2019 Week 14

Packers 31 NJ Giants 13 

Well, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving weekend for me as far as sports went.  Thursday’s Lyins/bears game was a wash with no real clear winner or loser as far as I was concerned.  Saturday saw Badgers get the axe from Minisoda and a chance to play Ohio State this Saturday for the Big10 championship, worst case scenario is Badger are in the Rosebowl. 
Then Auburn took down Alabama (sorry Ken) ending the talk of Bama (now #12) in making the final four.  Sunday saw the Texans take care of the Patriots and Monday, Kirk Cousins is still O-for on Monday night football as the viqueens dropped a game on the Packers.  My only regret was the Seahags were the ones to do it.
On a side note, this should be an interesting weekend for college games.  #1 Ohio State vs. #8 UW, #2 LSU vs. #4 Georgia, #3 Clemson vs. #23 Virginia and #6 Utah vs. #13 Oregon.  Either LSU or Georgia must lose.  If LSU or OSU loses, they could still be in the playoffs. A Georgia win most likely keeps the final four the same, just a different order.  A Clemson or Georgia loss, opens the door for #5 Utah and possibly #6 Oklahoma or #7 Baylor (both hurting their chances because the Big 12 doesn’t play a cham-pionship game) or dare we say #8 UW? 
And then of course, Sunday saw the Pack take care of the once mighty Giants in weather conditions made for real football.  It was a game where we made it as close to a complete game as we have this season.  The offense had a 33/26 pass/run ratio with 10 different targets and Williams doing most of the running.  The biggest things here was no turnovers, although Adams did fumble out of bounds and Air-ron’s back stayed dry all day.  The end of the day saw some cleanup action from Tim Boyle, handing the ball off once and taking two knees.  Good to know we have a backup QB that can handle that.
Defensively, they held Barkley in check with 83 yards on 19 carries with 16 being the longest of the day.  Although they were not credited with a sack, Daniel Jones was harassed all day leading to 3 INT’s and a passer rating of 49.4.  The one negative about the D and my pet peeve was three drives over 10 plays (10, 11 & 18 play 9:31 drive) accounting for all of their 13 points.  They held New Jersey to 5 of 14 (38%) on third downs but allowed them 3 of 4 (75%) on fourth down and had the punter out there only once.  Keeping the punter on the bench and going for it on 4th downs didn’t surprise me much from a 2-10 team with nothing to lose.  Overall a good defensive outing but it was against the Giant’s so not sure if this was a good bench mark… we’ll see.
Special team did survive but was not stellar.  J.K. Scott’s longest of three punts was 47 yards but 2 were inside the 20 yard line.  Tremon Smith (no longer on the team) fumbled a kickoff but like Adams fumble, it too went out of bounds.

Mason did what was called upon him to do, 4 extra points and a 47 yd field goal.  This in a week where he spend most of his time in the air between Green bay, Texas and New York.  He learned on Friday his 27 year old Sister-In-Law, Brittney, lost her battle with cancer.  This week will be much of the same for him with one trip to be with his brother and then another for the memorial service.

Our coast to coast adventure has come to an end.  The Skins come into Lambeau for the first of a two game home stand for the Pack.  Another team we should be able to whip BUT believe it or not, at 3-9 they still have a shot at winning the NFC East, being led by the now 6-7 Cryboys.  The viqueens, now a full game back play host to the Lyins, this would be a good time to wake up the sleeping Lyins.   Being two games up with three to play should keep the queenies chasing a wildcard.  Saturday night, let’s bleed some UW red as the Badger get amends for their first game loss to OSU and of course on Sunday, we will be 
Bleeding Green My Friends!  
(Packer John)

Just Sayin’

Well, that was interesting. It sure was fun to watch. AR12 throwing 4 TD passes. Maybe we finally have the complimentary WR to DA17, in a newfound weapon named Allen Lazard. Then again, like I said last week, I was partial to spreading the ball around.  Not a lot or rushing yards were to be had. The defense had no sacks, but they did have a pretty consistent pass rush on the Giants QB all afternoon. And while we did not have a lot of success running the ball ourselves, neither did the Giants. The rush defense looked about as good as it has in a long time. Another highlight is the 3 three interceptions by the defense. As much fun as it was to watch, it would have been funner if the snow we saw early on, had kept up for the entire game. Now, as good as that game was, we must remember who the opponent was. In the latest NFL rankings, the Giants come in 31st, ahead of only the Bengals. 
The next opponent, Washington, is ranked 28th. And as bad as they are, they could win out and possibly win their division with a losing record. So, the Redskins have some motivation. One would think that the game looks in good favor for the Packers. And at first, I would tend to agree. But looking a little closer, the Redskins had 228 yards rushing last week. And up until the Giants game, our rushing defense hasn’t been stellar. Derrius Guice had 129 yards rushing. He had a 30 yard run and another of 67 yards. And the other guy in their backfield is none other than Adrian Peterson. You remember him. The guy that played for the Vikings and usually ran for about 328 yards against the Packers every time he lined up. Well, not quite that many, but a lot. Seemingly every time we played the Vikings, he had a career day. Yeah, it is a different defense, with different players, coached by a different defensive coaching staff. But it is still Adrian Peterson. And we know that our run defense has been suspect for most of this season. And he is going to have a lot of confidence coming into the game based on his success against the Packers in the past. And, I know I have used AND a lot in this session. And, I’m… .
Just Sayin’
(Jimmy Smith 220)


