what? That first quarter started off like so many others earlier in the season. I mean, no defense in the NFL could stop the Packers offense. And that’s without Adams playing. The offense should really open up once his toe has healed and he returns to action. How about that catch by Jake Kumerow!! But then, between the 1st and 2nd quarters, I dozed off. Then someone put me in a Delorean and transported me back in time several weeks. When I woke up, it was the nightmarish 2nd quarter from early in the season where the offense struggled to do anything. So, halftime was bedtime. Well, thanks to DVR technology, I picked up the game on Monday evening at kickoff of the second half. Aaron and Aaron taking them down the field on a drive that took almost 9:00 off the clock. We had to settle for a FG after not converting on a 3rd down. Did anyone else see AR12 get face-masked on that 3rd down? No penalty. (Collingsworth made mention of it a short time later.) So, Crosby kicks off to the Chiefs. Then, some guy named Shady McCoy, made a shady play of his own and fumbled. A few plays later, AR12 hits Jamaal Williams in the back corner of the endzone for a TD. Some comments on the web this week were saying that Rodgers was just throwing the ball away and it was all luck. Does anyone remember the Cardinal game few years ago when Rodgers was rolling to his left, and hits Jeff Janis with a 61 yard gain/ Then a play or 2 later, hits Janis with another bomb while rolling left and was starting to fall. Rodgers is just uncanny with his accuracy. If Rodgers was trying to throw the ball away, it wouldn’t have been catchable by anyone on either team. KC then scores to tie, and proceeds to kick off. It was time for another long, time con-suming, scoring drive to retake the lead. 2 plays with the 2nd play being a 67 yard TD pass to the other Aaron. WOW!!
The defense didn’t play all that well, but they did WHAT they needed to do WHEN they needed to do it. You have to give the Chiefs coaching staff credit for calling a game that got the ball out of Matt Moore’s hands pretty quick most of the time.
Like I said, that was Aaron’s game. Which one was I referring to, Rodgers or Jones? YES… 
Just Sayin’
(Jimmy Smith)


What a great Sunday night.  36 Packer backers started out cheering at Spare Time. Those who were forced to leave at half time did so with an “oh well” expression, while those of us remaining got to jump up and down, cheer, and high five!  Way to go, Pack!  We also welcomed another new member:
563 Bob Scanlon
And the streak continues.  We have welcomed at least one new member each week since we have made Spare Time our home. 
Some great doorprizes were awarded Sunday night.  Again, tee shirts headed the list being chosen by 531 Sara Hansen, 328 Marge Bramlett, and 532 John Blando.  473 Tiera Steliga welcomed her Locker Room Buddy.  321 Sheila Chase will make use of her mesh tote cooler, while 469 Erek Steliga will be loading up his new duffel bag.  550 Heather Bailey will stay warm under her blanket and 474 Jim Comensoli will enjoy his new Packer sunglasses.  560 Larry Joachim will remain charged with his new USB charger, and 185 Ken Hill will hear all things Packer with his new Blue-tooth headphones.
The winner of the trivia contest and the recipient of a $25 gift card from the great folks at Spare Time was 550 Heather Bailey.  We filled the dollar football pool.  Winners were 241 Tiffany Bailey, 469 Erek Staliga, and 328 Marge Bramlett (2).
On Sunday we have 4:25 game against the (Un)Chargers.  I hope to greet and cheer with as many of you as possible.  Our Pack is doing great, our club is doing great, and we have a great time cheering for all things Packer.  Come and enjoy this time together.  We love our Packers through thick and thin… 
Marge 328

Packer’s       vs.       LaVolt’s

Last Sunday, I was able to leave at the start of the third  quarter because Ken was on the mic.  With a 50 minute drive up the mountain, my plan was to be home to see the 4th quarter.  Driving home I was in the dark about the game.  Even with Sirus Radio, I don’t get the NFL package and none of the sports channels even updated the score.  It was all about the fast pasted World Series game; so hard to break into the action to report on the only NFL game in progress.  By the time I got home the score was 31-24 and KC was on their last posses-sion. Trying to determine if they should go for it or punt on 4th down with  a little over five minutes left in the game.  When the punt was downed at the 1 yard line, there must have been a glimmer of hope for the Chef’s. What I saw next was something I haven’t seen from the Packers in a long time.  Taking control of the game, grinding out yards, getting some first downs and finishing the game with the victory formation.  I kinda like it. 
What I will like too is my free breakfast this Saturday.  One of the guys in my “Old Geezers Breakfast Club”, Steve, is a big KC fan.  So we made a bet that looser buys the other breakfast and I have to admit, when I left Spare-Time, my thought was on winning the pool so I could afford to buy breakfast for two. But the boys came through for me big time; I am going to savor my Saturday Eggs, hash browns and sausage.

For the second week in a row, we are on the road and for the second week in a row we play a team from the AFC West, the LaVolts (kinda reminds you of Sgt. Schultz).  We are playing them at “Dignity Health Sports Park”.  A 27,000 seat stadium located on the campus of California State University in Carson.  It is the smallest Stadium in the largest market in the NFL. With 30,000 Packer fans going to the game, makes you wonder where the Charger fans are going to sit.
The LaVolts are riding high after squeaking out a victory last week because duh bears did what they do best, miss field goals.  They are coming home after a two game road trip but much like this World Series, home field advantage means nothing... nothing (Again the ghost of Sgt. Schultz).  Their last home win came back on opening weekend.  Since then they have dropped 3 straight at home and staring down the barrel of number 4, or more accurately, number 12, 17 & 33.  Some have coined them the A-Team, I like Triple A (AAA); it goes better with the State Farm theme.  No matter what you call them, they are a force to be reckoned with as KC found out, even with one of our “A’s” missing.  There is hope that Davante will return this week, maybe the warm sunny California weather will work wonders on his toe.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not falling into the trap of putting a W in our column before the opening kick-off.  No, only the Patriots have a schedule that soft where they can do that.  The LaVolts still have Phillip Rivers, who much like Air-ron, can throw the ball around, but unlike Air-ron, has not enjoy his success.  Here is an insiders tip, the Chargers are going to throw the ball.  Duh, 80% of their total offense comes from the pass.  The unknown here is their newly appointed Offensive Coordinator, Shane Steichen.  He is not new to the team, he was promoted from QB coach.  How much will change in a week is hard to say.  He still has the same players this week that out-going Ken Whisenhunt did last week.  With UW product Melvin Gordon III, four games back from his holdout, he has yet to find his NFL groove this year.  Will a former QB coach try to help Phillip Rivers by running the ball more is the biggest mystery come Sunday.
As always, I am Packer Positive.  This team has found ways of winning all year, with our only blemish coming at the hands of the e-gulls.  It is because of that game one must have guarded optimism.  A trap game… maybe, but only if you let it.  I can’t see Matt, Air-ron and the Smith Brothers letting this game become complaisant.  The viqueens are still on our heels and maybe KC will help set them back a game this week.  I gave blood this week and found out my blood type is GB+ because you know I will always 
Bleed Green My Friends. 
(Packer John)