Wasn’t it great to finally have a 1:00 game at Spare Time?  95 Packer backers came together to cheer on our team. I really enjoyed seeing everybody. Thanks to Ken for working the mic and leading all the high fives and cheers for each score and first down.
No new members this week because we are starting the two-fer memberships and renewals this week as well as taking dues for the 2020 season; all at this years prices.  
Great door prizes were given to our lucky winners.  241 Tiffany Bailey chose a light up cap and 369 Don Dandelske is wearing a camo hat.  463 Wayne Hansen will be wearing his tee shirt, and 287 Perri Bressman has a pack of socks.  398 Bill Demuth will snuggle under his blanket and 445 Sharon Dandelske will stay dry under her new umbrella.  288 Edward Bressman will enjoy sipping from his Pilsner glass while 219 Dan Blechl will be keeping time with his new sports watch.  120 Neil Petersen chose a great backpack which he promptly gave “on loan” to 516 Jackie Boyd.  The only nod to the season was from 131 Gerald Schultz who chose a Christmas ornament and stocking.
We were able to fill both a $1 and a 50₵ pool.  Winners of the dollar pool were 221 Barbara Gambrell, 398 Bill Demuth, and 219 Dan Blechl (2).  Winners of the 50₵ pool were 120 Neil Petersen, 328 Marge Bramlett, 369 Don Dandelske, and 532 John Blando.  The winner of this week’s trivia contest and the recipient of a $25 gift card from the great folks at Spare Time was 423 Melody Cox.  The winner of the bye week Trivia was pulled a bit late due to technical difficulties (Packer John forgot the entries—oops!).  Better late than never because the winner was 328 Marge Bramlett.
Sunday, December 8, is another 1:00 game against the Redskins.  I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  I know when a bunch of us start cheering together, our voices can be heard all the way to Lambeau!  So come on out to Spare Time and enjoy the camaraderie as well as the game and always remember we love our team through thick and thin…but isn’t thick much more fun?  
Marge 328

 Packers        vs.       Skins

I had some friends that were Navajo.  They were from Arizona, they lived on the Reservation.  People were making noises about “respecting Native Americans,” and things like that.  Overnight things from my childhood were being swept aside, some good, some bad.  Gone were the Syracuse Orangemen, replaced with the Orange.  The St. Johns Redmen became the Red Storm.  The FSU Seminoles got a dispensation (after a pretty large check) from the Seminole tribe to continue to have Chief Osceola as their Mascot.  Being from Illinois, gone were the Bradley Braves, replaced by the Bulldogs.
The one thing that stuck in my craw was Chief Illiniwek, the mascot for the Fighting Illini.  I’m from Illinois (and am a HUGE disappointment to my friends who are Bear fans) and only lived 70 miles from Champaign.  I went to the Assembly Hall at least once a year.  We couldn’t get permission, there’s no “Illini tribe”, there was not tribal council to give us permission so instead all we have is a big, orange, I.  Chief Illiniwek had to be retired, no one would wear the War Bonnet again.  Yay!! Now some Native American can sleep well at night, because we know this ends all of the injustices done to a minority group of people!  It doesn’t work that way.  I asked by buddies, “Does the name Chiefs, offend you?” No.
What about Braves?  No.  What about the Tomahawk Chop?  No.
What about Indians? No.  What about Chief Wahoo, the cartoon mascot? No.
What about Redskins?  Does that offend you?  No.  Why not?  ‘We have real lives with real problems, we don’t have time for hurt feelings’. 
The Redskins name started in Boston actually and then the team moved down to D.C.  The Boston Redskins moved to Washington in 1937.  The year prior to that in Boston, the owner of the Redskins was unimpressed with the support of the local fan base.  He moved the NFL Championship game to the Polo grounds in NY, negating home field advantage and they were defeated by…wait for it…YOUR GREEN BAY PACKERS!!
I always try to educate and enlighten the readership.  The entertainment comes when I’m holding the mic!  Which brings us to this weekend.
These are not the Washington Deadskins of the first half of the season that got Jay Gruden fired.  No these ‘skins are of a different stripe.  They’ve won two straight, they rushed for over 228 yards last week mostly by Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson against the Carolina Kittys.  Ron Rivera got fired for it! 
So the Packers, who have been porous against the run, have 2 hot running backs to contend with.  However we have some advantages.  We have Kenny Clark.  The big man has proven that he is a worthy successor to the Gravedigger Gilbert Brown and can stuff the middle.  We have the Smith Brothers that can set an edge and get to Haskins should he decide to hold the ball, but he only attempted 25 passes and completed 13 for 149 yards.  I like our backs chances against that, so we will load the box thank you.  We also have one Aaron Rodgers.  He said he needed to get hot in December.  21 of 33 for 243 yards and a passer rating of 125.4 seems pretty hot to me.  We are also once again in the Friendly Confines of the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field (Darth Vader said that.  Read it again!  Scary huh?) 
It will be the warmest it’s been all week on Sunday with a high of 39.  Definitely not short sleeves weather.  I think Green Bay has enough Defense and Offense to bring the Redskins back down with a not so gentle thud, so round up the horses and GO PACK!! GO!!!
(Ken Hill)


Let’s wish #242 Christine Harrison a Very Happy Be-lated Birthday! Our fellow Packer Backer celebrated her birthday on Wednesday the 4th! Happy Happy Birthday Christine, and cheers to seeing many many MANY more wins!
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